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College Football and the Betting Shop

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We are getting ever closer to the start of the college and NFL football seasons so I will start posting more games for you to be able to wager.


Please continue to requests games - I will likely not create the bet for that requested game no earlier than seven days before the game starts in order to get the latest spread (based on injuries, results of recent competition, etc.).


The odds on the bets so far have been (1) on spread bets meaning if winning team also beats the spread, the bet pays out $1 for every $1 bet. 

The odds to (1.5) for bets on the underdogs to cover the spread in the future. 




The NFL Preseason games should payout more now.  I did some tests bets this Monday both to test the fractions functions and the payout and the 7/2 payout fraction ($7 for every $2 on a winning bet) seemed to work.

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I am new to the betting shop....I am able to go to the game I want but confused at how to select which of the two teams I choose to cover...What am I missing?


The application that creates the bets here does not allow for users to bet on either team of a matchup. The Betting shop would have to create a bet for each team in order to give the bettors that option (doubling their workload). 


For that reason, we have chosen to stick with Spread Bets for this site based on bettor's request for a match. For example, if a bettor requests the Alabama at UofSC game. The House would then create the bet based on the spread (in that case it would look something like Alabama (-28) at UofSC.  If the requestor requests that the bet be UofSC vs Alabama, the created spread bet would look something like UofSC (+28) vs Alabama.

Because it is a spread bet, the payout amount I usually create for it is almost always a three to one payout (more like 7.2 OR 7 dollars won for every 2 dollars bet). 



Hope this helps!

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I know it is extra work but for all Carolina games, please do it both ways. Most will bet our games in all sports anyhow and not only is it interesting to see who bets which way, it will allow everyone to be able to bet on our games the way they prefer. (Giving or receiving points).

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