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Counting down to Gameday 2021  Week 9

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***2021 Baseball South Carolina (11-6) at Vanderbilt (15-2) Game 3 Thread***

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BASEBALL_ROUNDED2f1070x255gameday.png2021 South Carolina Gamecocks Baseball Official Game Thread

 k6zhDeC.png&key=87b25e17e1b5187c34d09db7  South Carolina at Vanderbilt  Vanderbilt_Commodores.png?width=80&heigh

Sunday March 21, 2021 2:00 PM (ET) Hawkins Field, Nashville, TN



GAME DAY INFO | LISTEN: 107.5 The Game | Live Stats 


COLUMBIA, S.C. -- The University of South Carolina baseball team will attempt to salvage the opening SEC weekend series against the #2 ranked Vanderbilt Commodores Sunday at 1:00 PM (2:00 PM ET), after falling in the first two games of the best-of-three series. Strong pitching from Vanderbilt has proven the obstacle to the Gamecocks hitting in the first two games, as Friday the Commodores won 3-2 with the go-ahead run coming in the bottom 7th inning after a strong pitcher's duel from both team's Friday starters for much of the game. It came down to a lead-off walk, and then with 2 outs in the inning, a second walk and a single being all Vanderbilt needed to take the opening game.

Game #2 was even more dominating from Vanderbilt's pitching, as the Commodore starter Jack Leiter threw a complete game no-hitter with 16 strikeouts, the first game the Gamecocks were no-hit in since 1990. The loss dropped the Gamecocks to 11-6 - after starting the season 11-0 - and 0-2 in conference play. During the current 6-game losing streak, the Gamecocks are hitting 33-188 (.176), and have been out-scored 32-12.




South Carolina Julian Bosnic (R-So. LHP) 1-1, 3.46 ERA, 12 BB, 24 SO
Vanderbilt Thomas Schultz (So., RHP) 1-2, 6.00 ERA, 2 BB, 16 SO



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Holding the #2 team in the country to 3 and 5 runs respectively in Game 1 and 2 is pretty respectable, but our batters need to figure it out.

I suppose if our batters had to practice against Rocker and Leiter all the time they would be pretty good, too.


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4-0 Vanderbilt, top 4th inning:

Back-to-back solo home runs from the top of the Gamecock order Brady Allen and Braylen Wimmer finally gets the Gamecocks on the board. It was the first hits of the game for the Gamecocks, after getting no-hit in Game 2. That ended 14 innings of no-hit baseball for South Carolina.

Josiah Sightler flies out. Wesley Clarke grounds out.

David Mendham singles.

Andrew Eyster flies out for the final out, but we've cut the lead in half.


4-2 Vanderbilt, bottom 4th......

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4-2 Vanderbilt, bottom 4th inning:

Julian Bosnic takes the mound. He strikes out the lead-off batter, but then walks the next. The Gamecocks go to their bullpen - Bosnic had 3-0 counts on both batters, even with the lead-off K. He must be getting tired: he's thrown 78 pitches in 3.1 innings.

The closer Brett Kerry comes in: as with the Texas series, the Gamecocks haven't been in any save position to allow Kerry to do what his job is, so in order to not let him just sit in the pen collecting dust and rust, they are using Kerry as a long middle reliever. Sort of the state of things for the team right now, unfortunately....

The first batter against Kerry triples, scoring the 5th run for Vandy.

The next two batters fly out to retire the side, but the Commodores get one of those runs back.


5-2 Vanderbilt, top 5th......

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5-2 Vanderbilt, top 5th inning:

Brennan Milone leads off with a single. A new Vandy pitcher comes in for the starter.

He walks Colin Burgess. He walks George Callil, and now the bases are loaded with Gamecocks, and the top of the lineup is up with 0 outs. We may have something going here.

DAMMIT!! Allen hits into a RBI double-play!!! Milone scores, but now there's 2 outs.

Wimmer lays down a surprise bunt single to 3rd!! Burgess scores!

Sightler grounds out for the final out. We score 2 more runs, but you feel the inning could have been a bigger inning with better hitting. But we're creeping closer with the crooked numbers. Just got to hold them to no runs here.


5-4 Vandy, bottom 5th....

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5-4 Vandy, bottom 5th inning:

Kerry takes the mound. He strikes out the first Vandy batter. Strikes out the 2nd Vandy batter. Gets the third batter to fly out to retire the inning in order.

