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Comparisons of offensive stats (USC, Colorado St., Indiana, Arkansas)

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Because of all the various Mike Bobo/Chad Morris/Kalen DeBoer discussions, I took a few minutes to look up some of their teams' offensive stats for comparison purposes (obviously, DeBoer is the only coordinator in the bunch, but you have to figure that the other two had their hands well into their offenses rather in the same manner that Muschamp has his in our defense). Not a bunch of conclusions to offer because I think stats can be twisted in plenty of ways to suit agendas and also depend on strength of schedule and things that don't show up statistically such as injuries, but I found them interesting nonetheless. 


USC: 22.4 (104); CSU: 28.1 (70); Arkansas: 21.4 (110); Indiana: 32.6 (44)



USC: 371.9 (96); CSU: 437.4 (41); Arkansas: 340.1 (109); Indiana 443.6 (34)



USC: 32.1% (121); CSU: 39.6% (66); 33.3% (114); Indiana 48.2% (12)


Red Zone Scoring %:

USC: 76.5% (106); CSU: 76.1% (110); Arkansas: 75.0% (114); Indiana: 84.7% (58)


To add some additional context to the strength of competition against which each of the four teams amassed their stats, below are the strength of schedule ratings according to the latest Sagarin ratings. First number is strength of schedule (lower obviously = tougher) and parenthetical is team's Sagarin rating. 

USC: 1 (51)... one interesting note: of the 50 teams ranked in front of us, only nine had fewer than seven wins, and only three had 4-5 wins

CSU: 86 (107)

Arkansas: 24 (114)

Indiana: 62 (40)


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I really think Deboer, from Indiana, would be an outstanding choice for OC. Offer him that same 1.3 million salary T-Rob is making and he might be willing to come on over. His stats show that he can get it done even with limited talent on the team. Give him some of the talented players we have and he might do even better. He's got his choice of 3 good QB's, Hilinski, Dak, and Doty, and then our RB's Harris and Lloyd as well as others. A good OC might do wonders with this team. We proved against UGA that on any given day we can win games against the best. Get the right game plan and go upset a bunch of people.

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