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It was a great season - the 2010 season was mind-blowing, but most of the fanbase thought it was going to be just another season with some wins and some success, but one that would peter out in the end, especially after the dismal SECT showing. But we found our second wind with the Walker homerun versus Coastal in the Supers, and after losing the 1st game in the CWS, we got on a run that was magical for many reasons: beating Clemson twice, and knocking them out of contention, and then winning the whole thing when we were painted as major underdogs to UCLA by ESPN. Not to mention winning the last championship ever played in Rosenblatt.

But the 2011 season was even better: we were defending national champions, and we defended that position in convincing fashion winning our 2nd title. We weren't a "gorilla ball" team like past Omaha teams under Tanner, but he strongly believed in teams with defensive strength down the middle, and 2011 was perhaps the best example of that of all Tanner's teams.

We had the Iron Man Michael Roth, who pitched twice as many innings as any other starter, and he was untouchable. We had two iron men out of the bullpen too, in closer Matt Price and long relief John Taylor, who both pitched almost as many innings out of the bullpen as the other two weekend starters.

We had other relievers in Jose Mata, Stephen Neff, and Tyler Webb who quickly clicked into bullpen roles and were consistent all season long. And we had the middle infielders in Scott Wingo and Peter Mooney, and centerfielder Jackie Bradley Jr. snagging everything that opponent's bats stole from Robert Beary's catchers glove.

2011 AND 2012 for that matter, was a magical ride.....

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