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Counting down to Gamecock football 2021 style!!

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The countdown has finished!



Two games in, from a LISTENER


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I have to work every Saturday, so I don't get to watch any games.

Don't have ESPN anymore either, so ... Might upgrade to the whole package until the end of the season. We'll see how this Saturday goes.

I do listen over a crappy radio signal, FM, but at the length of the signal, and my only thoughts are:

I think what might be the best call of the season that will pay dividends all year long was going for 2 points on our first TD of the year. Opposing coaches are going to have to be watching for that every single time now. Tommy and Todd indicated that there was some change to OT rules this season where that was going to be important. So our coaching staff are deeply invested in being prepared according to the newest wrinkles.

I am very concerned about the dumb penalties. Thought that would be better by game 2. Just as bad or maybe worse. I missed the early call of the game and apparently there were a couple more targeting calls, that didn't hurt us after reviews, but I can't abide hot dog players who don't care about hurting the other players. DJ Swearinger was a hot dog with just the right amount of mustard.

I think we have a D, but we need to work the hot dogging out.

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