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Counting down to Gameday 2021  Week 9

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The countdown has finished!



RHP Reid Morgan & catcher Luke Berryhill both go in the 13th round

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Berryhill's father has confirmed he will return to the Gamecocks next season!



Luke is a JUCO transfer, but he only played one season in JUCO, so he's a red-shirt sophomore this season. Still, that doesn't always prevent kids from going the MLB route, as there is a an age limit where if you're 21 yrs old prior to the draft date - or something like that - you can still get drafted. This is what happened with Carlos Cortes in last year's draft.

Luke can come back to USC next season, and earn his college degree, and try again in next year's draft. And he has more leverage doing this, then juniors who choose to come back: when you're a college senior, your college eligibility is used up, and you have nothing to hold against MLB teams - such as coming back to play another season in college - to help with getting better draft picks, or better bonus money. You have to simply take what teams will give you then, if you still wish to play baseball. But Berryhill will get to play next season, and even if he should complete his degree requirements, he'd still have one more year of college eligibility for 2021 as a graduate senior, if he doesn't get what he wants from the MLB, so Luke and his family still have some chips to play in this game. We get to benefit from it, as well.....

Morgan, on the other hand, is a junior JUCO, so unless he feels that he can have a much better chance at proving himself next year at USC than he did this season, and position himself for a better draft position, he probably would be advised to go for the majors. If the round was higher, I'd say he's gone for sure. We will wait and see - they have a few more days before having to decide, one way or another....

Also, earlier in the draft, Gamecock Senior TJ Hopkins was picked in the 9th Round, as the overall 264th pick, and by - guess who - yes, the Cincinnati Reds. He is in line for a  $156,100 signing bonus, for being picked in the 9th Rd.....

One other JUCO regular - Andrew Eyster - is only a sophomore - and not a red-shirt sophomore - so if anyone wondered, he doesn't meet any requirements for being eligible this draft, so we get him for another year, at least....

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