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***2021 Baseball South Carolina (23-10) at Louisiana State (21-13) Game 3 Thread***

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2021 South Carolina Gamecocks Baseball Official Game Thread

 k6zhDeC.png&key=87b25e17e1b5187c34d09db7  South Carolina at Louisiana State  LSU_New.png?width=80&height=80&mode=max

Alex Box Stadium, Baton Rouge, LA

Saturday April 17, 2021 3:30 PM ET



* Friday's Game 2 postponed due to weather to Saturday at 12:00 PM ET - Game 3 will be played after Game 2 has finished, after a 30-minute rest period. Both Games 2 and 3 will be 7-inning games *



GAME NOTES:  PDF | WATCH: images?q=tbn:ANd9GcRkxpHBSf1HJY-aImknCkB | LISTEN: 107.5 The Game | Live Stats


BATON ROUGE, LA -- The South Carolina Gamecocks continue their Saturday double-header with Game 3 of their series with Louisiana State, with the series tied at 1 game all. Both games today are 7-inning shortened games due to weather events forcing the games to be double-headers, postponing the original 2nd game's playing from Friday to today. The 3rd and final game is set to start at 3:30 PM ET, and will be streamed on SEC Network Plus. Every Gamecock contest will be on the Gamecock Radio Network with Derek Scott and Tommy Moody on the call.

The Gamecocks rallied to win Game 2 earlier after trailing 2-0 for most of the game. LSU scored their runs with a run each in the 1st and 2nd innings, then were shutdown the rest of the way. The Gamecocks put the first two men on in the top 7th inning with back-to-back singles to open the inning. Pinch-hitter Noah Myers sacrificed both men over to 3B and 2B with 1 out.

Then Braylen Wimmer doubled to score both runners, and the score was tied 2-2. George Callil was then hit by a pitch, and Brady Allen doubles down the left field line to drive in both Wimmer from 2B and Callil from 1st to give us the final score. Brett Kerry came in for the bottom 7th, and retired the Tigers in order to close out the win. Reliever Andrew Peters (3-1) got the win and Kerry earned his 3rd save.



Saturday (Game 3)

South Carolina Will Sanders (Fr. RHP) 5-1, 2.51 ERA, 5 BB, 36 SO







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0-0 Top 1st inning:

The Gamecocks aren't going to wait for the final inning to bring the fireworks! After two ground-outs from Brady Allen and Braylen Wimmer, Wes Clarke is walked, and then David Mendham smashes a 2-RBI Home Run to right field!! Andrew Eyster singles, but Josiah Sightler strikes out to end the Gamecock inning, but the Gamecocks lead 2-0 heading into the bottom 1st......


The LSU pitcher for Game 3 is Blake Money. His last name is Money. Hopefully he's Money for the Yardcocks today!

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Gamecocks are wanting this series more than LSU is:

2-0 USC in the top 2nd inning - Gamecocks add 3 more runs off of a lead-off single from Colin Burgess, a RBI triple from George Callil after him, and then a RBI double from Brennan Milone to score Callil. 4-0 Gamecocks, man on 2B, 0 outs.

LSU takes out Money for a reliever - they had serious Money issues today. Don't we all......


The new LSU pitcher is settled in and toes the rubber. He gets Allen and Wimmer to ground out. Feeling good about himself and life in general, he chooses to pitch to Clarke - Clarke hits a RBI single driving in Milone. Mendham flies out, but the Gamecocks are on solid ground....


5-0 Gamecocks, bottom 2nd inning:

Will Sanders takes over the mound. He retires the side around a single on two ground-outs and a foul out.


5-0 Gamecocks, top 3rd......

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5-0 Gamecocks, top 3rd inning:

A new pitcher comes in for Mr. Feelgood, he surrenders a lead-off double to Eyster, and a single to Sightler moving Eyster to 3B. Yardcocks on the corners with 0 outs.

Burgess fouls out to 2nd, but a passed ball thrown to Callil scores Eyster and moves Sightler to 2B. Callil would strike out, then Milone would also strike out, but the Gamecocks tack on another run.


In the bottom 3rd, Sanders gives up a 1-out single, but strikes out the next 2 batters, and we move forward to the 4th inning.


6-0 Gamecocks, top 4th.......

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6-0 Gamecocks, top 4th inning:

Top of the order up for the Gamecocks. Allen singles to lead off. Wimmer strikes out and Clarke pops out. Allen steals 2B off the pitcher focusing on Mendham. Now the pitcher doesn't know WHO to focus on, and Mendham is walked. But Eyster grounds out to 3rd to end the threat.


bottom 4th inning:

Sanders has 53 pitches through 3.0 innings, and hasn't really had to work hard much thus far. He should be fine.

