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WATCH: Wednesday's presser with OC Satterfield and DC White

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WATCH: Wednesday's presser with OC  Satterfield and DC White

Oct. 13, 2021

Wednesday morning, offensive coordinator Marcus Satterfield met with the media to discuss the turning point in the game.

OC Marcus Satterfield meeting with media said they had pre-planned for the Burch pass play that went awry the first time they got inside 5, 8 or 10 times he said that play works, just sticking to the plan, second guess he said should have stuck with the run.

“Once we got to a certain part of the field, we were going to run that play. It was a good play. If we ran it ten times, it would work eight times. That time it didn’t work,” Satterfield said in explaining the decision to have Burch throw the football. “If I had my do-overs, I would have tried to run it in.”

The offense wasn’t the only unit put under scrutiny during the matchup in Knoxville. Carolina’s defense gave up 38 first-half points and allowed a total of 472 yards of offense to the Vols, though played much better in the second half of action.

Gamecock defensive coordinator Clayton White was also part of Wednesday’s media availability to recap Saturday’s loss and to update the progress of his unit going into game number seven against Vanderbilt.

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Didn't watch the Vols game; only the highlights.  So not really blinded by emotions this week.

Here are my thoughts after watching the mid-week pressers.

Injuries in the UGA game.  Satt had to drop what he was doing in the summer to get Noland up to speed only to have Noland go down in the UGA game.  There are equally competent players besides Sherrod Greene, but he was starting because of the intangibles he brings to the field.

Ryan Brewer said on 107.5 the other day that he thought we were playing back on UT on defense because we were missing Roderick in the first half because of the targeting call the previous game and we settled down once he got on the field in the second half.  I would tend to believe this, too. I would also add that having Greene on the field might have shored things up in the first half against the Vols.

Improving intangibles.  Satt and White both commented on the things unseen by the fans in games that are a lot better than they were in camp and/or last season.  I think this is still giving both coordinators confidence and we will have a breakout game sooner than most people think.

Hopefully that happens this weekend.

Go Cocks!!

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