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Question for the former high school football players


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Every day reader, first time posting...

When you played football…fill in the blank 1-4

1.        What was the accountability for penalties you caused?

a.       We (Individually) had to run once around the football field for each yard of penalty we caused when practice started.

b.       If we had more than 1 penalty we had to sit until coach decided it was time to give us another try.

2.        How were you coached when making mistakes?

a.       When missing blocks or assignments it was often met with a grab of the facemask by the coach on the sideline with a personal one on one helmet conversation on why we weren’t playing as coached.

b.       I realize it is a different level, but our coach called a “Time Out” out of pure disgust just to administer corrections in an eloquent spit fueled face mask discussion.  (Seemed very effective)

3.       Did you celebrate wins over what coached deemed lesser opponents?

a.       If we played poorly, practices were always, and I mean always, much much more difficult.

b.       We weren’t allowed to celebrate poor performances when he knew we were the better team.

c.       Don’t embarrass the coach!

4.        Did you fear tough conversations with coach?

a.       We tried to play our assignments to avoid those!  Coach did celebrate our good plays with us but the bad stuff was corrected quickly, he wasn’t a cheerleader, he was a football coach.


What were your experiences?

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First of all welcome aboard.  me 3 years played 65 up  lots of trips around the FB field one time was like 3 trips. Thin team lots of injuries so I played Played RB OL and DL One time in one game. Well I remember one game where I was put in on the OL line and of course I failed to pull right causing our RB to run in the back of me. That Sunday had to run the field was pissed and coach had us angle rush and the coach was using our starting QB to practice on. So was my time hit the kid pick him up and Slam him to the turf causing to break his wrist out for the season and but are team in the doomster the rest of the season. Coach Said why? Was piss off for making me run. Ran every day that week around the practice field. On Friday night asked him why I know I hurt the team.  Why making me run everyday? Reply you played better after you run a few laps. 

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