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Anyone else experiencing this?


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About 6 months ago I get home from work and I ask Mrs B what we got in the mail and she says mostly junk but you got a magazine.  Huh?  A magazine?  What magazine?  She points to it and I pick it up and it's "Food and Wine" magazine.  Huh?

I look at her waiting for the punch line and I can tell by the look on her face that she's as mystified as I am.  I certainly didn't subscribe to it and she didn't so how did I get it?  I mean it's got my name on the shipping label, not a generic Occupant label.  I certainly haven't bought any wine in prolly decades.  I don't drink liquor, I don't go to Green's or Morganelli's or any place that.  I chalk it up as a one time delivery promotional type thing.

Six months later and I'm still getting it every month but the clincher came Saturday when another magazine arrived but this time it was addressed to Mrs B.  The magazine was "Cigar Aficionado."  WTH?????????????????? 

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The one print magazine I still subscribe to is Whiskey Advocate which is quarterly and because I once gave a gift subscription to my dad I think I have the next 2 years paid for $11. 

But I think it’s through that subscription that we also get some random home improvement magazine that I didn’t sign up for. 

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7 hours ago, Homebrewcock said:

Well, at least the Mrs. didn't get a random Penthouse or something smutty!

True story I had a subscription to Playboy when we first got married and for a few years after until before we had kids. Funny because I still have issues and I am the cliche of finding old issues in your dads closet. 

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