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  1. Well , now the rumors have started Shane to Virginia Tech the noise is getting very loud in Blacksburg Virginia, and the fans are restless why Shane has not said anything about it the ESPN crew seems to always circulate South Carolina in bad rumors. To all the fans at South Carolina that say Tanner made the wrong hire . Well hold on you may just get you're wish . The fans at Virginia Tech are wanting someone that was in the circle of Frank Beamer and who else is closer to his dad than Shane, Big time boosters are really trying to make the plea to go get Beamer now. They believe if he is offered the job he would leave for Blacksburg, Paul F, and other people believe that he would not say no and leave South Carolina after 1 year, Paul believes that even though Beamer has made improvements that he would leave for the school he played at. There are no other sources other than Greg MC Elroy , and Paul F. Beamer supposedly talked about the job with Paul F.
  2. Well, hello to the administration at Carolina the tickets and parking prices Shane is the reason their are people in the stands and with the product on the field yes Saturday was an good win for the GAMECOCKS and I love going to the ballgames but it has for the common man become way to expensive to set in the upper deck people are not willing to pay that anymore and see an team that is average. The mind set is that hey it's all about the people with the monies at Carolina and across the nation not every person is making the monies that all the big time boosters are Shane. The parking has gotten to be bad if you're not an big time donor just look at the the Fairgrounds now. The average person with 2 kids it cost them about 300.00 per game if you're lucky. I had my grandkid at one of the games we were in the lower section and the gate to the club level was right behind us 2 steps to go to the bathroom , he had to go people complained that we went thru their gate I had 52 steps to the bottom to go thru the tunnel or 20 yrds to take an kid to the bathroom they complained unreal I am just saying hey the average guy is out at CAROLINA NOW due to big time boosters, and their complaints . The stadium is need of serious updates inside and hey it's all about the boosters and what they do not the average fan now.
  3. Really surprised to hear HBC was around this week. Beamer said he saw him Thursday night and at the game Saturday. I wonder who he was pulling for? lol
  4. Dominant D-line play. After a shaky start, great secondary play (the Darius Rush boundary corner blitz in the fourth quarter was just a thing of beauty) Solid, solid LB play (shout out to Damani Staley for a helluva senior season) How many out-and-out drops by receivers? Maybe 1? they knew they needed to be there for Andrew last night and they were. Josh Vann is back healthy and it showed. The three-headed monster of Harris/White/Lloyd was simply ... insane. We haven't run the ball that hard, with that much passion, in a long time. The most maligned unit on the team, the OL, was outstanding. The road graders tore open the UF d-line over and over and over. Mizzou has a well-documented inability to stop the run. We need to keep that as our focus. 1 penalty all $%^& night. 1! Incredibly well coached and focused team last night. Coaching: Every coach on our staff won his matchup last night. Finally, Brown. We hoped for a spark and he delivered. Poised, calm, not overwhelmed at all by the moment. Great presence in the pocket. Not super accurate, but made it work. MOST IMPORTANTLY: In my opinion the entire team rallied behind him. Jason was like a prism - he focused all the effort that his teammates were willing to put into that game and what resulted was an effort that was greater than the simple sum of our parts. Let's be honest - UF *has* better players. But we outplayed them. Every game can't be a feelgood game like last night, I get that. But the apathy that had been growing and reached as high a peak after the aTm game as I have seen in my 38 years as a fan (I think it was worse this past week than it was when we were 0-11) is gone. Removed. We know we are not going to win 'em all. Still, heartache and losses are ahead. But we now know what this team is capable of. Can we keep it going?
  5. The entire offseason we opined and hypothesized about this staff's potential ability to get *more* from the players - to coach them up and have them play to their potential, not degrade as we saw in the previous staff. I think we are on the right track - we have players who have been waiting to show out doing so, like Josh Vann. But the jewel in the crown has to be Jaylan Foster, an almost forgotten portal transfer at the start of the season from Gardner-Webb who leads the SEC in INTs, is tied on the team for forced fumbles, and leads the team in tackles ... holy cow. If he keeps this up he will be looking at all-SEC lists and maybe even All American lists ... I'd say he is certainly a success story in this regard.
