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Found 17 results

  1. Hi folks - esp Feathered Cock! I am 65 years old, a lifelong suffering Gamecock loser like so many of you. All the veneer of any kind of pride in this program has been stripped off me. It's at it's lowest point ever across the board, unless you consider womens basketball a sport, which I do not. I don't see how anyone could say that we are even trying to compete in the Southeastern Conference. In fact. I think we are the Washington Generals of the SEC - there only to lose. The Generals btw are the team that travels around losing to the Harlem Globetrotters every night. I am so disgusted with the Board of Trustees, the President of USC, and the Aththletics Director, who have let us slide so deeply into the sludge that we're the laughing stock of college sports. It's worth no ones time for me to detail all the many mistakes and the complete incompetence of this cast of clowns, so I won't. We all know how how humiliating it has become to watch us in any sport. Firing or removing the people responsible almost isn't good enough for them. I won't even say what I think should happen. If you watched the Mizzou game or the Princeton game and disagree with me, good for you. Keep those garnet colored glasses on and go put on your beamerball tshirt. Have a ball. I long for the Richard Bell and the Darren Horn periods over what we have today. This is the sorriest coaching ever and I'd like for anyone to tell me how we're going to recruit our way out of this mess. Don't know what happened to F Martin but he is DONE although we'll probably hire some junior high school coach to replace him. Beamer is golly...really really a like total goofball, too.
  2. If we can't improve our play, especially on offense, not only will our ineptitude override the "chance to play early" selling point for recruits, but we will begin to lose our best players to the portal. Should those two things occur, we will not be improving at the foundational level of the team, and won't be able to climb out of this pit we have have dug for ourselves. We will, essentially, be stuck in a fail cycle.
  3. Preparatory to the appeal process, several news reports, quoting Dabo, are now saying that their internal investigation is going so far as to suggest that the PED drugs were induced by mistake. What we have here is a spin doctor that is trying to get ahead of any outside investigation and wants to let everybody know that Clemson is in the process of essentially looking for a needle in a haystack. He is the master of this and that is why they can get away with almost everything. I don't believe one thing about him and think that he is a walking, talking liar and a false prophet as well. In closing, if you lie over and over these days seems people will believe the lies. Are leaders of the day starting with the top men have made lies believable by saying it over and over the lie. Low values.
  4. I believe this season was a step back. Gamecocks have a lot of work this offseason for a really REALLY tough 2019 schedule laying in wait. OK fanatics let's hear it?
  5. Well, the Gamecocks lose record at 5-4, best I see is 7-5 No way really betting Clemson at Clemson so should be good enough to go bowling but will be a lower tier bowl. Most likely in 3rd week December in a cold part of the country. Other words leave your suntan logion at home and get bundled up
  6. "Here’s why Brent Johnson isn’t on 107.5 The Game or B106.7 anymore" BY DAVID TRAVIS BLAND August 09, 2018 03:42 PM The State COLUMBIA Brent Johnson, the longtime Gamecock commentator on WNKT 107.5 The Game and morning show host on WTCB 106.7, is no longer with the stations. A company official said Johnson chose to leave after changes were set to be made at the stations, which are owned by Cumulus Media of Atlanta. “We were going through some programing lineup changes on B106.7 and The Game 107.5, and last Friday Brent decided he wanted to move on,” said Rick Prusator, vice president and market manager of Cumulus in Columbia. Prusator says Johnson chose to leave on his own and was not forced out. Johnson will still be part of Gamecock sport broadcasts produced by the IMG sports network and aired on 107.5, according to Prusator. Attempts to reach Johnson were unsuccessful. Johnson was the long-running host of the morning show on B106.7. On 107.5, he co-hosted a noon time call-in show about the University of South Carolina Gamecocks, college and national sports. Johnson won Personality of the Year six times and Morning Show of the Year four times from the S.C. Broadcasters Association, The Game’s website says. He also captured a Marconi Award, a top honor by the National Association of Broadcasters, according to the website. The noon show on 107.5 The Game is being hosted by Johnson’s former on-air partner, Pearson Fowler, who will have guests such as Todd Ellis, the play-by-play announcer for Gamecocks football; Jay Philips; and other regular Gamecock commentators. A new morning show is in the works for B106.7, while other radio personalities are filling in the early hours DJ slot. Jay Philips, a well-known Gamecock commentator on 197.5, says he was set on a path of being a radio host by Johnson in a time when Philips didn’t know where his career was taking him. Philips worked with Johnson for 22 years. “Brent is one of the finest people I’ve ever worked with,” Philips said. “He was my boss but he was absolutely even more a mentor. I look to him for all kinds of advice to get better.” The longtime host’s departure has riled some fans. Michele Barry Dove said she met Johnson through fundraisers for Palmetto Health Children’s Hospital — work that she says showed Johnson was a personable and compassionate person. Karen Price, another Johnson fan, said she wouldn’t be supporting Cumulus anymore. “He is relatable on air,” she said. “He’s family friendly. He talks about his faith, which is refreshing. He talks about how he edits songs with profanity in them ... to make it family friendly. . . . On the air, he seems like a genuinely nice guy and I will miss that. . . . I hope he finds a new radio home here.” To Philips it was a moment outside the studio that demonstrates Johnson’s character. A decade ago, when Philips’ wife was pregnant with their fourth child, they found out his wife had cervical cancer. The couple went through lengthy treatment and hospitalization outside of Columbia, with their daughter being born six weeks early. His wife is healthy now, but it was the hardest time of his life Philips says and the hardship came when 107.5 was still getting off its feet. Johnson made sure Philips kept his job at the station and made sure his family was taken care of. While some workplaces might be calling for their employee to get back on the job, Johnson and the other station heads gave Philips family the time and support they needed. “That’s the kind of guy he was,” Philips says. “He just looked out for people. I’ll never forget that.”
