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  1. Stats are wrong - it covers shootings, not "killings", so George Floyd and the long list of "I can't breathe" killings - or the mysterious deaths in police custody - are not included. In fact, since the police control the information and the investigations, there is a hell of a lot that we do not know. And the polise are trying to keep it that way - wonder why? Plus, your percentages add up to 200% - maybe the stats were done by football coaches - you know, "he gave 110% out there today".
  2. And I have not seen it mentioned, but we hit a national milestone yesterday - over 50K new cases. Fauci is saying that it could get to 100K soon. No wonder Humpty Trumpty has forgotten about the virus (except to continually say that it will disappear) and has laser focus on preserving Conferderate monuments and weakening the Fair Housing Act (the same act that the was the basis of a lawsuit by DOJ against the Trump Oganization). He may have lost the rest of America bigly, but he wants to solidify his support with his core group - poorly educated white racists.
  3. Not similar tp the flu, you can say it a thousand more times and it will not be true. We still do not know the percentage of people that die from catching the coronavirus, but no one disagrees that it is many times more deadly than the flu. The flu kills .1% of the population. The percentage of people that die from coronavirus was thought to be 1%-2% but has been lowered to under 1%, but still is several times as deadly. The reason that the estimated percentage has dropped is that it is much more widespread that previously thought - which means that is much more contagious. So - deadlier than the flu, much more contagious than the flu, no VACCINE (unlike the flu) - it ain't the flu. And, yes, players are unlikely to die from coronavirus - but are still likelier to die from it than the flu. And they can spread it to the other players, coaches, other students, and to their families - in other words, to people that are not as young or healthy.
  4. I can't wait for the highlights. His niece, Mary Trump, is a psychologist and part of the book is analyzing Trump and how he was turned into the person he is today. She admitted to providing Trump's tax returns to the NY Times, so she does not seem to be a fan of her uncle. Her dad was an alcoholic who was the Black Sheep of the family, and I would expect there is some residual anger in the daughter over the treatment of her dad.
  5. In South Carolina today, we hit 1,497 new cases, have over 1100 patients in hospital with coronavirus, and hit an all-time high in deaths with 24 (previous record was 20). Yesterday's total was revised up to 19, which now ranks as the 3rd highest daily total. The hospital patients and deaths will keep rising - those totals are just starting to reflect the sharp spike that has seen the last 12 days represent the 12 days with the highest number of cases.
  6. I thought he did better in his second term when he started trusting his own instincts rather than rely on Cheney. But he allowed some bad financial practices, that were started under Clinton, to continue and expand. As a result, he handed over a collapsing economy - but not as bad as what we have currently.
  7. Yes. Bill was the one that cheated, not Hillary. Faithful to one husband, actually ATTENDS church and opens a Bible, does not curse or use foul language, not a racist bigot - yeah, it would have made a lot more sense.
  8. Just read a thread, dude. I believed Biden's accuser and said that what Biden did was wrong. I have said that Biden was too old (Trump is too). I have not tried to defend Biden's inappropriate remarks. But it is pretty obvious to anyone that the Republicans have done a hell of a lot more wrong than the Democrats since Trump came on the scene. So if I criticize Republicans more, it is because they are facilitating the worst president in our history. They have no excuse.
  9. Compare the indiscretions list for both Biden and Trump and tell me which party REALLY forgives everything - ShortTrip nailed it with his description, he just had the WRONG party.
  10. As opposed to the ride-along with Donny - get marching orders from Vlad via phone, get in 18 holes, wolf down a couple of hamberders with double fries and diet coke, home to watch Fox and spit out tweets with racist comments, check in with Jared to make sure he is on top of immigration/Middle East peace/coronavirus supplies/coronavirus testing (scratch the testing - gotta slow down!), send out more racist tweets.

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