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WITH VIDEO: RB Marshawn Lloyd last night

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 Lloyd has super quick feet. He's gonna be a good one. Great vision,and burst.


RB Marshawn Lloyd is a player. 9 carries for 66 yards along with the 33 yard TD catch, not a lot of help around him but Bosch is a great program year after year.


Here are the updates and analysis from his night:


▪ Random fact, Logan Loya, one of South Carolina freshman QB Ryan Hilinski’s top high school targets has transferred to St. John Bosco. He’s an uncommitted four-star.

▪ Lloyd gets the start, opens up in pistol . ESPN says using him to control the clock is key. He gets the first carry of the game. After that, Lloyd ended up a lead blocker on a couple QB runs. Not bad seeing Lloyd willing to do that.

▪ St. John’s with a long 97-yard drive. Lloyd with a nice kick return right after, but tough sledding on the first carry of the drive (1 yard).

▪ Another lead block from Lloyd, looked pretty solid hitting the linebacker. Then tried to get outside and was met by a safety 2 yards deep in the backfield. A swing pass to him was batted and slapped up. Same safety, who has LSU, UCLA, Penn State offers.

▪Lloyd with a very nice change of direction play, but keeps running into crowds. Both defenses are looking real mean (or it’s super early for high school offenses).

▪ And Lloyd takes a third-down draw for 11. Think that’s DeMatha’s first first-down of the game. He follows with a short run, but gets his facemask pulled for 15 more yards.




▪ Lloyd starts the second quarter with a 14-yarder. Up to 28 yards for the day. He went around right end and got the corner. He caught a third-down pass short on third down, but it’s wiped out by a hold.

▪ Lloyd with a 33-yard TD catch on a beautiful play. Got it on 4th and 23, 10:31 left in the quarter. The play first looked like a pass, then a late-developing QB draw to improve field position for the defense. But just before crossing the line, the QB pulled up and hit Lloyd wide open down the middle. Lloyd just blew past the safety.

▪ That play tied it 7-7, but a 56-yard screen from Bosco untied it. Oregon commit Kris Hutson is silly fast.

▪With 4:24 left in the half, St. John’s Bosco goes up 21-7.

▪ Lloyd with another nice third down draw for 25. Got the 10 his team needed, plus some more. Later lost 2 on a second down.

▪ Headed to halftime. Has 61 rushing yards on nine carries, 33 through the air. Been a little boom or bust as St. John Bosco isn’t giving up much on the ground.




▪ Lloyd starts out early. Gets 5, draws a penalty, stuffed, then gets 16 on what looked like a counter. DeMatha worked in a fullback to good effect.

▪ With 4:54 left in the third quarter, St. John Bosco moves ahead 28-7. DeMatha had a chance for a stop but allowed a massive Uiagalelei scramble that kept the Braves on the field early.

▪ DeMatha got the ball for three possessions and one play in the quarter. Unofficially have Lloyd at five carries for 18 yards across the 12 minutes.




▪ Lloyd had a nice 6-yard run to start the quarter, then lost 4. Seemed a little unhappy with his offensive line or something as that second carry was kind of a mess.

▪ Braves break a 50-yard TD run and DeMatha down 35-7 now.

▪ Lloyd got the kickoff, but fumbled around the 30 and Bosco gets it. Looked like it might have been close.

▪ With six minutes left, DeMatha appears to have pulled the starters. Unofficially, Lloyd finished with 81 rushing yards, 33 receiving.



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