  7. Kinda sucks fanatics the little infraction that the Gamecock programs where minor very minor and they throw the book at the Gamecocks. Not a fair system!!! Break out wallets and let's start paying recruits directly. The NCAA just proved it has no power whatsoever. If they call, just hang up on them. Freaking unbelievable. I genuinely hope all schools start ignoring all the rules, and the NCAA stops getting paid. It clearly serves no purpose.
  8. South Carolina basketball player Rakym Felder arrested on multiple charges Oct. 23, 2016 Rakym Felder, a freshman guard on the South Carolina basketball team, has been arrested on charges of simple assault and resisting arrest. According to Alvin S. Glenn Detention Center’s website, bond for each of the charges was set at $1,087.50. According to a media relations contact in the athletics department, South Carolina basketball coach Frank Martin is “aware of the arrest and is continuing to gather information.” Athletic department policy requires that Felder be suspended immediately. Police also charged Felder with three additional charges: disorderly conduct, pedestrian on controlled access highway and use of another’s or altered license or identification card. Those charges were listed as personal recognizance bonds. A 3-star recruit out of Abraham Lincoln High School in Brooklyn, N.Y., Felder averaged 16 points, 6 assists and 4 rebounds during his senior season. As a freshman in high school, he played at Indian Land in Fort Mill, S.C.
  9. ESPN thinks Will Muschamp still coaches at Florida July 28. 2016 Not only does the Worldwide Leader either refuse to believe that Skai Moore is injured and out for the season, they now think that Muschamp is still in Gainesville for some reason. What's next, "South Carolina men's basketball coach Dave Odom"?
  10. Thumbs Up, Thumbs Down: USC vs. Florida Nov. 14, 2015 THUMBS UP Kelsey Griffin He was the only defensive lineman able to generate any penetration on a consistent basis. The junior had two tackles for loss and a sack and was in the backfield several other times. Sean Kelly He punted six times, and three of those were downed inside the 20. Kelly averaged 46.7 yards per kick, including a 69-yarder. T.J. Gurley The senior had four tackles, an interception and a pass breakup. His interception came at a crucial time as it was in the end zone with the Gators threatening to take a three-score lead just before halftime. 4th quarter The Gamecocks scored 14 points in the final quarter after not scoring at all in the first three periods. Carolina had 157 yards in the final quarter after combining for 44 in the first three. THUMBS DOWN Third-down defense It was atrocious. Florida was converting on only 38% of its third-down opportunities entering Saturday, but made 11 of 19 against the Gamecocks — good for 58 percent. The running game 22 yards on 21 carries isn’t going to get it done. Florida’s secondary is very good, and with no threat of a running game, it made it even harder for quarterback Perry Orth. Offensive line USC got no push up front in the running game, and Orth was constantly under pressure. A personal foul and an unsportsmanlike conduct penalty on offensive linemen on back-to-back plays in the third quarter didn’t help. 3rd quarter Incredibly, and not in a good way, South Carolina was outgained 106 to minus-9 in the third quarter. Read more here: http://www.thestate.com/sports/college/university-of-south-carolina/usc-football/article44906613.html#storylink=cpy
  11. This sucks why in the world do something Stupid!! Four-star South Carolina signee Shameik Blackshear was arrested on Friday, according to a report from the (Hilton Head) Island Packet. Blackshear, according to the report, was charged with petit larceny, according to the Beaufort County Detention Center log. Blackshear was booked at 3:43 p.m. on Friday afternoon and, as of 11:29 p.m. on Friday evening, was still incarcerated. Blackshear was the first commitment of the South Carolina 2015 recruiting class, which finished No. 19 in the 247Sports Composite rankings. The 6-foot-5, 240-pounder. He has been rehabbing an ACL injury suffered early in the 2014 season.
