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Found 26 results

  1. This is a well done SC Football preview. Really in depth, I enjoyed the read thoroughly and wanted to share with the rest of you. https://cfbsaturdays.com/2020-south-carolina-gamecocks-preview/ I do think the offense will be better than people think and we will be bowl elgible in 2020, but then again I'm feeling cocky!
  2. Jake Bentley will be among 25 Gamecocks set to walk for South Carolina’s senior day Nov. 05, 2019 QB Jake Bentley will face a choice at the end of the season: Go elsewhere as a graduate transfer, return to compete with Ryan Hilinski or takes his chances in the NFL. But before that, Bentley is getting his Carolina degree and he will be walking on senior day Saturday before the game against Appalachian State. The Gamecocks confirmed that Tuesday. Bentley has not played since the season opener when he suffered a foot injury on the final play. Bentley is fourth on the school’s all-time passing yardage list and third in all-time touchdowns. Walking on senior day is sometimes a sign a player with eligibility left is moving on, but that’s not always the case. Also Saturday’s senior day list are two redshirt juniors — tight end Kyle Markway and offensive lineman Sadarius Hutcherson. THE REST The 25 players expected to take part in Senior Day festivities include Michael Almond, Jake Bentley, T.J. Brunson, Joseph Charlton, Chavis Dawkins, Mon Denson, Rico Dowdle, Bryan Edwards, Daniel Fennell, Tavien Feaster, Jaylan Foster, Bailey Hart, Sadarius Hutcherson, J.T. Ibe, Javon Kinlaw, Caleb Kinlaw, Kyle Markway, Matt Oliveira, Kiel Pollard, Kobe Smith, Donell Stanley, Will Tommie, A.J. Turner, Eldridge Thompson and D.J. Wonnum.
  3. Georgia Fans turning on Kirby Smart Read the comments on the side of this YouTube video on Dawg Nation Its a long video of Dawgs in misery LOL https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=n5k4yysqPEA
  4. Click Here for the game book for the Georgia game.Click Here for South Carolina's combined stats after six games.
  5. Hey Georgia, Jake from State "Fromm" called today about items stolen from your house. I believe a win and 4 footballs - 3 interceptions and a fumble. Unfortunately these items cannot be recovered. You'll have to write this one off as a total loss.
  6. Maybe it is time for us to quit fussing over a couple bad games and just be some of the greatest fans in the world again. I am guilty too. But this video woke me up. There is nothing like Williams Brice. I have been to a lot of other places but Willy-B has it going on. It starts with GAME COCKS then 2001 and the most awesome entrance ever. Then you get SANDSTORM. And if you can make until the Alma Mater at the end, you are usually wore out. If our fans could just take a little of that to Athens, it would be huge. I have been there and you could here USC GO COCKS louder than the home crowd. SO what if we lost a couple, lets get that fire lite back up again. I hated the 0-21 but I was still a fan. I hope any one reading this has at least attended one home game. You are really missing out if you haven't. In 1976 I was a 12 year old farm boy that took a couple cows to the state fair. I saw that huge structure across the parking lot and asked my dad, "What is That?" The next day he surprised me with tickets. USC beat Ole Miss 10-7 that day and I was hooked forever. Back then they only had 1 upper deck but it was still loud and they were still proud. Back then we couldn't even win a bowl game, still proud. So I am going to put my garnet glasses back on and hope for every game to be a win and quit beating myself up when it ain't. And BTW, we are about to upset UGA!!!
  7. Rico had a really great day against a very good defense. He deserved lots of snaps the way he played. What I don't understand is why Denson and Harris never saw the field? When you are down 20+ points and Feister is only getting 3 YPC why not try them once or twice? I understand playing your best, but so far down in the 4th qtr. seems like the best time to give them a shot. Instead, you have no clue if they could have made a difference. I think that is bad coaching. But I don't get paid all that money. My thoughts may be foolish. Just sad that we may be wasting opportunity. What if Kevin had run just as good against Bama as CSU? On the goal line, Mon has always bulled his way in. Why didn't we see him Saturday? Just wish I could get Thursday off to call in and ask Champ why he didn't try them.
  8. Gameday radio broadcast changes for 2019 August 09, 2019 Rock Hill radio host Chris Miller, along with University of South Carolina journalism professor and former Panthers broadcast producer Greg Brannon, will be joining the Gamecock Radio Network’s gameday radio broadcasts. Liz McMillan of Gamecock Sports Properties confirmed the addition of Miller and Brannon, while two longtime voices in Jay Philips and sideline reporter Langston Moore are moving on from the gameday crew. “We are thrilled to bring on two professionals that have a great track record and history with sports,” McMillan said. “I think they maybe mix it up a little bit and bring in a little bit of their personalities and knowledge.”
