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Impressed Deion Sanders: ‘I love it’ That is the Gamecocks

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Impressed Deion Sanders: ‘I love it’ That is the Gamecocks

June 10, 2019

Deion Sanders I remember his day's at Florida State. That famous punt a ruskie that they pulled on Danny Ford's Clemson Tigers in the valley to pull out a win. Deion played lights out in helping with the win.

Glad to see him and his son enjoying  Gamecock land.

Deion Sanders now a Pro Football Hall of Famer has dropped his son Shilo now in college here at Carolina back in May. This weekend, Prime Time cam back to Columbia and back on campus, in part so his son Shedeur could camp with the Gamecocks on Friday.

Deion Sanders took in the local Waffle House, and on Saturday morning ran through some drills with his sons, having parts of it captured on a video that made it to Instagram. In the video, he mentioned one thing that’s stood out with the way the school and Will Muschamp’s staff has worked with him barely a month into Shilo’s career.

“We get a report from the school every week on his progress, and I love it,” Deion Sanders said in the video, sporting a script Carolina shirt. “They send me everything he’s doing, in the weight room, in the classroom, everything. I love that about South Carolina.

“As a parent, you want to make sure your baby is straight and he’s working.”


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