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Drink responsibly. Nothing like a bunch of drunk hicks throwing beer cans at you

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Wow,  my first day back after being in Florida for the weekend just an awful scene at Tennessee the fans  think they have an elite program not to mention they have not been relevant in about 15 years.  I think they have an wake up call coming form the SEC  or  should have . 

With that said there  is  no place  for drinking inside an college stadium the SEC has to take so blame here they should have an system in place for all 

of the schools to go by.  This could have been far worse than it was there is no place for this in college football and the University of Tennessee should be placed on probation by  the SEC , for not having an better system in place.  The SEC should ban all drinking in college stadiums.  You can place all the blame on the refs for the call they made but hey they didn't throw trash on the field.   I feel it's an honor to go watch sports in this country not an right. 

The fans need to remember it's only an college football game  anything can happen with 18 to 22 year old kids.  I feel this just shows how bad Tennessee fans really are which I have been saying for an lot of time now. 

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