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2020 football commits (Updated **Jan. 08, 2019**)

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***South Carolina 2020 football commits ***


2013 Class 2014 Class 2015 Class 2016 Class 2017 Class 2018 Class
2019 Class 2020 Class        


Position Name State/City High/Weight Star Ranking Verbal/signed Date Videos
Offensive Line Tyshawn Walker  Saint Matthews S. C. 6'4" 320lbs stargold16x16.PNGstargold16x16.PNGstargold16x16.PNGstar_red16x16.PNGstar_red16x16.PNG recruiting_S_68x17.png 04/21/18 Posted Image
Quarterback  Luke Doty Myrtle Beach S.C. 6'2" 190lbs stargold16x16.PNGstargold16x16.PNGstargold16x16.PNGstargold16x16.PNGstar_red16x16.PNG recruiting_S_68x17.png 07/31/18 Posted Image
Wide Receiver  Mike Wyman Greensboro, NC  6'4" 197lbs stargold16x16.PNGstargold16x16.PNGstargold16x16.PNGstargold16x16.PNGstar_red16x16.PNG recruiting_S_68x17.png 04/16/19 Posted Image
Linebacker Mohamed Kab Clinton, N.C. 6'2" 190lbs stargold16x16.PNGstargold16x16.PNGstargold16x16.PNGstargold16x16.PNGstar_red16x16.PNG recruiting_S_68x17.png 05/09/19 Posted Image
Running Back MarShawn Lloyd Hyattsville, MD. 5'10" 210lbs  stargold16x16.PNGstargold16x16.PNGstargold16x16.PNGstargold16x16.PNGstargold16x16.PNG recruiting_S_68x17.png 06/02/19 Posted Image
Offensive Line Jazston Turnetine Ellenwood, GA  6'8" 340lbs stargold16x16.PNGstargold16x16.PNGstargold16x16.PNG recruiting_S_68x17.png 06/02/19 Posted Image
Defensive Back O’Donnell Fortune Sumter, S.C. 6'1" 170lbs stargold16x16.PNGstargold16x16.PNGstargold16x16.PNGstar_red16x16.PNGstar_red16x16.PNG recruiting_S_68x17.png 06/07/19 Posted Image
Defensive Line Makius Scott Gainesville, GA. 6'4" 290lbs stargold16x16.PNGstargold16x16.PNGstargold16x16.PNGstar_red16x16.PNGstar_red16x16.PNG recruiting_S_68x17.png 06/07/19 Posted Image
Defensive Line Alex Huntley   Columbia, S.C 6'4" 285lbs stargold16x16.PNGstargold16x16.PNGstargold16x16.PNGstargold16x16.PNGstar_red16x16.PNG recruiting_S_68x17.png 06/08/19 Posted Image
Offensive Line Trai Jones  Abbeville, S.C. 6'3" 270lbs stargold16x16.PNGstargold16x16.PNGstargold16x16.PNGstar_red16x16.PNGstar_red16x16.PNG recruiting_S_68x17.png 06/08/19 Posted Image
Offensive Line Vershon Lee Woodbridge, VA  6'4" 285lbs stargold16x16.PNGstargold16x16.PNGstargold16x16.PNGstar_red16x16.PNGstar_red16x16.PNG recruiting_S_68x17.png 06/18/19 Posted Image
Defensive Back Dominick Hill  Orlando, FL. 6'1" 170lbs stargold16x16.PNGstargold16x16.PNGstargold16x16.PNGstar_red16x16.PNGstar_red16x16.PNG recruiting_68x17.png 06/20/19 Posted Image
Defensive Back Joey Hunter Tyrone, GA. 6'1" 185lbs stargold16x16.PNGstargold16x16.PNGstargold16x16.PNGstar_red16x16.PNGstar_red16x16.PNG recruiting_S_68x17.png 07/02/19 Posted Image
Punter Kai Kroeger Lake Forest, IL  6'3" 190lbs stargold16x16.PNGstargold16x16.PNG recruiting_68x17.png 07/02/19 Posted Image
Defensive Line  Tonka Hemingway Conway, S.C. 6'3" 255lbs stargold16x16.PNGstargold16x16.PNGstargold16x16.PNGstargold16x16.PNGstar_red16x16.PNG recruiting_S_68x17.png 08/15/19 Posted Image
Tight End Eric Shaw Notasulga, AL.  6'4" 212lbs stargold16x16.PNGstargold16x16.PNGstargold16x16.PNGstar_red16x16.PNGstar_red16x16.PNG recruiting_S_68x17.png 08/15/19 Posted Image
Wide Receiver  Rico Powers Savannah, GA.  6'2" 181lbs stargold16x16.PNGstargold16x16.PNGstargold16x16.PNGstargold16x16.PNGstar_red16x16.PNG recruiting_S_68x17.png 09/17/19 Posted Image
Running Back   Rashad Amos   Tyrone, GA. 6'0" 210lbs stargold16x16.PNGstargold16x16.PNGstargold16x16.PNGstar_red16x16.PNGstar_red16x16.PNG recruiting_S_68x17.png 11/13/19 Posted Image
Running Back ZaQuandre White Ft. Myers, FL.  6'2" 205lbs stargold16x16.PNGstargold16x16.PNGstargold16x16.PNGstargold16x16.PNGstar_red16x16.PNG recruiting_68x17.png 12/13/2019 Posted Image
Kicker Mitch Jeter  Concord, NC.  5'11" 175lbs star_red16x16.PNGstar_red16x16.PNGstar_red16x16.PNGstar_red16x16.PNGstar_red16x16.PNG recruiting_68x17.png 12/14/2019 Posted Image
Tight End Jaheim Bel  Valdosta, Ga. 6'3" 204lbs stargold16x16.PNGstargold16x16.PNGstargold16x16.PNGstar_red16x16.PNGstar_red16x16.PNG recruiting_68x17.png 12/18/2019 Posted Image
Defensive End Jordan Burch Col., S.C. 6'5" 275lbs stargold16x16.PNGstargold16x16.PNGstargold16x16.PNGstargold16x16.PNGstargold16x16.PNG recruiting_S_68x17.png 12/18/2019 Posted Image
              Posted Image
              Posted Image
              Posted Image
              Posted Image
              Posted Image
              Posted Image
              Posted Image
              Posted Image
              Posted Image
              Posted Image
              Posted Image
              Posted Image

