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Looks like a software update taking place. This often requires customizations to reset to default while the new code is installed. After successful installation, all the custom images, icons, and settings will then be reset as well, and the site will be good as new as it once was.

I've already customized the plain-Jane blue background back to Garnet for my browser - look in the far right of the top menu bar: I am a moderator, so I may have authorities that regular posters don't have. But you may have a paint brush icon in the far right - click on it, and it will allow you to reset the background color to Garnet, or whatever color you wish it to be.....

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46 minutes ago, kingofnerf said:

The notification drop down doesn't take forever to show the list anymore.

I also like the blue.  Be nice to be able to select a color going forward.

My color changer works. It's two to the right of notifications. 

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On 4/27/2021 at 5:53 AM, CocksRGood said:

Exactly....without the chat....I am not coming back...plus the bookie and bank are gone?

The chat is back, unfortunately bookie and bank will take some more time to get update.

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