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Question now can the Gamecocks get enough wins to have a winning season?

GCF Poll of the week: Can the Gamecocks get enough wins?  

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  1. 1. Can the gamecocks get enough wins to have a winning season?

    • Yes
    • No
    • Maybe to early to tell

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Poll time Game 4 out of the way Gamecock loss now standing at 2-2. The question now can the gamecocks get enough wins to have a winning season and a possible bowl game? I see at best 6 wins a possibility any more would be beyond what this team so far has shown. What is your take on the outlook on the remaining schedule? 

looking at the schedule good chance winning Troy that's Vanderbilt win that's 2 wins I see 

Missouri even at best

Tennessee tose up

Texas A&M, Florida, Auburn & Clemson loses

Here’s a look at the full schedule:

  • Sept. 4 - Eastern Illinois W
  • Sept. 11 - at East Carolina W
  • Sept. 18 - at Georgia L
  • Sept. 25 - Kentucky L
  • Oct. 2 - Troy
  • Oct. 9 - at Tennessee
  • Oct. 16 - Vanderbilt
  • Oct. 23 - at Texas A&M
  • Oct. 30 - OPEN
  • Nov. 6 - Florida
  • Nov. 13 - at Missouri
  • Nov. 20 - Auburn
  • Nov. 27 - Clemson


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  • FeatheredCock changed the title to Question now can the Gamecocks get enough wins to have a winning season?

I don’t think so.  I thought before the season started 5 would be about it.  I am not ready to jump off the cliff like some after last night’s game.  Nothing I’ve seen so far this season led me to believe we would win.  Some of the play calling was definitely frustrating and watching offensive lineman not know their assignments was also frustrating.  I hope they can start executing better on offense as the season progresses.  We will see some running backs hitting the portal before long to I would suspect.  I am not really sure what we are doing there. 

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Never played or coached a game of football at any level, never played a coach in a movie or on TV. So I am a novice at best. It seems to me that the "D" is improving albeit slowly but improving, special teams is on the right track. The "O" is another story two quarterback so far (Browns time does not count) have not been able to show a lot of sustained improvement. Is it the line, play calling, inexperience of the line I don't know. Watching blocking whiffs hard to do at this level. If the offense can find the running game and the QB can find an open receiver maybe we can win a few more. 

I made up my mind early this year for me would be a development year. I just want the team to play better and be coached better. Some of that is happening and I think this team has the ability to look a lot different at year end. Now, will that translate in 5-6 wins? I don't know.

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I did play football started in the 8th grade to high school. Anyhow not a coach here, My :twocents: here is got to be patient, the D looks better then you think, specials teams looking good , offense no leadership, lacking talent at key position. Nice stable of running backs but know one to block for them and a passing game the is emic at best. Coaching is fair, not ready to throw in the towel. Questionable play calling on offense. Maybe OC Sat. needs to be on the sidelines instead of the booth. So to me going to give it time here. 

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Next three games could all be wins, those are musts to get to a bowl. Then who do we steal one from? Auby needed help from the refs yesterday to beat CSE's GA State team; the Taters seem vulnerable. Mizzou just $%^& the bed against a mid-tier ACC team. Then we have to win the bowl.

A huge daisy chain of "ifs."

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Of course, Covid is the big elephant in the back of room that may still make this a goofy season.

Last year games cancelled due to Covid were not counted, but I remember seeing somewhere that the SEC would charge the affected team with a loss this year.

I assume the reasoning behind that is to force coaches and athletic departments to get as many of their players as possible vaccinated.

Time will tell how that affects bowl eligibility this season.

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