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Spur's Addiction

Hurricane Isaias

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What is the likelihood of an increase in intensity? As long as it stays under 100 MPH before it hits FLA, it should be pretty dissipated before it gets to SC.

I saw where Covid-19 testing was being shut down in FLA until Monday. Like with the storm that just hit Texas, this is the last thing that they need. 

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10 hours ago, TheYancey said:

Looks like a direct hit o me. A freaking covidicane.  Just what I needed. 


And if you or a loved one suffer from Hippopotomonstrosesquippedaliophobia, ask your doctor if Covidicane is right for you.  

Side effects, while rare, may include headache, nausea, vomiting, death, dizziness, vaginal ejaculations, dysentery, cardiac arrhythmia, mild heart explosions, varicose veins, darkened stool, darkened soul, lycanthropy, trucanthropy, more vomiting, arteriosclerosis, hemorrhoids, diabeetus, virginity, mild discomfort, vampirism, gender impermanence, spontaneous dental hydroplosion, sugar high, even more vomiting, brown, your mom, and mild rash.

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