  6. I just was thinking about how I am approaching 40 years as a Gamecock fan, having been dropped off on campus in August 1983 ... hard to believe. Have certainly had plenty of heartbreak, plenty of mediocrity, but also plenty of incredible moments, both in Willy B and remotely. I was trying to think of my all-time Gamecock football moments, and a couple have popped to mind, but I want to hear yours first. They can be in person or in front of the tube, doesn't matter - but I want to hear them, from the obvious to the obscure!
  7. https://www.saturdaydownsouth.com/south-carolina-football/zeb-noland-going-to-be-more-than-1-week-wonder-either-way-deserves-praise-2021/
  8. https://video.twimg.com/amplify_video/1434956331463684097/vid/1280x720/Axo_bfnNJ7B14wtJ.mp4?tag=14
  9. "This is all about the South Carolina passing game. Winning this won’t be a problem – the Gamecock lines will take over – but can the O throw without Luke Doty around? The projected starter is out with a banged up foot, and it could be a bit before he’s back. There’s this, then East Carolina, and then comes the SEC opener against Georgia." https://collegefootballnews.com/2021/08/south-carolina-vs-eastern-illinois-prediction-game-preview
  10. 2021 South Carolina Football Fall Camp Updates Today is the start of fall camp practices. The Shane Beamer Era starts off in earnest preparing for the 2021 season. All fall camp practice info. and discussion can be placed in this thread as we move forward to the season-opening game with FCS member East Illinois. Here’s the Gamecocks’ pre-season practice schedule: Friday, August 6 – Practice #1 – 9:40 am Saturday, August 7 – Practice #2 – 9:40 am Sunday, August 8 – Practice #3 – 10 am Monday, August 9 – Practice #4 – 9:40 am Tuesday, August 10 – Practice #5 – 9:40 am Wednesday, August 11 – Off Day Thursday, August 12 – Practice #6 – 3:05 pm Friday, August 13 – Practice #7 – 3:05 pm Saturday, August 14 – Practice #8 – 3:15 pm, 1st Scrimmage at Williams-Brice Stadium Sunday, August 15 - Off Day Monday, August 16 - Practice #9 - 9:40 am Tuesday, August 17 - Practice #10 - 9:40 am Wednesday, August 18 - Practice #11 - 9:40 am Thursday, August 19 - Practice #12 - 9:35 am; First day of Fall Classes Friday, August 20 - Practice #13 - 7:30 pm Saturday, August 21 - Practice #14 - 7 pm, 2nd Scrimmage at Williams-Brice Stadium Sunday, August 22 – No Practice Monday, August 23 – Off Day Tuesday, August 24 – Practice #15 – 9:45 am Wednesday, August 25 – Practice #16 – 9:45 am Thursday, August 26 – Practice #17 – 10 am Friday, August 27 – Practice #18 – 2:30 pm Saturday, August 28 – Practice #19 – 7 pm Sunday, August 29 – Practice #20 – 5:45 pm Monday, August 30 – Off Day Tuesday, August 31 – Practice #21 – 9:45 am Wednesday, September 1 – Practice #22 – 9:45 am Thursday, September 2 – Practice #23 – 10 am Friday, September 3 – Practice #24 – 2:30 pm Saturday, September 4 - Season Opener versus Eastern Illinois - 7:00 pm
  11. I think this might be the first year in a long time when we didn't have at least one dominant wide receiver. We have always found a way for one incredible player to pave the way for another and then another, but I think this year, we may just be sharing the ball around a ton without a standout go-to. I hope I'm wrong! But when you think about the pedigree at this position for us, it's pretty amazing, even just going back to Lou's tenure and his run-heavy offenses, with player and number of catches: Jermale Kelly (42) ->Brian Scott (47) -> (2002 a gap year - Corey Jenkins was running the option-based attack, and Ryan Brewer led the team with 28 catches) ->Troy Williamson (43) -> (SOS takes over) Sidney Rice (70) ->Sidney Rice (72) ->Kenny McKinley (RIP) (77) ->Kenny McKinley (54) -> Alshon Jeffrey (46) -> Alshon (88) -> Alshon (49) -> Ace Sanders (45) -> Bruce Ellington (49) -> Pharoh Cooper (69) -> Pharoh (66) -> (Muschamp takes over) Deebo Samuel (59) -> Bryan Edwards (64) -> Deebo (62) -> Bryan Edwards (71) ->Shi Smith (57) Alshon's 88 catches in 2010 is still our record.
