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Keep Frank and wait or remove?

Should Gamecocks keep Frank and wait or remove now?  

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  1. 1. Keep Frank and wait or remove?

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Keep Frank and wait or remove?

1st ..... keep Frank. He is starting to get the talent he needs to win. He hit a dry spell after getting PJ. I think we will be competitive next year. Here's one thing most on this board need to get in their heads. Being competitive is the goal for USC. We are never going to be a Duke or UNC or Kentucky. I'd settle for being competitive most every year like say Vandy. I cannot remember them having a crap year in a long time. hey are always on the cusp of winning 20. They regularly make the NCAA's. Not every year but regularly.

the talent we can get. I think we can get quality guards , as many as we need. I think we can get a boat load of athletic 6'6'' to 6'8'' guys. I mean real leapers. We need to play smart & tough defense to maximize our talent.

the coach. I think someone like Kevin Keats (NCST) is ready made to come to USC and build a competitive program that wins and plays everyone tough. A program that could win 8 to 12 in the SEC every year and win 20 consistently. Might not make the NCAA's every year but ..... would regularly make it. A kid who played 4 yrs at USC would likely be in the Dance 2 maybe 3 times.

We need a young, energetic, personable coach who can recruit. I would look at the very good JC coaches for that type profile. I would also look at the mid major programs in the Mid Atlantic and Northeast. There are quality coaches there who would kill for the chance to lead a program like USC. It's in the SEC. It's our state's flagship program. kids from the NE would love to come south and play in the warmth. There are also tons of talent within 5 hrs of Columbia. We just can't go after the same kids that Duke, UNC, UK and those sorts of programs make top priorities.

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I'm not a big basketball fan, so I don't follow closely, but I don't understand why after a Final Four appearance, we weren't able to capitalize on that?

I know in basketball, one guy can turn things around, unlike football, but we can't seem to turn the corner.

I really liked the Frank hire, but it doesn't seem to be working.  Is it looking better, or is this the norm now?

I wanted Gregg Marshall, and because of family connections, know that he wanted desperately to be the coach at Carolina.  He was willing to come when he was contacted once, but didn't get the job.  Now that ship has sailed, and he is pretty happy at Wichita State.

I want Frank to succeed, but I am losing faith.

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A school that had not won an NCAA tourney game since 1973 and Frank takes us to the final four and the cusp of the National Title game as the final four game was a great game and we are talking about letting him go, it is just ridiculous in my opinion. The OP mentions vandy, Stallings coached at Vandy for 16 years, they went to the NCAA tourney one time in his first 7 years as vandy coach, 3 tourney invites in his first 10 never further than the sweet sixteen, they went 3 more times in is tenure or 7 in 16 years. Vandy fans ran Stallings off and brought in Bryce Drew, a young, energetic, personable coach that can recruit who took advantage of Stallings team returning 6 or 7 players to go to the NCAA tourney in year one and has laid an egg since, a big egg that smells like our last young and energetic up and coming coach Darrin Horn.

     We have a coach that has proven he can coach and win with talent, that can mold talent with a pretty good eye for talent when you consider Silva, Lawson, Bryant, Kotsar, Hassani with some good prospects in the pipe line. We want to throw that all away for an unproven guy like Kevin Keats, he has never won an NCAA game and we would be hard pressed to hire, think about that rationally. Frank will bring a very talented point guard in Hannibal, a real shooter in Anderson and a Silva like player in Leveque to go with Lawson, Bryant, a healthy Justin, Moss, Kotsar, Frink along with Bolden and Couisnard next year and has coached his ass off this year. No matter what happens this year Coach Martin is our coach and our fan base should get behind him and his team IMO

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