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Bentley -- Final Total QBR Ranking (+ other ranking tibits)

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Bentley -- Final Total QBR Ranking (+ other ranking tibits)

Bentley finished with a Total QBR (see below for explanation) of 73.9, which was good enough for 31st in the country. His Raw QBR (not adjusting for strength of defense faced) was 65.9, indicating that he actually played better against better competition (taking out his clunker vs UK and 1st half A&M, this seem to make sense). Bentley ranked 6th in the SEC, ahead of Schumer, Ta'amu, Guarantano, Franks, Stidham, Fitzgerald, Wilson and Storey, in that order.

Some other notable QBs ratings:

The top 2 (Murray and Tua) were on a completely different level than the next tier of QBs with 95.9 and 94.5 ratings, respectively. Jake Fromm came in at 3rd with 86.4 and Haskins at 4th with 86.3.

Drew Lock was the only other SEC QB inside the top 10 at #8.

Trevor Lawrence came in at 10th with 80.8.

Terry Wilson was ranked 71st with a 57.4, which is really shocking considering the success UK had. They really did rely on Benny Snell and their D... I expect them to be far worse next year.

SC actually faced three QBs in the top 10 of QBR this year, but only 4 total that were rated higher than Bentley (in the final rankings).

Bentley's top QBR game this year--Clemson at 93.8--was ranked the 90th best game by a QB in 2018, and even behind Lawrence in same game (70th overall game with 94.5). Bentley's RAW (unadjusted) QBR for that game was only a 73, but he got a huge bump for it coming against a great defense. Lawrence on the other hand, had a 93.1 Raw and got almost no bump (b/c our D sucks).

Interestingly, Jarrett Stidham, while coming in well behind Bentley in the final season average QBR (#56 with 56.3) actually turned in the very best QBR game by any QB all season with his performance in the bowl game vs. Purdue... scoring a 99.9... basically the highest score you can get.

Not sure what we can glean from this data exactly other than Bentley wasn't really as bad as some make him out to be, but he also wasn't anywhere close to the top tier (or even second tier) of QBs in P5 football.

What Total QBR Captures: Since college football has imbalanced schedules, QBR will be seen in both a form that adjusts for defenses faced - called Total QBR - and in a form that doesn't adjust for defense called Raw QBR. The scale of QBR is from zero to 100, where 50 is average. Top quarterbacks are in the upper 80s and 90s for a season. The increase from unadjusted to adjusted reflects that he did face good defenses overall. Unlike NCAA Passer Efficiency, which uses only box score statistics, Total QBR accounts for what a quarterback does on a play-by-play level, meaning it accounts for down, distance, field position, as well as the clock and score. A 5-yard gain on third-and-4 is a good play, whereas a 5-yard gain on third-and-14 isn't. A 20-yard touchdown pass when tied in the second quarter means more than a 20-yard touchdown pass when down 30 points late in the fourth quarter. QBR accounts for those things using analysis that turns traditional productivity into points on the scoreboard and wins in the standings. It also accounts for a quarterback's ability to scramble, his ability to run on designed rush plays, how well he avoids sacks, drawing and committing penalties, and all-important fumbles, which can be significant for quarterbacks. If a team gained 5 yards on third-and-4, the QB's contribution to that play is captured. The benefit of the 0-to-100 scale is that it strongly relates to a winning percentage. For example: A QBR of 86.4 implies that that QB's team should win 86.4 percent of its games given his performance and an average supporting cast (defense, special teams and non-QB rush offense). If the team had a quarterback whose rating was 50, they probably would have lost an extra 36.4 percent of their games.

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