  12. This was a tradition for years on GCN and OOTS - the kickoff to countdown, and I thought I would bring it here. Basically, you post a picture that illustrates that day's "number" - so to start off, it's 100. @TheYancey would usually figure out a way to post some scantily clad model from the '60s or some crazy oddity. Some folks post cars or random things that coincide with that day's number; I usually post naval stuff because I'm a naval history nut. But you get the picture, and if its still confusing, you'll get the deal quickly enough. And on a side note, I know @Homebrewcock and others will pour one out for OrlandoGamecock, RIP, who took on this chore for years. 'Lando was a great guy and this and every countdown is dedicated to him! On to kickoff, and everybody join in with your pix if you feel so inclined!
  13. A number of Gamecock football players have been named to several collegiate football watch lists: The Maxwell Award Junior Running Back Kevin Harris has been named to the Maxwell Award list for the 85th Maxwell Award, presented annually to the outstanding player in college football. The Chuck Bednarik Award Senior Defensive EDGE Kingsley Enagbare has been named to the Bednarik Award list, for the 27th Chuck Bednarik Award, presented to the annually to the outstanding defensive player in college football. https://gamecocksonline.com/news/2021/7/19/football-harris-and-enagbare-named-to-preseason-watch-lists.aspx Doak Walker Award Harris has also been named to the 2021 Doak Walker Award preseason Watch List, which is presented annually to the nation's top college running back. https://gamecocksonline.com/news/2021/7/21/football-harris-named-to-doak-walker-watch-list.aspx Allstate AFCA Good Works Team Redshirt junior Defensive Back Jaylin Dickerson has been nominated for the Allstate AFCA Good Works Team, which recognizes student-athletes for their exemplary community service, alongside their academic dedication and impact on and off the field. https://gamecocksonline.com/news/2021/7/21/football-dickerson-nominated-for-the-allstate-afca-good-works-team.aspx The Butkus Award Redshirt senior transfer Outside Linebacker/Defensive EDGE Jordan Strachan has been named to The Butkus Award preseason watch list. The award is given annually to the nation's best Linebacker. https://gamecocksonline.com/news/2021/7/26/football-jordan-strachan-named-to-butkus-award-watch-list.aspx Bronco Nagurski Trophy Kingsley Enagbare has also been named to the 2021 Bronco Nagurski Trophy watch list, awarded annually to the National Defensive Player of the Year. https://gamecocksonline.com/news/2021/7/27/football-enagbare-named-to-bronko-nagurski-trophy-watch-list.aspx The Ray Guy Award Sophomore Punter Kai Kroeger has also been named to the 2021 Ray Guy Award watch list, which honors the nation's top collegiate punter annually. https://gamecocksonline.com/news/2021/7/28/football-kroeger-named-to-ray-guy-award-watch-list.aspx Wuerffel Trophy Senior Linebacker Spencer Eason-Riddle has been named to the 2021 Wuerffel Trophy preseason watch list. The trophy is college football's premier award, awarded annually for community service. https://gamecocksonline.com/news/2021/7/29/football-eason-riddle-nominated-for-wuerffel-trophy.aspx Congratulations to all our Gamecock football student-athletes for their recognition among the top players, and good luck to all as the season unfolds!
  14. Why, new staff? Last seasons results? Are our players inferior to our competition? I'm optimistic, Third at this point. https://news.yahoo.com/where-gamecocks-finish-sec-2021-150115067.html
  15. Not privy to the list of attendees, but it sounds like a ton of high-level prospects and current commits will be there. Would be great to add some new names to the commit list!
  16. South Carolina acquired the services of Kansas transfer Defensive Back Karon Prunty today. Prunty (6-1, 190), a Freshman All-American with Kansas, chose South Carolina over Tennessee. Prunty will be available to play immediately in 2021, and adds quality depth to the Gamecock secondary that lost Jaycee Horn and Israel Mukuamu to the NFL, and Jammie Robinson, John Dixon, and Shilo Sanders to the transfer portal. Prunty, who has 4 years of playing eligibility remaining, held opponents to just a 38.5 percent completion percentage when thrown against him in nine last year for the Jayhawks, ranking seventh in all of college football, while not allowing a single touchdown all season. He also broke up 10 passes, tied for the most among freshmen nationally and tied for sixth among all players, regardless of experience. He ranked 1st nationally among freshman last season with 11 passes defended. Prunty visited both the Gamecocks and Volunteers in June and announced earlier this week a decision between the two would be announced over the weekend. In Prunty Head Coach Shane Beamer and Secondary Coach Torrian Gray have landed their fourth transfer defensive back. He joins Carlins Platel (Assumption College), David Spaulding (Georgia Southern), and Tyrese Ross (Washington State). They also added junior college players Marcellas Dial and Isaiah Norris from Georgia Military College as well as high school signee La’Dareyen Craig (Mobile, Ala./Baker).
