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RSS Feed Memphis' James Wiseman has restraining order to play while he fights NCAA eligibility ruling

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Man, this is about the exact same thing that happened with Brian Bowen, except - - -it's FAR worse. Bowen's father was paid money, supposedly without Brian's knowledge, but that was involving Louisville. Bowen transfers to South Carolina, where NO ONE employed by USC had anything to do with the improprieties.

Meanwhile, Wiseman's improprieties involved an alum booster FOR MEMPHIS. And now Wiseman is enrolled at.....MEMPHIS. And that booster is now.....WISEMAN'S HEAD COACH......AT MEMPHIS!!!!

So Brian's ruled ineligible for USC, while Wiseman gets to play for Hardaway - the former booster - and the same program that Hardaway was paying $$ to get Wiseman to play for.

And Memphis goes get a lawyer and does the UNC deal, and sure enough, the NCAA rolls up in a fetus position in the corner, and wets itself. And our own compliance and Athletic Department just said, "Sorry Brian. See ya!"

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