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Attention: The upgrade is scheduled for tomorrow "Saturday" starting about 4-6. Downtime 5-6 hours

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The upgrade is scheduled for tomorrow "Saturday" starting about 4-6. Downtime 5-6 hours

Let me start out in saying good day to all members & guest. We will be upgrading platform here at GCF "Saturday 05/04/2019" starting about 4-6. Downtime 5-6 hours. We going to the latest IPBOARD upgrade. I and Tony have been waiting a year for IPB to release the 4.4. As always our first concern is your privacy and security while here. We do have all the latest feature already installed to protect us here.  So rest assure you are safe and nothing gets out we are a secure website at GCF. Now we will be down 4-6 hours max so we can transfer all the data to the latest addition. Also when we come back up here at GCF we will have the IP skin, "Uche" that plan skin for at least 2 weeks. Tony with my input has been designing a new skin for over a year and we both are satisfied with the finished product which we again I say be up in 2 weeks after we transfer all data. First and up most are layout will be the same which I dearly love. We will have more of a sporty look geared to are the fan base here. Of course, are Garnet and Black will show with our new design look, but as always we will not relax here on your privacy and security. Always number one here. I hate we have to be down but it is necessary we do so we can finish up what we were working on. The lotto will be back, went down because we have already started the 4.4 platform. Rest assured it will be back along with the other goodies we have ready to install over the next few months. Thanks to all the new members we have had over the last month and hope to see more join.

Henry AKA FeatheredCock & Tony


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