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If you can't feel hope after watching this, you're dead

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He said, "beat our in-state rivals 5 times in a row", a couple of times.

He's been a part of beating the Taters before and he's confident that he is going to do it again.

It's obviously too soon now, but I believe we're going to need a sub-forum under Pigskin named "That Team in the Upstate", because you just know beating Clemson is one of his top goals this season.

He's very confident in his abilities and you just know once the Shane Train starts a rollin' he's gonna get in the Taters' heads.

Four different threads about Beamer on Taternet already.  Here's one of 'em:


Oops, my bad.  He's already in their heads.

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30 minutes ago, Homebrewcock said:

Shane did a great job.  Looking forward to seeing this staff in action.

Yep.  You can take Lattimore's early comments, right after Beamer was hired, about Shane and his players and probably apply that to his staff as well.  Add the fan base to that list as well once the wins start coming again.

Looking forward to going back to the good ole days of beating UGA and Clemson in the same season.  Add the Gators to that list and we will definitely have seasons worth watching again.  Probably much sooner than we (or the Taters LOL) think.

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