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The Reason Dems Have 24 Candidates Is Because They Don't Have 1

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Ari Fleischer: The Dems' 24 candidates is not enough because 'not one of them is any good'


Former White House Press Secretary Ari Fleischer said Thursday that the 2020 presidential Democratic hopefuls’ “bad” policy ideas have emerged as the theme after two sets of debates over the past month.


“The real problem Democrats have had in floor debates is because no one individual has emerged the way Donald Trump seized the moment and emerged four years ago. What’s emerged are bad ideas,” the Fox News contributor told "Outnumbered," reacting to the Democratic presidential debates Tuesday and Wednesday in Detroit.


He said three main policy proposals have stood out in the first two rounds of debates: eliminating private health insurance, decriminalizing border crossings and providing taxpayer-funded health care to illegals.


“These are the ideas that people will remember from the debates. There’s no one individual anyone will remember yet,” said Fleischer, who was press secretary under George W. Bush from 2001 to 2003.


Former Vice President Joe Biden has maintained his front-runner status, but Fleischer believes that it is a reflection on the weakness of the field.


“I think they don’t have enough candidates. 24 Democrats isn't enough because not one of them is any good and that’s what you’re seeing on stage over the floor debates we’ve seen,” Fleischer said.


He added that Biden’s lead in the presidential race is not attributed to his “acumen, performance, ability, and sharpness" on the debate stage and predicted he will fade in the polls.


Fleischer went on to say, “He’s yesterday senator, but because he was also yesterday’s vice president, it’s artificially propelled him to where he is now. He won’t last. Someone is going to break through and emerge. Likely this fall, early next year and then Biden, like a balloon, the air runs out of it; it just deflates and goes away."

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I think we need to create the "Common Sense" party and you will be tested prior to running to make sure you actually possess common sense.  Then we enact term limits at every level and get rid of all of the lobbyist and do away with retirement and lifetime benefits.  Amazing to me the arrive there and make less than $200k a year, but they all roll out of there millionaires or use their position to make their kids rich.  Done with all of them time to make some changes.    I was really astounded at all of the dems running raising their hand on stage to support free health care for illegals.  Things have become totally sideways and the system penalizes the responsible and hard working at every turn.  

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