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Gearing up for 2019 MLB draft

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The MLB draft starts Monday at 7 p.m., extending for 40 rounds through Wednesday. The first two rounds Monday night will be televised on the MLB Network, with the rest livestreamed on MLB.com.

Players who should come in: 

Signees Brodie Blanton, RJ Dantin, Jonathan Machamer, Will McGregor, Trey Tujetsch and Braylen Wimmer should be on campus in the fall.


Andrew Peters (pitcher)

Brannon Jordan (pitcher)

Thomas Farr (pitcher)

Brett Thomas (pitcher)

Brennan Milone (infielder)

Luke Little (pitcher)

James Nix (OF)

Most likely gone:

Tyler Callihan (third baseman) 

Ivan Johnson (infielder)

Eligible  Seniors, Juniors & Sophomores 2019 MLB Draft


Jacob Olson (infielder/outfielder)

Chris Cullen (catcher/infielder)

TJ Hopkins (outfielder)

50/50 Juniors & Sophomores

Luke Berryhill (catcher)

Reid Morgan (pitcher)

George Callil (infielder)

Most likely to stay Juniors & Sophomores

Ridge Chapman, Gage Hinson, Graham Lawson, Cole Ganopulos and Hayden Lehman should be back for 2020 campaign 

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Commitments for South Carolina in the 2019 draft:

3rd RD, with 85th pick - SS Tyler Callihan, Providence High, Neptune Beach (FL) - Reds
4th RD, with 114th pick - 2B Ivan Johnson, JUCO Chipola College (FL) - Reds

Damn, Cincinnati.....leave us the frick alone!!!!

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So the final Draft totals, that I could determine:

Gamecocks Program Players:

OF TJ Hopkins (Sr.): 9th Rd., 264th pick - Cincinnati Reds

C/DH Luke Berryhill (RS-So.): 13th Rd., 384th pick - Cincinnati Reds

RHP Reid Morgan (JUCO Jr.): 13th Rd., 396th pick - Seattle Mariners

3B/OF Jacob Olson (Sr.): 26th Rd., 972nd pick - Chicago Cubs

RHP Ridge Chapman (Sr.): 34th Rd., 1,021st pick - Los Angeles Angles


Incoming 2019 Class Prospects:

SS Tyler Callihan, Providence High, Neptune Beach (FL): 3rd Rd.,  85th pick - Cincinnati Reds

2B Ivan Johnson, JUCO Chipola College (FL) : 4th Rd., 114th pick - Cincinnati Reds

RHP Andy Peters, JUCO John Logan College (IL): 21st Rd., 638th pick - Tampa Bay Rays

SS Brennan Milone, Woodstock High (GA): 28th Rd., 851st pick - Los Angeles Dodgers

OF Noah Myers, JUCO Wabash Valley College (IL): 30th Rd., 897th pick - Toronto Blue Jays

RHP Brannon Jordan, JUCO Cowley County CC (KS): 31st, 938th pick - Tampa Bay Rays

OF James Nix, JUCO College of Central Florida (FL): 35th Rd., 1,066th pick - Houston Astros

RHP Thomas Farr, JUCO Northwest Florida State (FL): 37th Rd., 1,105th pick - Texas Rangers

INF Jeff Heinrich, JUCO McHenry County College (IL): 40th Rd., 1,196th pick - San Fransisco Giants


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Looks like our highest draft pick - prospect SS Tyler Callihan - has agreed on a deal to sign with the Reds:



I expected this, as $1.5 Million is just too much to pass up. I expect both Callihan and Ivan Johnson - who was drafted in the 4th Round and should be expected to get a deal around a million - to be gone. The ones after that get more interesting for us. As the higher picks get bonus that are above the projected "slot" allotment per team - as Callihan's deal is reported to be in the tweet above - it takes away from signing money the team has available for draft picks lower down the line. Although that won't help us much, as the Reds account for our four highest draft picks, and Tyler and Ivan are the top 2, with Hopkins (a senior), and Berryhill (who's already turning the Reds down and returning for his junior season) are the next two.....

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