  9. A closer look at what AJ Turner's role could be this season August 10, 2019 SOUTH CAROLINA GAMECOCKS FOOTBALL Football terms rarely change and a lot of times they stay the same for decades—the Oklahoma Drill in 1989 is the same Oklahoma Drill in 2019 and so on—but every now and again, a new word or term jumps into a coach’s lexicon and makes everyone who heard it do a double take. That’s what happened this week with Coleman Hutzler, who dropped a never-before-heard term when describing the Gamecocks’ Swiss Army Knife of a player AJ Turner. (VIEW ARTICLE) FREE GAMECOCKCENTRAL
  10. It drives me crazy having to wait this last month. And then all of a sudden they throw out the 2020 schedule. I am still dying waiting to start the 2019 schedule. So I look at the 2020 schedule and begin to think. (dangerous for me to do) They mention we are losing our QB and I mention RB's too. Well, then I go look at who is departing.... POSITION # Here now # SR leaving # COMMITS QB 6 1 1 RB 9 5 1 WR 13 2 2 TE 9 1 0 OL 20 1 4 DL 14 3 2 DB 15 2 3 LB 11 2 0 S 6 2 0 All total we are loosing 23 Sr's and always the chance of Jr's going too but as long as we can get the QB and RB's ready I think we are looking good for 2020 rooster. May need a couple DB to step up and play S but we are still after some more commits too. We sure will have plenty of fresh bodies on the OL. Now back to waiting.
  11. Gamecocks releases 2020 football schedule and it will include a brutal final stretch August 07, 2019 South Carolina football released its 2020 schedule on Wednesday, highlighted by an extremely challenging final stretch for the Gamecocks. Home matchups with Georgia and Texas A&M and road games at LSU and Clemson all come in the final six weeks. Georgia, LSU and Clemson all come in the final four. (VIEW ARTICLE)
  12. CLICK THE LINKS BELOW TO VIEW ARTICLES | August 07, 2019 South Carolina RB coach shares first thoughts about new Gamecock Tavien Feaster New South Carolina RB Tavien Feaster has been a big topic of discussion in Columbia this week after he came over as a graduate transfer from rival Clemson. Will Muschamp shares his first impressions of former Clemson RB Tavien Feaster The South Carolina rushing attack got a new member ahead of fall camp, as Clemson graduate transfer RB Tavien Feaster committed to the Gamecocks. Now that coach Will Muschamp has gotten his first look at Feaster, he commented on the new rusher on Tuesday. Tavien Feaster reaction? South Carolina RB reportedly enters NCAA transfer portal When Tavien Feaster was officially added to the South Carolina roster, it was expected that the running back depth chart would undergo some churn. That has apparently begun. Top South Carolina defenders share thoughts on new RB Tavien Feaster South Carolina is breaking in new running back Tavien Feaster this fall after the graduate transfer came over from rival Clemson during the summer. Feaster will likely be the top back for the Gamecocks when the 2019 season starts, so we’ll soon see how much he adds to the team’s running game.
  13. The Tavien Feaster watch August 06, 2019 During the second period of practice, he was on the sideline, going through some warmups. (VIEW ARTICLE)
  14. Should be the best in the last 5 seasons. Definitely in the Muschamp era. LB core and secondary will be improved and I think the whole defense steps up as a whole. Tremendously. The Gamecocks will see a different team this year and it's going to shock a lot of people this year. Gamecock fans and the SEC in general. Muschamp and Crews work on and off the field is gonna show. Gamecocks have to stay healthy. The second level has a lot to prove and can make the DL look bad by not filling gaps and finishing plays etc. If lb's can do that, the defense will look much better. I'm worried about depth at safety and I really hope Jamel Cook can show a consistent work ethic and win over Muschamp. He showed great flashes in the spring game. I'm confident with the starting corners, but behind them they are unproven. They do have the potential to be really improved, but a lot of factors need to line up in the next 30 days or so. I really hope the Gamecocks can clobber UNC and get this thing rolling. They will need confidence this year with the schedule and a UNC loss would be devastating. We know Longo put up a ton of point on the Gamecocks last year at Ole Miss but he also had way more talent and a team that knew his system well after several years. Their D coordinator came from Army so those guys will be disciplined for sure. They will be starting a new QB so I'm hoping Gamecocks can rattle him early with Kinlaw, Jaycee & Muk. That would help the Gamecocks big time.
  15. Gamecocks True Freshman who will play in 2019 July 28, 2019 With one of Coach Muschamp better-recruiting class while here at South Carolina, There are a few to keep and Ion that should have an impact in 2019. These newcomers should see the field this season. Let's start out with highly recruited DT Zacch Pickens. (VIEW ARTICLE)
  16. We can wonder for the next month or so how our team will play this year. None of us know what all BMac is going to bring to the table. I feel sure we will see a lot faster tempo like we saw in the spring. I also think we will see Joyner make some big plays running the ball in a wildcat. But one play I would love to see... "Bentley back to pass, it's a screen pass to Urich, he starts forward but then steps back to pass. He got Shi Smith wide open down the far sideline, beautiful throw, Shi trots in for the TD!" So what would be your big play?
