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Lele Grissett Returns For 2021-2022 Season

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WBB Senior Elisia "Lele" Grissett had her final season with the team stunted somewhat when she suffered a lower-leg injury during the SEC Tournament, and was unable to participate in the NCAA Tournament. Her Gamecocks team reached the Final Four, and fell by just one point to the eventual national champions Stanford Cardinals.

After discussing the option with her parents, Grissett has decided to take advantage of the NCAA-given 5th year of playing eligibility, and return for another season with the team:



This will bring the roster for next season to a full 15 players, and increases it to thirteen (13) former 5-star rated players! Some nationally ranked programs don't even have 13 players total on their rosters.

This will provide Head Coach Dawn Staley with yet another option for the 2021-22 season as the Gamecocks continue to pursue the program's 2nd national title, and it will also add to an already bloated roster of talented players looking for meaningful playing time on the court. It also adds another veteran leader in Grissett to Destanni Henderson and Victaria Saxton to the makeup of the team....


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