NOTE: 0 sign in early signing period Dec. 20-22 ***

(Will count back to 2019 recycle year)

Position Name Collage / High School High/Weight Star Ranking Date Committed Videos
Running Back Brandon Field Orlando, FL. 5'11" 195lbs stargold16x16.PNGstargold16x16.PNGstargold16x16.PNGstar_red16x16.PNGstar_red16x16.PNG July 03, 2018 Posted Image

 (Portal Transfers 2020)

Position Name Collage High/Weight Star Ranking When Videos
Quarterback    Collin Hill Colorado State 6'5" 210lbs stargold16x16.PNGstargold16x16.PNGstargold16x16.PNGstar_red16x16.PNGstar_red16x16.PNG Dec. 28, 2019 Posted Image
Fullback Adam Prentice Colorado State 6'0" 236lbs  star_red16x16.PNGstar_red16x16.PNGstar_red16x16.PNGstar_red16x16.PNGstar_red16x16.PNG Dec. 30, 2019 Posted Image

**** Junior college-bound
*** Early signing period signees Dec. 18-20
** Soft Commit
* Will be eligible to play in 2021

up miniarrow_up_blue.png
down miniarrow_down_blue.png
no movement  arrow.png

Stars  stargold16x16.PNG  star_red16x16.PNG (Jan. 08, 2019)
5 star 2
4 stars 7
3 stars 11
2 stars 1
0 stars 0

Total commits 21

Team rankings (Dec. 18, 2019)
Rivals 19 arrow.png
247sports 17miniarrow_up_blue.png
ESPN 16miniarrow_up_blue.png
SEC ranking (Dec. 18, 2019)
8th  arrow.png


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