Brett did his job. Clarke, Mendham, and Eyster up next. Come on Gamecock bats!!



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5-4 Vandy, top 8th inning:

Kelly still pitching heroically. He needs a little bit of help.

Top of the Gamecock order up. Allen doubles down the left-field line! That's a solid start! We've now out-hit Vanderbilt in the game 6-5.

Wimmer bunt-singles again!! This time to the pitcher! Wimmer is wicked fast! Now there's Gamecocks on the corners 3B and 1B, with 0 outs! Come on Gamecocks!!

Vandy's closer Murphy comes into the game to face Sightler. Josiah is 0-3 today: he's due for a BIG hit!!

Sightler HIT BY PITCH!! That's his BIG hit, LOL! Bases are juiced now, 0 outs!!

Clarke flies out, but he pushes in Allen for the run, to tie the game 5-5! There's 1 out now, with Gamecocks on 2B and 1B.

Mendham singles to load the bases up again for Eyster, with 1 out.

Eyster flies out but scores Wimmer, and the Gamecock have the lead 6-5. We've out-scored Vandy 6-1 since the 4th inning. 2 outs now, Gamecocks on 2B and 1B.

Milone strikes out, but the Gamecocks lead for the first time in this series, I believe...


Only problem with this is, Kerry may already be spent. Oh well, lets see what we can do....


6-5 South Carolina, bottom 8th....


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6-5 Gamecocks, bottom 8th inning:

Kerry takes the mound. He's thrown 46 pitches through 3.2 innings.

He strikes out the lead-off Vandy batter. The next batter singles.

The next batter strikes out for the 2nd out. It's a hit and run! Burgess throws him out at 2B for the final out! Pitch 'em out throw 'em out! That helps Brett out!


6-5 Gamecocks top 9th...

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6-5 Gamecocks top 9th inning:

Burgess flies out.

Callil is hit by the pitch, and takes his base.

Callil steals 2nd and is in scoring position, with 1 out and the top of the lineup coming up.

Allen singles! We've got Gamecocks on the corners 3B and 1B, with 1 out. Callil could've made a play for home, but he might've lost where the ball was, or where the outfield was, and he holds up at 3rd.

Now the speedy bunter Wimmer is up. He's also homered in this game, so he's certainly not showing his cards to the Vanderbilt defenders.

RATS! Wimmer pops up foul for Out #2.

Sightler strikes out for the final out.


Money Time now! 6-5 Gamecocks, bottom 9th......

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6-5 Gamecocks, bottom 9th inning:

Kerry takes the mound. He's thrown 57 pitches - but got some help in the previous inning with the double play.

Michael Robinson takes 3B for Milone, for defensive purposes.

Kerry strikes out the lead-off batter. Out #1

The next batter singles off a bunt off the first pitch from Kerry.

The next batter swings at a pitch Kerry bounces to Burgess, and couldn't check his swing. Out #2. The base-runner steals 2B on the pitch because Burgess couldn't corral it fast enough. But there are 2 outs now.

Kerry strikes out the batter for the third and final out!! The Gamecocks win 6-5!!


FINAL: South Carolina 6 Vanderbilt 5


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We may have lost the series, and we should fall out of the top 25 tomorrow, but this was an important win in that IT WAS A WIN!! It put an end to the damned 6-game losing streak, it was our first SEC win, our bats kinda got un-leashed after a long time of silence, and it was a win!!

So hopefully this game can be used to shake off whatever funk we've been in offensively over the last 1-2 weeks, going forward. Hopefully....

GREAT game from Brett Kerry (2-0) - he came in to the 4th inning, and pitched 5.2 innings of shut-out baseball, with 3 hits allowed, 10 Ks and 0 walks. 54 of his 75 pitches thrown were strikes.

Big games also from the top two hitters in our lineup: Braylen Wimmer is the offensive player of the game after Kerry - he hits 3 for 5, with a solo homerun, two bunt singles, 2 RBI and 2 runs scored. Brady Allen also went 3 for 5 with a solo HR and a double, and also scored 2 runs....

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We needed to get off the schnide with Vandy.  Our batters needed to learn the #2 team in the country is not invincible to us.

It is more important we fix our hitting issues and get our confidence up than worrying about rankings at this point.

Do that and the rankings will take care of themselves.

Great Win!!

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