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 South Carolina Gamecocks  vs.  North Carolina Tarheels 

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LISTEN LIVE 2019: S.C. Gamecocks vs. North Carolina Tar Heels Sat, August 31 at 7:00 pm

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2 OPEN DATES (OCT. 05 # NOV. 23)

post-2-0-09302600-1504126563.pngGamecock Football Live Events

N/A N/A  Before Each Game post-2-0-25453800-1507925964.pngSouth Carolina Gamecocks Pregame Show
post-2-0-97048100-1507924772.pngSouth Carolina NC_38x38.pngNorth Carolina Sat, Aug. 31 N/A post-2-0-25453800-1507925964.png North Carolina Tar Heels vs. South Carolina Gamecocks
post-2-0-97048100-1507924772.pngSouth Carolina  CC_38x38 (1).pngCharleston S. Sat. Sept. 07, N/A post-2-0-25453800-1507925964.png Charleston Southern Buccaneers vs. South Carolina Gamecocks
post-2-0-97048100-1507924772.pngSouth Carolina alabama38x38.PNG Alabama Sat. Sept. 14 N/A post-2-0-25453800-1507925964.png Alabama Crimson Tide vs. South Carolina Gamecocks  
post-2-0-91810300-1503558231.png Missouri post-2-0-97048100-1507924772.pngSouth Carolina  Sat.Sept. 21, N/A post-2-0-25453800-1507925964.png Missouri Tigers vs. South Carolina Gamecocks
post-2-0-97048100-1507924772.pngSouth Carolina  post-2-0-50726900-1518973386.pngKentucky Sat. Sept. 28, N/A post-2-0-25453800-1507925964.png Kentucky Wildcats vs. South Carolina Gamecocks
post-2-0-55437500-1521979941.png Georiga post-2-0-97048100-1507924772.pngSouth Carolina  Sat. Oct. 12, N/A post-2-0-25453800-1507925964.png Georgia Bulldogs vs. South Carolina Gamecocks
post-2-0-97048100-1507924772.pngSouth Carolina  post-2-0-50276500-1509237022.pngFlorida  Sat. Oct. 19, N/A post-2-0-25453800-1507925964.png Florida Gators vs. South Carolina Gamecocks
 post-2-0-33849100-1506861969.pngTennessee  post-2-0-97048100-1507924772.pngSouth Carolina Sat. Oct. 26, N/A post-2-0-25453800-1507925964.png Tennessee Volunteers vs. South Carolina Gamecocks
post-2-0-97048100-1507924772.pngSouth Carolina  post-2-0-25697900-1521980129.pngVanderbilt  Sat. Nov. 02, N/A post-2-0-25453800-1507925964.png Vanderbilt Commodores vs. South Carolina Gamecocks
post-2-0-97048100-1507924772.pngSouth Carolina  cz_iTl0qqjrjwCTWIvDq5w_38x38.PNGAppalachian St. Sat. Nov. 10, N/A post-2-0-25453800-1507925964.png Appalachian St. Mountaineers vs. South Carolina Gamecocks
post-2-0-75151600-1505682086.pngTexas A&M     post-2-0-97048100-1507924772.pngSouth Carolina  Sat. Nov. 16, N/A post-2-0-25453800-1507925964.png Texas A&M Aggies vs. South Carolina Gamecocks
post-2-0-97048100-1507924772.pngSouth Carolina post-2-0-32364600-1518957089.pngClemson  Sat, Nov 30, N/A post-2-0-25453800-1507925964.png Clemson Tigers vs. South Carolina Gamecocks


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