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  1. I am not a Lib - and Trump is not a conservative. Trump is just a corrupt and incompetent idiot that figured out how to sucker conservatives and evangelicals - mostly older, non-college educated white males - into thinking that he cared about them and shared theur values. You nailed the P. T. Barnum part - but Trump is more of a carnival barker or a snake oil salesman - and you are buying the magic elixir by the case.
  2. Truth? Truth is you got nuthin either. But yet you post anyway - whoever said “It is better to keep silent and be thought a fool than to speak and remove all doubts” had your posts in mind.
  3. And 80 million other Americans, LOL. Including most of the smart ones. Which makes you the "minority" - just like the "minority" people that you MAGAs hate.
  4. I do not know that much - just a hell of a lot more than you. Which you have proven over and over, because you do not follow your own advice by putting me on ignore - and attack me, getting exposed over and over. I responded to a mindless rant from Ledcock about Libs - even though, as you yourself noted, there were no spectators at the parade. He was the one showing the hate and the ignorance - and, as you always do you piled on. But hey - when you get two sx year olds together, it gets you up to twelve years of total age! There is a reason that Trump's base - the MAGAs - consist mainly of white males WITHOUT a college education. The smart people are on my side.
  5. I agree on the coordinators part. The flaw with Boom - the flaw that he seems to be incapable of realizing, costing him two jobs - is that he never learned to hire good people and let them do their jobs. I never thought that Dabs was a good coach - he never proved it as a coordinator, except that he did put out some good WRs as a Receivers coach - but he did hire good people and let them do their job. Boom did not. He always oversaw the "bend but don't break" "give em a cushion" D, and always put a governor on the Offense - play conservative to avoid mistakes, run the ball to keep the D on the sideline, no DT quarterbacks. Boom would have done fine as a PR shill and recruiter like Dabs, making personnel changes as needed. But no coordinator was ever going to be successful as long as Boom would not let them do their job. Plus, we never spent the money on coordinators that Clemson was willing to spend.
  6. No, you just need to have the intelligence of someone over six. If I show anger, it is the anger of a parent whose six year old does not listen and keeps misbehaving. Like most six year olds, you think that you are smart and know everything. But like I say - no worries, I am thankful (this being Thanksgiving and all) that the four year nightmare is over, and the grown-ups are about to take over again. The Lord of the Flies (no, not Pence) is about to get ushered out, along with the rest of his gang of kids that were playing grown-up.
  7. Yeah, LOL - if he is successful. If not, it is one more example of Clemson eating our lunch.
  8. Our talent level is much better than the reslts on the field. I personally believe that the talent is even better than #21 - South Carolina talent tends to be under-rated, and there is some factual basis to prove it. Part of the problem is that even with the #21 group of talent, we are still bottom half of the SEC, plus we have to play Clemson every year, But Boom definitely did not get the most of the talent. Assistant Head Coach is a step below a coordinator - it is basically a creation that allows a valued assistant to get a multi-year contract without being a coordinator.
  9. But Happy Thanksgiving. I am thankful that we will have a sane president in a few weeks, and that MAGAs will not be running things anymore. Common sense, intelligence and American values will be back.
  10. No people were allowed at the parade. So epic fail just so you could find an excuse to rant about " Libs" - when they are trying to save lives. Just like yo rant about defunding police - when no one was ever going to to do that, and is certainly not part of Biden's platform. Meanwhile, Trump is racing to pardon as many of his administration's criminals as possible, But you are free to violate amy of the Lib's laws that you want. Or make use of your abundance of weaponry to shoot people or yourself - just cut out the middle man, Or, in this case , middle virus. Someone with your outlook won't live that long anyhoo - cuz, 'Merica, MAGA!
  11. I said we would be over 2K by Thanksgiving, and we are - we topped 2200 yesterday. And it will continue to rise since our case rate was around 100K per day three weeks ago, and we are over 50% higher now - so we are looking at 3K per day by the middle of December, heading into Christmas. It will be interesting to see how much of a Thanksgiving spike we get - if it is substantial, it will not be a Merry Christmas for a lot of families.
  12. It has been going on for hundreds of years. Biden may not have cured the problem, but he was one of a hundred senators and then the #2 guy for 8 years. And he did make things better. Trump was in total charge for 4 years and made things worse - much worse. Funny thing about promoting racism, huh? Who is shitting on the flag? Kneeling is typically a sign of respect - Kaepernick started kneeling in lieu of sitting at the suggestion of a Green Beret. He is exercising his American right to protest - if you have a problem with that, then you are the one that is un-American. But go ahead, tell us what is the "better way" to protest. If you do not do something to get attention, it defeats the entire point of protest. But you are going to whine anyway, because it is minorities that are protesting - they should not be uppity, amirite?
  13. Reinvention of history. The protests started with the George Floyd killing and would have happened with or without the pandemic. Floyd was killed May 25 - Memorial Day - when most of the country was re-opening anyway. People would have found other things to do, - more fun things - if not for Floyd's death. If you are looking for a secondary cause, Trump's racism was more of a factor than Rona fatigue.
  14. It started when Obama was president - in August 2016, months before the 2016 election. So it had nothing to do with Trump, even though Trump was a huge critic of the kneeling. But Trump's actions as president did nothing to make things better, and gave cover to continued police mistreatment of Blacks that led to the BLM protests this summer. I do not think that Biden can fix everything - it has been going on for hundreds of years - but I think that he can make positive changes and lower the temperature. Let's hope.

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