  12. The article in The Daily Gamecock doesn't really go into detail about the methane found where the new indoor practice facility will be build. But it gives you just a general overview, and their opinion on the matter. When you’re planning on putting tens of millions of dollars into a new construction development, the last thing you want to hear is that your future building is in danger of blowing up. So we can imagine that USC wasn’t too happy recently when they detected methane gas, which has a tendency towards exploding and suffocating people, underneath the space where a new football practice facility was recently planned. In addition to the $17.6 million being poured into the project, it will take around $300,000 alone to add vents and membranes to deal with the methane. Issue: Methane gas was found under proposed athletic facility site. Our Stance: We were lucky the gas was found in the early stages. While we’re far from experts when it comes to construction, surely checking for potentially explosive, deadly gases should be one of the first things on the agenda, especially in an area that was once a landfill, as methane can be created when trash breaks down underneath soil over extended periods of time. While construction on former landfills is common for many outdoor-focused public areas like parks and playgrounds, that is no excuse for failing to make sure the entire place won’t go up in flames as a result of carelessness. We understand the necessity of constructing these new sports facilities. Successful student athletes are a prized commodity in the world of college athletics, and brand-new practice areas certainly don’t hurt when the time for recruitment comes around. But prospective college superstars usually enjoy their practice facilities fully intact, generally unexploded and without danger of suffocation. It’s a lucky thing that the methane was discovered at an early stage, rather than after actual construction had begun. But with such a large investment on the line, it doesn’t hurt to make sure that these kinds of hidden costs are accounted for at the start. Link to article: http://www.dailygamecock.com/article/2014/02/in-our-opinion-methane-poses-real-threat-to-construction
  13. I'm not gonna mention the message board where I just read this silly post. But a guy on there posted that he felt like if we didn't win the SEC this year, we would probably never win it. What!!! Spurrier has us rolling and built for the long haul, just look at our recruiting for this class and especially next years. The sad thing is that a couple people agreed with him. I tell ya, if I felt that way about my team, I would find someone else to pull for.
  14. Link: http://www.change.org/petitions/new-carolina-clemson-rivalry-suggestion-clash-of-the-crescent My vote? NO
  15. You can`t even find them? They started today - nowhere to be seen or heard from. 1200 Media people at SEC - I wonder how may are at ACC. The difference is like the difference in high school vs. college, college vs. pros. Don`t let Dabo brainwash you. If you want to play in the best league, it`s not even close
  16. Being from South Carolina, how much were you recruited by South Carolina an Clemson? “A little bit. South Carolina was recruiting me hard until last year when I guess they thought they had their quarterback. Neither one of them threw an offer at me, but it didn’t really bother me. I mean, I feel like Georgia is a way better school than South Carolina or Clemson would be any day, so I’m not really worried about that.” ....burning some bridges I would guess .....LP From the AJC website: http://www.ajc.com/weblogs/college-recruiting/2013/jul/11/qb-picking-uga-over-alabama-almost-committing-aubu/
  17. Well, well, well after the smoke has settled we now find that the culprit in the much hyped "broken rock" case is nothing more than a kid looking for a souvenir. Much to the chagrin of WCCP and Tater Nation it wasn't a Gamecock Fan so there is no "revenge factor" to speak of. Or is there? Gamecock Nation (and I for one) am pretty pissed. OUR school has been vandalized by redneck tater fans and so has theirs but it doesn't stop there. Those smug degenerates Roy Pisspot and Walt Deptoola lashed out at Gamecock fans from the start - FALSLEY ACCUSING SC fans for something their own fan base is responsible for. So was there any humility or an apology? Of course not! They wanted for it to be SC in the worse way imaginable. They wanted a war. Clemson pumped this thing up making it a much bigger deal than it was and now they once again are the laughing stock of the entire nation. But more than that they picked a fight with a team that has pulverized them over the past 4 years and oh, by-the-way the game is in Columbia. Congratulations, you just wrote a check that Dabos Weeney can't cash. smh

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