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Very nice. I assume this list is for coaching and development of the position, or recruiting the position, or both?? We haven't had very effective LB positions during the Muschamp years, and it was a main reason for our poor rushing defenses during that time, in my opinion. All the poor tackling fundamentals during those years were centered around the LB position, and their inability to consistently manage gap and edge containment.

Hopefully we'll see a marked improvement there, as we should have a pretty decent defensive line, with Pickens, Huntley, Sandidge, Webb, Davis, and Ellis in the interior, and Burch, Sterling, Fitten, Enagbare, Hemingway, Johnson, and Strachan on the edge. That's at least a 3-deep of pretty good talent for the entire front line - a total of two (2) former 5-stars and seven (7) 4-stars among them!

The Linebacker corps should have solid depth as well: the position was ravaged last season - Greene and Brown, who were both projected starters at the start of the season, only played in 1 game each. Staley is the top producing LB returning for 2021, after Ernest Jones departed. Mo Kaba was AP All-SEC Freshman, and Brad Johnson was moved to LB. There are three (3) former 4-stars on the LB depth, but since it looks like we're going back to the 4-2-5 we should have plenty of options for Coach White.

Having all said the above, we still went 2-8 last season. There's ample room for improvements all around, and still have a losing season in 2021. With Eastern Illinois and East Carolina our first 2 opponents, the chances of us equaling our win total for 2020 in our first 2 games are very promising. After that, only time will tell.....

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Another poster commented a few weeks ago that the culture in the locker room is a lot better with the new coaches.

On its own that counts for a lot, maybe more on a team that has had a losing record like ours.

I was really impressed with Coach White in the introductory presser.

Could it be that this is all it takes to turn our Defense around?  Part of me thinks so.


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