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Counting down to Gameday 2021  Week 9

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Northwestern Series Loss Disappointing


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Both losses were in extra innings. Our bullpen struggled, and our hitting sort of dried up. Our starters Carmen Mlodzinski and Brannon Jordan combined to pitch for 13.0 innings and allowed only 3 runs - all 3 earned - for a combined 2.08 ERA. That's strong, but our bullpen in both games pitched a combined 7.0 innings and allowed 6 total runs, 5 earned, for a 6.43 ERA. That's bad.

Our lineups hit 14 for 71 for both games, or for a .197 batting average. We also committed 3 of our total 5 errors in those two losses, compared to only 2 errors in the 5 wins. They didn't hurt us much, as only 1 of the 9 runs scored against us were unearned. This is a pretty new and inexperienced club - lots of new JUCO additions that we all know about before the season started. The team will need some time to gel and the staff needs time to figure out who fits best in role positions, the bullpen chief among those. The series loss wasn't great in how it played out, but we were very close to being 7-0 right now, so I choose to wait a bit and see if things improve. We have a very huge series up this weekend against you know who, so let's see what we think of things after that series.....

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