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Shane Beamer's weekly press conference recap with videos coach & selected players


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Shane Beamer's weekly press conference recap with videos coach & selected players

Sept. 14, 2021

 This week, the Gamecocks face their biggest challenge to date, traveling to #2-Georgia for a 7pm kickoff on ESPN. The Bulldogs are also 2-0 with wins versus Clemson and UAB prior to their SEC opener.

On Tuesday, head coach Shane Beamer, along with running back Kevin Harris, wide receiver Dakereon Joyner, and OL Jovaughn Gwyn visited with the media to preview the trip to Athens. Saturday’s contest will be the 74th meeting all-time between the Gamecocks and Bulldogs with UGA leading the series 52-19 with two ties. The Bulldogs have won five of the last six, though USC claimed a 20-17 2 OT triumph in Athens two seasons ago. Georgia is Carolina’s second most played rival behind the Clemson Tigers.

Keynotes from Beamer’s presser

  • Beamer: On trying to mimic UGA's personnel in practice, "It's hard when Georgia has running backs that try and run through you. And they've got offensive linemen that are 330+ pounds that can move and are athletic."
  • Beamer:On his sideline role as a head coach. "I realize as the head coach that all eyes are on me, so I need to try & stay steady & under control. When the offense is on the field, I'm on the headphones talking with those guys." He says the same is true when the defense is out there.
  •  Beamer: says that his coaching staff will be all over the state of Georgia on Friday nights. Realizes how many good players are in the 'Peach State'.
  • Beamer: on handling adversity at ECU and how it might help them moving forward. "You write down the things that might lose us the game. I think we checked them all," against ECU. "From a mental standpoint, doing what we did last week, does nothing but help us."
  • Beamer: When asked about cutting down on penalties, Beamer notes, "#1, we teach off of it as much as we can. We have officials at practice most days. We want to educate as much as we can. That was the disappointing thing about Saturday."
  • Beamer: on Doty, "we fully expect him to be ready to roll on Saturday night." With that said, Zeb Noland made some, "great plays down the stretch", versus ECU.
  • Beamer: says the 2019 game was going on at the same time as the UT/OU game. Afterward, his family came on the field and Beamer thought they were going to be excited about the Sooners beating Texas. Instead, his family's first words? "South Carolina just beat Georgia."
  • Beamer: "They are really, really good. It will be a big challenge for us."
  • Beamer: says this may be the most talented team in the history of Georgia football. "Wow, there is a reason they were picked to win the SEC East. The talent just jumps off the tape at you."
  • Beamer: "We're certainly not tip-toeing into it (SEC play)." Georgia is "one of the premier programs in the country. A lot of the things we do in this program come from Kirby."
  • Beamer: "Excited to open SEC play. It's the greatest conference in the world."
  • Beamer: says injury-wise, the Gamecocks are in good shape. Luke Doty did "more today", than he did yesterday. "Fully expect him and the rest of our guys to be 100% on Saturday night." Sandidge remains out.
  • Beamer: opens his weekly press conference thanking Gamecock fans for their support in Greenville last weekend. Adding, "we're going to need them in Athens.

  • WR Dakereon Joyner: Asked about the advice he's given to Doty during his rehab. "Things are going to happen, it's how you respond to it."
  •  WR Dakereon Joyner: on TD catch versus ECU: "We've practiced the play since spring. I think that was the first time we caught it (chuckles) in the game."
  •  WR Dakereon Joyner: on 2-0 start, "thing is we've always been confident. With the work we put in (during spring), we know what we're capable of. There's no surprise to us, we know the work we've put in."
  •  WR Dakereon Joyner: on WRs: "I think we're a group that can make a lot of plays."
  •  WR Dakereon Joyner: on the last visit to Athens, a 20-17 2 OT win for USC. "I wasn't supposed to play in that game. I think it was a shocker that I played. I'm excited to go back to Athens and enjoy the atmosphere."




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I caught the last part of Shane's presser on 107.5.

Shane said Noland was from Athens and being able to play there was one of the important parts of their discussion to get him to play again.  He said that he only watched the defense practice and didn't know off the top of his head how Doty did in practice.  Judging from the tone of his voice, it's unlikely Doty will get PT if Noland is doing well.

He seemed more concerned about other issues like the defense and OL and he's doing the right thing by focusing on our defense while Satt takes care of the offensive preparation.

107.5 had a great discussion with Ryan Brewer after the presser.  Tommy said Kirby probably didn't want to see a spread of 32 for this game and Brewer said that really didn't matter. 

He said as a player you just see the Dawgs as the hated rival and want to do well against them and win.  I still think this has the potential to be a pretty big upset for us.

They asked him if he had talked to any of his friends about the OSU upset loss and he just laughed and told them he hadn't.  He has his own business down here now and I doubt he pays much attention to what goes on with OSU anymore.

Win or lose, I am just happy to hear discussions about great Gamecock football again.  Really great stuff on the radio today.

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  • FeatheredCock changed the title to Shane Beamer's weekly press conference recap with videos coach & selected players

The other thing I noticed is this is this is the second week that CSB has defended the O-Line regarding pass blocking, saying that they actually played pretty well.  A mixture of mistakes: the QB calling a protection scheme and then the defense did something differently, RB's not picking up their assignments, etc... 

Regardless of the cause, the result has been poor pass blocking, and hopefully this gets corrected.

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