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Beamer and select players with quotes & videos from Today's weekly Tuesday presser

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Beamer and select players with quotes & videos from Today's weekly Tuesday presser 

The Gamecocks are looking to break the Tigers’ stranglehold in the Palmetto Bowl and improve their bowl position. Head coach Shane Beamer spent much of Tuesday’s press conference heaping praise on Clemson and his coaching counterpart, Dabo Swinney. Beamer has made no secret of his respect for Swinney and how much he has appreciated his counsel dating back to their days as assistants.

Nov. 23, 2021

Head coach Shane Beamer along with players Nick Muse, Brad Johnson and Dakereon Joyner spoke with reporters after practice Tuesday.


TE Nick Muse says he still has some Clemson gear from when brother Tanner Muse played there. Nick says its in the back of the closet now.

LB Brad Johnson on growing up in Pendleton: I grew up a six or seven-minute drive from #Clemson. I've never been a Clemson fan, but my aunt, a nurse, went there and half the kids I knew in high school went there,

LB Brad Johnson on having so many players that haven't experienced Clemson game: It is different. We're trying to treat it like any other game, but we know this is the last chance for the seniors. We want to have no regrets.

LB Brad Johnson on if Tigers are vulnerable this season: No, they might have been more explosive in the past. D.J. Uiagalelei is a good quarterback, he's just younger. Clemson isn't vulnerable, they're just young.


Beamer, Clemson week: Beamer congratulates D. Staley and women's bball team for UConn win and jokes that he wants to talk w/F. Martin on scheduling (Martin's team is playing at same time as Carolina Calls). Says it's a special group of coaches that support each other.

Beamer: Says CB Cam Smith is still questionable for Clemson game.

Beamer says: Clemson defense is fantastic. They're so multiple. They're disruptive, ranked in top 10 in sacks and tackles for loss. Offense is getting better each week, peaking at right time. Dabo's done a great job. Should be ACC Coach of the Year.

Beamer: Ton of respect for Swinney. He's been really good to me and his wife has been good to my wife .... It's cool that Dabo is #Clemson head coach, now. We were assistants against each other, recruiting against each other. Now we're in the rivalry as head coaches.

Beamer on Clemson rivalry: We want to treat this week the same but, I'm not an idiot, it's an intense rivalry. We prepare the same way each week but I know I'm not going to have to spend much time coming up with a way to motivate for this game. They'll be ready to go.

Beamer on Clemson rivalry: Sometimes in these rivalry games, you can get too amped up. Hopefully, our guys handle it, settle down and play well.

Beamer on Clemson rivalry: Intensity 365. It's also every sport. At Oklahoma, they're not living and dying w/weekend baseball results against Ok. State ... It's a small state and you have these two programs, one in the ACC and one in the SEC, it's a bitter rivalry.

Beamer on Clemson memories: In 09, I was told all week, "Don't kick it to CJ (Spiller)." We kicked it to him, covered it, but were offsides.
Nothing good happens on a rekick. We kick it to him again and he takes it back 85 yards for a TD. Thank God we won that game.

Beamer: When I was at OU, my son, Hunter, became a Clemson fan watching Trevor Lawrence. I sent Dabo a clip of him playing QB and Dabo said he was going to recruit him. Now that I've taken this job, Dabo likes to joke with me about that.

Beamer on what win over Clemson would mean: I'd be excited for our seniors. It makes the rest of the year more enjoyable. It would be big, but every win we've had this year has been big.

Beamer on Clemson D: Really athletic, really well-coached. Allowed 3 pts to Ga offense. They were in backfield the whole game against Wake .... You can't practice against everything they do. They run a multitude of fronts. We have to do a great job of communicating.

Beamer on growth of QB Brown heading into Clemson: In August, he wasn't where he is now .... Understanding protections and pressures. Initially, Doty gave us more athleticism, Zeb had the experience. But Jason (Brown) has progressed through the season.

Beamer, Clemson week, on Thanksgiving: Thanksgiving is a holiday .... Good question.

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