  17. And not just because like me, he’s a Diamond Stater! https://southcarolina.rivals.com/news/williams-all-business-all-the-time-in-first-spring-at-south-carolina
  18. Transfer safety commits to Gamecocks April 30, 2021 / Recruiting A big Friday in recruiting for Shane Beamer and his USC football program. They add a commitment from a future quarterback and follow that with a commitment from a safety who can play for them this season. Washington State transfer Tyrese Ross (6-2 181) committed to Beamer after a conversation with him and other coaches Friday, including defensive coordinator Clayton White and secondary coach Torrian Gray. He chose the Gamecocks over North Carolina and UCF. “It came down to a couple of schools,” Ross said. “Coach White and the rest of the staff emphasized how much they wanted me and the need for me. Coach White reached out earlier this week and also today. I also talked to coach Gray and coach Beamer. They all reached out today just to say how excited they were to have me and I committed on the spot.” Ross is regarded as a hard-hitting safety. He only played in one game in 2020 starting and recorded two tackles against Oregon. In 2019, he played in all 13 games and had 33 tackles and one forced fumble. “They mentioned my aggressiveness and physicality,” Ross said. “My ability to come down hill and make tackles. Also, being a leader and a vocal guy. We didn’t talk about me playing one position because I played the strong and the free. They definitely emphasized me being able to make those tackles and those open field plays.” The Gamecocks certainly have needs in the secondary in both depth and talent. Ross knows there’s opportunities for him them, but he doesn’t want anything handed to him. “I’m a type of guy who wants to earn your trust and your loyalty. I’m not looking for anybody to butter me up,” Ross said. “I just want to be a part of the family. However, I can do that at any position, that’s what I’m willing to do.” Ross is a native of Jacksonville. He started his high school career there and finished at Westlake High in Atlanta. He will have three years of eligibility with the Gamecocks.
  19. Alright everyone! What's your way too early predictions for next season?! Tell me your high/low watermarks and your prediction of the most likely scenario! Sep 4 Eastern Illinois - Home Sep 11 East Carolina - Away Sep 18 Georgia - Away Sep 25 Kentucky - Home Oct 2 Troy - Home Oct 9 Tennessee - Away Oct 16 Vanderbilt - Home Oct 23 Texas A&M - Away Oct 30 -- BYE WEEK Nov 6 Florida - Home Nov 13 Missouri - Away Nov 20 Auburn - Home Nov 27 Clemson - Home
  20. https://247sports.com/college/south-carolina/Article/South-Carolina-Gamecocks-2021-SEC-football-schedule-160028977/ Best case IMO: we start out 6-1 before that brutal second half catches up to us ... but still go bowling at 6-6.
  21. The Bear


    Well, I guess everyone knows now Georgia just picked up Stockton, he committed to Georgia today . Champ wins again.
  22. Does anybody know if we are going to be allowed to have spring ball this year?
  23. I have read a lot of comments on each of the new coaches, i.e. OC, DC, S&C. But now, how do you feel about all the staff in general? I really think Beamer being brand new as a SEC head coach has done a really good job. He did not go chase big name ex HCs. He went after some people that showed real talent where they have been at. I mean our new OC was just an assistant coach for the Panthers, we got a guy from W. Kentucky, and a guy from Marshall. People most of us have never heard about. So how will they do? I think this is going to be just the guys we need to get this team turned around. We already see Beamer's talent at bringing in some good players. He got a couple really good transfers already. And seeing some of the players say they will be back now, that is big. I just really think Beamer has put together a good crew and Sept. can't get here fast enough. I really have grown to respect some of y'all a bunch. What do you think? BTW. It's not "Spurs Up" anymore. We need to make it "Beam Me Up!"
  24. Great choice! Will coach tight ends.
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