  17. Ten intriguing questions entering preseason practice July 26, 2019 The South Carolina football season is right around the corner. We’re in that anxious time between SEC Media Days, which feels like the unofficial start to the year, and the actual start of the year when preseason camp gets under way. The Gamecocks, guided by fourth-year head coach Will Muschamp, will report back to campus - although many have never left - for a team meeting on August 1. Muschamp and many of the players will meet with the media on that day as well. On August 2, the Gamecocks will begin preseason practice, which is one of 23 prior to kickoff against North Carolina. And 16 of those practices will be held prior to the start of the school’s classes, which begin on August 22. (VIEW ARTICLE) FREE 247SPORTS
  18. SEC pundits weigh in: How will South Carolina do this year? July 22, 2019 The State spoke to a range of experts and media voices at SEC Media Days to get a sense of the conference and national temperature on South Carolina’s football team. The Gamecocks are facing down one of the most difficult schedules in the country with what Will Muschamp thinks might be his best team. SEC NETWORK CO-HOST CHRIS DOERING “I’m going to go seven wins. I think seven wins is a tremendous season, given what the schedule offers. And my hope is that the fan base understands the challenge this year and that it’s more than just what your wins and losses say this year. “I witnessed a very good coach in Will Muschamp being let go in my alma mater. And I wished at the time that they could have had a little more patience and longer vision.” (VIEW ARTICLE) THE STATE
  19. McClendon used a lot of Ropers concepts, scheme, and language in his first year as OC. Do you think he did so to avoid a full blown paradigm shift for the players, or is what we saw last year “his offense” that he wants to run in his career as an OC? The offense isn’t bad, but to me it feels a little hodge-podgy...like it’s stuck between two things, philosophically. I think the idea is for it to be dynamic and multiple but I don’t know what the identity is and it feels a little clunky and stubborn sometimes. Personally, I’m hoping that he is gradually steering it towards something that’s more sure of itself. To me, it’s less RPO and more play action & straight runs to set up the passing opportunities in a deliberate way. I’m a believer in BMac and Werner, and know this thing is going to evolve. Quite frankly, I have a little recruiting fatigue and wanted to talk some football. What do you guys think?
  20. OL Sadarius Hutcherson makes The Athletic’s ‘Freaks list’ July 11, 2019 HEIGHT 6-4 WEIGHT 312 CLASS Redshirt Junior HOMETOWN Huntingdon, Tenn. HIGH SCHOOL Huntingdon 2018 Joe Morrison Co-Offensive Player of the Spring 2016 Co-Offensive Scout Team Award 16-17 First-Year SEC Honor Roll Talented fourth-year junior offensive lineman who has been a starter at the guard position, but is athletic enough to get a long look at tackle this spring... has played in 23 games making 17 starts.2018: Redshirt sophomore offensive lineman who started at right guard in every game... named one of three Strength & Conditioning Award winners by the coaches following the season... had an impressive spring practice session in which he shared the Joe Morrison Offensive Player of the Spring Award with K.C. Crosby. 2017: Played in 10 games making four starts... did not play in the season's first three games... made his collegiate debut against Louisiana Tech, playing the majority of the game at left guard after Cory Helms left with an injury in the first quarter... served as starting left guard against Texas A&M, Arkansas and Tennessee while Helms was sidelined... also saw extensive action in the Vanderbilt win after Helms suffered another injury... started in the Outback Bowl win after Donell Stanley was injured and unable to play. 2016: Redshirted as a true freshman offensive lineman... shared the Offensive Scout team Award with Ty'Son Williams as selected by the coaching staff following the season... named to the 2016-17 First-Year SEC Honor Roll. Before Sadarius Hutcherson was even a starter for the South Carolina football team, his teammates raved about his strength and physical skills. One went so far as to say sure the first-year lineman was unpolished, but one-on-one, he’d just run you over. He’s since grown into a starter, and Thursday he got recognized for the work he’s put in to augment that natural strength. Hutcherson checked in at No. 20 on Bruce Feldman’s “Freaks List.” The feature has bounced from ESPN to FoxSports to Sports Illustrated and now to The Athletic, and it celebrates the absurd lifter, leapers and speedsters in the sport of college football. And now Hutcherson made the cut. “The fourth-year junior has emerged as a quality lineman and one of the strongest guys in the SEC,” Feldman wrote. “The 320-pounder benches more than 500 pounds, squats 650 and has a very impressive vertical jump of 31.5 inches.” He was not a particularly highly-rated recruit, but had offers from Arizona State, Memphis and Louisville. Late in high school, be bulked up considerably from 230 pounds. He started out as a tackle at USC, moved inside to guard and emerged as an effective injury sub in 2017 and a starter last fall. The staff moved him to left tackle this offseason, and current indications are that he’ll start there.
  21. Every summer Gamecock football head coach Will Muschamp has taken the team on the short bus trip over to Fort Jackson for team-building workouts. They’re put through the wringer by Army officers at the base in order to push them, make them work together and make them come together as a group June 23, 2019
  22. South Carolina highlights from the 1981 season UNC and NC State games South Carolina 31 3# UNC 13 1981 Here some highlights of when South Carolina beat third rank North Carolina 31-13 in Chapel Hill during the 1981 season. Also highlights of South Carolina and NC State during that same season. I thought Andrew Provence came up with a big stop or recovered a fumble in that game, but that is not shown in the highlight.

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