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 South Carolina Gamecocks  vs.  North Carolina Tarheels 

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What is the underlying reason South Carolina hasn't

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Reached the level of success that Clemson has in football? Gamecocks have all the puzzle pieces to do it now. Gamecocks have fan support, facilities, money, and conference affiliation to be as successful as any team in the country in my opinion. Let's hear your thoughts what do you say?

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Because South Carolina actually plays competition.  Clemson has used the Boise State method of success. Play a mediocre to halfway decent team to start the season, when you have all summer to prepare, and then play a high school schedule the rest of the season, us included for the last few years.  This year was a perfect example of it. By the Clemson/Carolina game, we were decimated with injuries, and they were not.  Our depth was definitely a contributing factor, but so was our schedule.  They didn't have to deal with a schedule nearly as tough, and hard-hitting as we did.  I did work for one of the Clemson coaches.  He was a very nice guy, and he was kind enough to talk to me for a while about football.  His paraphrased answer to me, when I asked how long he thought he would be there, was "Why would we leave?  We have everything we want.  We have a small town atmosphere, with Greenville close by if we want to go somewhere larger.  We play in a weak conference, and with the playoffs set up the way they are, we have to worry about 1, maybe 2 teams a year, and if we win those, we are in the playoffs."

Yes, Clemson has recruited very well, but by very questionable means.  Why would Clemson all of a sudden, skyrocket up in recruiting rankings, like they did several years ago?  Who honestly wants to go to Clemson?  I live less than an hour from there, and I hold my nose when I drive through.  I do like Lake Hartwell, though.  Everything about their recruiting has a stench to it, such as XT getting a new truck, right after committing, when his family is struggling financially, and recruits posting pictures of themselves with wads of cash after committing to Clemson. Now add in the PED stuff, accompanied with all of the stuff from the 80's, Sammy Watkins' pot charges magically disappearing, Dabo getting a Pickens County deputy fired after he stopped him for speeding.  Where there is smoke, there is fire.

Now, not to be naive, I fully understand that all football programs cheat to some degree, but as I had a Clemson fan say to me once, "we are just better at it than anyone else."

It is not an easy path for South Carolina to make it to the playoffs, since we play in the SEC.  We had a much better path when we were independent.  I still get mad thinking about Navy in 84.

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^^ Just to caveat off of that, you must also add in that there seems (to me at least) to be a concerted effort to keep the top teams at the top. I noticed it when we were in the middle of our 11 win seasons. I have not actually researched the matter, but it did seem like back then questionable calls went our way more often than not. And that appears to be a trend when a team reaches a certain level of success.

But it looks like it goes deeper than that. Just look at the things mentioned here, cars, cash, jetskis, etc. The NCAA turns a blind eye to it when it happens at some schools. But you let something like that slip at a less than successful school, and the hammer comes down hard. Just look at what happened at UNC with the fake classes crap then compare it to what happened at Mizzou. 


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