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  1. Because who doesn't like trivia? Here's one I saw today: Sean Bean may be #hashtagged as the guy who always dies, but one legendary screen actor actually holds the record for most deaths on screen for an entire career ... who is he?
  2. cocky0

    WTF Thread

    I suppose there's no need to let one of the crown gems of CT die with the rest of the board.
  3. Desert Island scenario: You make it to a desert island with 1 book and a solar-powered boom box (I know) with 1 CD. Pick your book (trilogies/collections are ok for the sake of this discussion), pick your album!
  4. https://wtfhappenedin1971.com/ Lot's more graphs on the link.
  5. Has never beaten App. St.? Game is on ESPN tonight vs App. St. Going to watch see if he can break the streak.
  6. https://footballscoop.com/news/update-at-texas/ Nutshell: our former director of player personnel, who left last week to work for Sark at Texas, is on hold there because of his potential implication in the UT boondoggle ... he came here last year from UT.
  7. Scuttlebutt is that Rocker just packed up his stuff and left town.
  8. This is a bit abstract and I have no metrics to support it ... but IMO the scramble for "top" candidates is more about impressing boosters and the fan base than it is about a lack of qualified candidates. How many teams have entered into bidding wars for some of these folks because they feared that hiring a guy from Western Kentucky would be a PR flop - regardless of how good he is at his job? I would say often the idea that there are only a handful of guys out there who could be successful as our DC - the Mason/Arnett group for example - is to me more about splash and less about X's and O's.
  9. Swayin

    This forum

    This forum is a sad cross-representation of our country today. Anger, denial, finger pointing, even on a board that is supposed to bring us together as Gamecock fans we weigh in here and rip each other apart. And I’m not throwing stones in a glass house here - I know I am part of the problem. Just makes me sad, I guess, that our differences now seem so set in stone that we can barely talk civilly to one another anymore.
  10. I'm assuming he's going to go play for his Dad at Jackson State?
  11. Interested to see what this is about ... Winter sports/COVID? NCAA? Playing players from revenue sports? Leadership transition? Hmmm.
  12. If Feathered is right (thanks for the info BTW) and Sark gets an interview, I am intrigued. He is generally thought of as an offensive genius a la Lame Kitten. Their careers certainly have had parallels, and have been remarkably intertwined. I live near Seattle so was close at hand to watch his first HC gig at UW. He took over a winless 0-12 Huskies team and won 5 games his first season, including a huge upset over Pete Carroll's #3 Trojans. He upgraded the talent but never had an incredible year at U Dub in his five years there, then went to SoCal to take over for Kiffin, had a good first ye
  13. Can someone tell me what happen to my friends at Gamecocknation.net. Just realized the site is gone. Thanks
  14. Word during camp as that Ryan and Collin were neck and neck, with Collin winning out at the end because of his familiarity with CMB's offense. OK, fair enough. But somewhere along the line, Hilinski got leapfrogged by Doty, plus I don't think I've even SEEN him on the sidelines all year during games, not communing with Collin, sending in signals - anything? I dunno, just seems weird.
  15. I don't get the massive posts going on with the foreign language
  16. Looking for my daughter. She's 11 and go a guitar for Christmas. We had her taking some lessons but that has stopped. Plus she didn't really care for them too much anyways. Anything on-line that would be good way to learn for kids. Youtube or otherwise?
  17. Looking for some suggestions of educational activities to do with the kids while on lock-down. Teachers have been sending suggestions like Khan academy and giving them stuff on google classroom. But there is only so much of that they will do before getting bored. I am looking for some things that will give them something to do while still accidentally learning some things. Something like getting them a Raspberry Pi and letting them tinker with it. I am sure there are 'projects' kids could do with it and learn some computer programming in the process. Just not sure where to start. A
  18. I understand some of our Commits are coming on board anyway, but I just think having the new OC here might not only answer questions they may have, but could lure a couple other recruits this way. The big question on the pigskin side is who. My bigger question is, what will he make different? There are so many different playing styles, and they affect those kids in different ways. i.e. if the new OC likes running QB's, or if he concentrates on the running game in general. Things like that influence where a recruit wants to play. Maybe Will should be hoping to get an OC committed in the ne
  19. She is so stupid, she claims “Black trans and cis women, gender-nonconforming, and nonbinary people are the backbone of our democracy”. Never mind that many in this gang of wackos are not real women. https://www.theroot.com/black-womxn-are-here-for-elizabeth-warren-as-president-1839714465
  20. So I keep getting loaded up with e-mails every time someone posts in a thread I have posted on. I have changed my notification settings to received only one e-mail per week with notifications". But I keep getting them. Is there another setting somewhere?
  21. Guest


    There are only 3 Americans in the Top 50 in the World in Men's Pro-Tennis. 2 are just 21 year olds. Wonder why?
  22. So you don't have the kind of season we are having this year and not have some pretty big shakeups on the staff for next year. I don't pretend to know much, but I would have to think Kingston will be looking to shake this staff up significantly.
  23. Reached the level of success that Clemson has in football? Gamecocks have all the puzzle pieces to do it now. Gamecocks have fan support, facilities, money, and conference affiliation to be as successful as any team in the country in my opinion. Let's hear your thoughts what do you say?
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