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GCF 2018 Prediction Thread 

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GCF 2018 Prediction Thread 

This is it I am sticking to it and this is my final prediction for 2018. No looking back ALL GAS NO BRAKES!!

vs. Coastal Carolina: W - First half will be like a typical season opener. Lots of jitters, stupid mistakes, etc. But the Gamecocks will get it together for a comfortable win over a team that is new to the big boy league. 

vs. Georgia: L - Georgia obviously had a phenomenal year, but they are losing a lot. Having that said, they will still be very talented, and Fromm seems like the real deal. Smart will have them contending for the SEC every year. Historically, they don't play well in Columbia, but they still have lots of talent. L for now, but an upset isn't out of the question. 

vs. Marshall: W - Wanna know a fun fact? Gamecocks have an 0-1 all-time record against Marshall. Only meeting was a 24-21 loss in Columbia in 1998 Fat Brads last year at the helm. That won't happen this time around. I don't know anything about them, but this feels like a game where the Gamecocks win, but not for style points. 

at Vanderbilt: W - Vandy took a step back last year, and I think the Gamecocks will see more of the same from them. They haven't proven anything to think that they are a threat. Plus, Gamecocks have their number. 

at Kentucky: W - Two back to back SEC road games. That can be tough no matter the venues. It hurts to say it but Kentucky has been a thorn in the Gamecock side since 2014. Gamecocks just can't seem to beat them. However, the Gamecocks are long overdue for a win against these guys. Kentucky's program trajectory seems to be stuck in neutral, while the Gamecocks are going up. Muschamp will have these guys ready to play and to get the monkey off there back. 

vs. Missouri: W - I like their coach, and I think in a few years they will be a solid team. However, he is one year away. They had a decent 2017, but all of their wins were thanks to a weak schedule. Lock is an underrated QB and could give the Gamecocks trouble, but I think Gamecocks pull this one out. 

vs. Texas A&M: L* - They seem to have our number no matter what happens. Last year was the Gamecocks best chance, but then Kurt Roper happened. This could easily be a win with their coaching change, but I won't predict a W until the Gamecocks can prove that they can beat the Aggies. 

vs. Tennessee: W - Once again, UT is in rebuilding mode. Pruitt could be their guy, but he still has a ways to go. Coming off a bye, I think the Gamecocks are well rested to pull of the W against an average Tennessee team. Muschamp still will not have lost to a Tennessee team... 

at Ole Miss: W - The ultimate trap game. However, Ole Miss is a mess right now on and off the field. Muschamp is not a coach who will overlook anyone. Potential for a sloppy game, but a win. 

at Florida: W* - I have a W here, but it could easily be an L. Gainesville is always tough, but they are going through a coaching change. A hard fought game like it always is with the Gators. A win here would be huge for Muschamp. I really can see this going either way... 

vs. Chattanooga: W - Another year, another FCS team before Clemson. Game will be over by the middle of the 3rd quarter. 

at Clemson: L - I would LOVE to put this as a W and have an upset, but just don't see it happening right now. They were exposed vs Alabama, but they still have talent. Given that it's in Clemson doesn't help. Some fans will quickly point out a potential 0-3 record vs Clemson, but Muschamp can't help that they have been a Top 5 team ever since he got here. 

*I think the Gamecocks beat Florida OR Texas A&M, but not both.* 

I'll go with 9-3 (6-2 SEC) t\To me that would probably mean a Citrus or Peach Bowl birth. Muschamp continues to build this program faster than expected.

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