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Found 10 results

  1. My apologies for being negative, but I just don't see how we are going to have college football this year. The virus is growing daily over a large part of the country with no relief in sight. I truly hate this because I love the game and I was very optimistic about the Gamecocks chances this Fall. I hope I'm wrong.
  2. Geographic locations are now racist... Prominent Southern Baptists are dropping ‘Southern’ name amid racial unrest Leaders in the Southern Baptist Convention are increasingly dropping the “Southern” part of their Baptist name, calling it a potentially painful reminder of the convention’s historic role in support of slavery. The 50,000 Baptist churches in the convention are autonomous and can still choose to refer to themselves as “Southern Baptist” or “SBC.” But in his first interview on the topic, convention president J.D. Greear said momentum has been building to adopt the name “Great Commission Baptists,” both because of the racial reckoning underway in the United States and because many have long seen the “Southern Baptist” name as too regional for a global group of believers.
  3. Other than attempting to shift gears without the clutch engaged, of course. This is another one of those threads I used to enjoy reading through before CT was abruptly shut down. What got me thinking about it again is something I've noticed a lot lately. So you're driving along, and you come to an intersection with a red light. Usually somewhere on the pavement, there will be a wide painted white line or bar indicating where your vehicle should be stopped. Back when I was in driver's ed in high school, I remember our teacher telling us to put the front bumper right above that line. It appears that lately I've noticed a trend of people, who were sick that day, stopping well short of this stop line. I don't mean a few feet either. I'm talking entire car lengths away from the stop line. Now there are instances where this is warranted. For example if a tractor trailer is attempting to make a turn into the opposite lane, the driver may need a little extra room to bring the truck around without destroying something. Stopping far enough back to allow this maneuver to be made is perfectly acceptable. This is not what I am seeing though. I'm instead seeing somebody who looks like they dropped out of kindergarten because they couldn't pass the block stacking portion of the test, obtained a driver's license as a prize in their Count Chocula, and promptly decided to drive their grandmother's 1974 hoopty as poorly as possible. To these drivers, I declare SHAME!
  4. All I ask please no F-Bombs OK no need to attack others and when talking about the program just get to the point no name calling.. Good morning Crew, well hate to say this but we are looking at 4-7 in Booms 5th year been all down hill just like when he was at Florida. Not a sunshine pumper and never been. Sometimes it seems fans are negative but they speak the truth at times and that is needed here now. Power to truth old saying if ain't broken don't fix it. It is broken and needs fixing fast. My answer here I know will cause some to react negative towards me, But I can take it. Going to be frank and to the point here. Should buy out the 20M. fire Tanner and Muschamp. It is time to realize the experiment with Tanner has not worked out. His laundry list speaks for it's self. He has caused us to have to buy out a coach to the tune of 20M. Muschamp should be fired at the end of season and get a AD that knows football and hire him to find a coach. This is the best you are going to get out of Muschamp.
  5. Southeastern Conference 2201 Richard Arrington Jr. Blvd. North Birmingham, AL 35203 (205) 458-3000 feedback@sec.org Steve Shaw Coordinator of Football Officials
  6. All I know if we ever come upon any antifa' clowns & they hassle us I will not hold back my index finger.
  7. Most people are laying all the problems of the offense on Muschamp. I know he is the head coach but doesn’t Bryan McClendon call the plays! Whoever called the plays during last years loss to Clemson needs to go back and take notes. That was the best offensive performance by a gamecock team, that I’ve seen in years.
  8. I really thought Joyner would be our #2 guy with his legs but i guess not...running qbs have proved to be a legitimate weapon!
  9. https://www.facebook.com/GodCountryClemson/ “The looney left students and faculty are in charge at USC” “They protest a US Army General being their president and the board backs down. That’s just the tip of the iceberg. USC is now firmly established as a Chapel Hill, Austin, Berkeley style bastion of anti-American counter culture.”
  10. The US government has given Royal Dutch Shell the final approval it needs to drill for oil below the Arctic Ocean floor, off Alaska's northwest coast. Shell plans to drill two exploration wells before late September, when the open-water season ends. US officials approved the permit after Shell bought technology that should help avoid well blowouts. Shell had previously only been allowed to drill the top sections of the two wells located in the Chukchi Sea because an important piece of equipment — called the "capping stack" — needed to be repaired in Portland, Oregon, reports the Associated Press. Now that the icebreaker carrying the equipment has made it to Alaska, Shell is free to drill at about 8,000 feet below the ocean floor for the first time in over 20 years. "We will continue to monitor their work around the clock to ensure the utmost safety and environmental stewardship," Brian Salerno, Director of the US Bureau of Safety and Environmental Enforcement, said in a statement. The oil giant has faced a lot of opposition from environmental activists over its activities in the Arctic. Last month, Greenpeace activists tried to stop Shell's vessel from leaving Portland by dangling themselves from a bridge, blocking the icebreaker's path. They managed to stall the vessel for a while, but the ship made it through after law-enforcement officials removed three of the 13 activists dangling from the bridge. Shell has already spent over $7 billion on exploration in the Chukchi Sea and in the Beaufort Sea, off Alaska's north coast. The US Arctic waters contain about 26 billion barrels of recoverable oil, according to the US Geological Survey.

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