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New Garnet Throwback Unis for the UAB Game

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1 hour ago, FurmanCock said:

Thanks for your hard work last night, nerf!  That was a good win.

This year there is a much larger section of students behind the tables where the media guys sit during the game.

Those students behind the tables were into it and were making a lot of noise.  I have been going since conference play during the 2013-14 season and the students have never been as loud as they were last night.

Sometimes when Frank would lose his mind with one of our players, they would yell, "Get him, Frank!" It was good natured, though, because they sense the feisty Frank that we all know and love is finally back this season.

The team can always play better, but they're playing well enough to win and the home crowd is into it.  The fans and the team will continue to feed off of one another as the season wears on and the team gets better (and I really think they will) this season.

I think the CLA will be a really fun environment for the men's games this year, but that's just me.

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