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Griddle /flat top cooker

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Does anyone have one? Any good recipes? 

I got a griddle top insert for my grill (replaces one of the grates) and tried it out yesterday, and was impressed. I made some killer fajitas on it. Tonight I was going to try hibachi rice with veggies and shrimp. 

For those who have one, what's the best way to clean it? I got a scraper and just splashed some water on it and scraped. Is there a different/better way?

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There are many good resources.  Your manufacturer's web site should have some. I'll list a few.  I'll also list a couple of excellent Facebook groups. 

Weber: https://www.weber.com/US/en/search/?q=griddle

Lodge: https://www.lodgecastiron.com/

Camp Chef: https://www.campchef.com/blog/how-to-care-for-your-griddle/

Blackstone: https://blackstoneproducts.com/blogs/griddling-101/how-to-take-care-of-your-griddle-complete-guide

FB cast iron group. Excellent files section.  Check there first.  With over 375K members they frown on extraneous posts.

FB BBQ recipe group. 145K members. Good people. 

FB Grilling, Smoking, BBQ and Sous Vide Cooking.  Less than 4K members. Wide ranging topics. Good learning resource.  

I have most of my Miami's boy's books. If it involves grilling Steven knows about it.  https://www.stevenraichlen.com/

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I have a large 14" round cast iron pizza pan that I use on the grill, which is the bomb for pizzas. I have a smaller flat cast iron skillet for the stove top, for things eggs, pancakes, etc. 

Over the years, I have become sold on cast iron cookware. Virtually indestructible, don't have to worry about scratching the coating, and if you take care of it properly, will last a lifetime and more.

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