The lead-off LSU batter singles past Sanders. The first out is recorded with a foul-out to right. A wild pitch from Sanders to the next batter advances the LSU baserunner to 2B, but Sanders gets that batter to strikeout, and LSU has a man in scoring position with 2 outs.

The next batter grounds out to end the inning for the Tigers.


6-0 Gamecocks, top 5th......

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6-0 Gamecocks top 5th inning:

The Gamecocks have 9 hits and 6 runs through 4.0 innings.




Sightler grounds out. Burgess grounds out. Callil singles - WHEW!! I thought I jinxed them....

Milone strikes out.....


bottom 5th inning:

Sanders has 73 pitches through 4.0 - he's getting up there, but our bullpen is relatively fresh and un-used. But it would be a shame if he didn't get this win secured.

Sanders gets back-to-back ground-outs to start the inning. Then the next batter singles. The next batter strikes out, and Will is in line for the win!!


6-0 Gamecocks, top 6th......

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6-0 Gamecocks, top 6th inning:

Top of the order up for the Gamecocks. Allen strikes out. Braylen Wimmer smacks a solo home run to right field!!

Clarke is hit by a pitch - he's gotten on base three times today on a RBI-single, a walk, and a HBP. The relief pitcher has not thrown 59 pitches through 3.1 innings.

Mendham grounds out to 1st for the 2nd out, but Clarke advances to 2B and into scoring position for Eyster.

Eyster singles to left, and Clarke - running on the play - scores!!




Sightler singles, and we have some 2-out magic here. Gamecocks on 2B and 1B with 2 outs. 13 hits through 5.2 innings.

LSU now goes to their bullpen. The new guy has pitched 7.0 innings on the season, giving up 7 hits and 7 runs. He has 4 strikeouts and 3 walks on the season. Welcome to the SEC, fella!

Burgess singles through the right side, scoring Eyster!! It's now 9-0 Gamecocks! Men on 2B and 1B, still 2 outs for Callil.

Callil flies out to end the inning, but the Gamecocks add 3 more runs to their lead. Every Gamecock in the lineup has gotten a hit today....


9-0 Gamecocks, bottom 6th.......



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9-0 Gamecocks bottom 6th inning:

This may be the final inning for Sanders, who's pitched a hell of a game. He's up to 92 pitches for the game, and the outcome should be concrete by now.

The lead-off LSU batter works the count full on Sanders, but grounds it back to Will for the 1st out. Sanders started out 3-0 to the batter, though. He's gassed.

The next batter starts out 2-0, but then pops it up and out to the shortstop.

The next batter is kind to Sanders and swings on the first pitch - but grounds it back to Sanders who throws him out to close out the LSU side 1-2-3. That's probably it for Sanders now - he's at 102 pitches.


9-0 Gamecocks, top 7th........

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9-0 Gamecocks top 7th inning:

A new pitcher for LSU. Milone flies out, Allen grounds out, Wimmer grounds out.


Everyone stretches.


Bottom 7th inning:

Julian Bosnic comes in. Will Sanders' day was a strong one: 6.0 innings of 5-hit - all singles - shut-out pitching; 4 strikeouts, 1 walk, 1 wild pitch.


Bosnic is ready. He strikes out the lead-off batter. He strikes out the next batter. Bosnic strikes out the next and final LSU batter for the game!


The Gamecocks win Game 3 and the series at LSU 9-0, in dominating fashion!!

There's really no huge offensive day for Gamecock hitters - the offensive output pretty much came from the entire lineup.

David Mendham started things off with a 2-RBI home run in the top 1st inning of the game - he was 1 for 3 and the only Gamecock with more than 1 RBI.

Braylen Wimmer also hit a homer, a solo shot, for his lone hit of the game. He was 1 for 5. Eyster was 3 for 4 with a RBI. Colin Burgess and George Callil were both 2 for 4 with a RBI each. Wes Clarke and Brennan Milone also each drove in a run. All told, 7 Gamecocks drove in a run, and all nine of the regular hitters in the lineup recorded a hit. The team had 14 hits total for the 7-inning game.

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5 minutes ago, gamecock88 said:

Dominant win.  Pitching and hitting.   Good to win the series at LSU especially with they way it started Thursday.  Bosnic mowed them down in the 7th.  


Yes! LSU may be scuffling a bit this season, but a series win at their house is always a gold star on the season's resume. They are still considered the standard for SEC baseball......

Out of this 8-game stretch over the past 2 weeks, I was hoping we'd go at worst 6-2. We went 5-3, with the loss to UNC the only stinker. But we've now won our 4th consecutive SEC series. We have this next week off from mid-week games and then host #1 Arkansas in Founders Park in another Thur-Sat series, which will be a tough one....

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