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  1. No he didn't lie, so no spin needed. He promised 2K checks to people that needed them, not everybody, and he did not give a range for recipients. It is not different when "Dems do it" - but you seem to be unable to find where they HAVE done it. BTW, it turns out Elaine Chao - Trump's Transportation Secretary and Mitch McConnell's wife - had a criminal referral to the Justice Department. That is one of four criminal referrals for Trump's cabinet secretaries. Criminal, as in violating laws that will get you locked up. But - surprise, surprise, - Trump's DOJ decided not to pursue any of them. Open your eyes - this was the most corrupt administration in US history - and there is no close second.
  2. Sorry, we save our outrage for criminal acts and total incompetence. Which is why we have been outraged for the last four years - but are chill now. People that make that much are also much less likely to need it the checks. And it shows fiscal conservatism, so you should be giving him props. IF you were a real conservative.
  3. "They"?? The Dr. Seuss Foundation?? I did not realize they were trying to take over the world. I thought you said ANTIFA was doing that. Did they team up? The Foundation did rake in 33 million last year - so maybe they know what they are doing? Say - maybe they are using all that money to fund ANTIFA! Break the scoop to your Rightwing Buds, Swampy!
  4. Scholarships are for one year, although we try to honor them for four years. But players do not want to stay at a school where they cannot play or they do not get along with the coach. So it is usually a mutual thing, and I am sure that they (Frank and the player) have had the discussion. Remember that Minott was a mid-season replacement - and that we were not playing Benson prior to his arrival, even though we were thin inside. That leads me to believe that Minott was brought in to replace Benson. Then Anderson would be my next guess for leaving, and Seventh frees up a scholly even if he plays another year. That would be three open scholarships, and the committed but unsigned guy would replace Lawson if he leaves. If not, we do not sign him.
  5. 80K threshold instead of 100K - which makes sense, They would start phasing out at 75K, 150K filing jointly, then no money would go to anyone making 80K/160K. Smart move to reduce cost but still get help to those who need it. Competency is cool.
  6. Gaffes - mis-statements - are a thousand times better than outright, deliberate lies. Were there 30,000 gaffes in your list? So if his gaffes are not as bad as outright lies - and he has a hell of a lot fewer than Trump has lies - I think you just proved that Biden is doing a hell of a lot better than Trump ever did.
  7. Is widdle Blitzy angry? Is he mad that all the facts go against his position and his Lord and Master? and what is with your ass fixation? BTW, "Trump's ass" is redundancy, LOL. Did you go to CPAC? Did you prostrate yourself at the feet of the Golden Trump? Are you going to DC with your buds for the Storm tomorrow? Don't be so angry - we are here to help you see the error of your ways.
  8. Not what your graph shows - the rise steepens significantly - but this is clearer. The three highest vaccination days were the last three days. And that is through the end of February, so we have not seen the spike from the J & J doses yet. Did you tell your professors in dental school that they were wrong, along with the textbooks?
  9. Are you wanting to compare notes with us on how Trump's ass tastes? Sorry - people with sense do not kiss other people's asses. We look at all of the facts, from both sides, and make informed judgments, then criticize or praise as needed. You should try it - start with looking at the footage of the capitol storming, then read the Mueller Report. You will find that the real world is a much different place from where you live.
  10. That was a different Texas governor! Premature congratulation....
  11. But wait - I thought MAGAs opposed raising the minimum wage.... So the cost of a Big Mac would NOT go up!

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