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  1. I never said Biden was innocent. In fact, I believe the accuser and I have that. But you keep throwing out investigation and hearings - by who? For what? There are no charges. There is no crime that can be prosecuted due to the statute of limitations, and even then it cannot be proved - it is a "he said, she said" situation. He is not a government employee now. Why prosecute this one particular Senator for something that happened 23 years ago - when plenty of other Senators have done worse, and more recently? I get it , you want hearings and investigations because you are afraid the man is going to beat Trump. But there has to be a reason and a process for them, There is not.
  2. Obama was President for the 2009 Swine Flu, the same H1N1 flu that was the cause of the 1918 pandemic. He was still in office for the Ebola virus outbreak in 2014. He took both seriously and never claimed that either was an overblown hoax that would just go away in a few days. Following the Ebola scare, he set up a separate unit within the NSC just to address outbreaks so that we would be better prepared in the future. That was the same unit that Trump downsized and combined into a group with two other units in 2018. That does not mean that all Democrats would handle it better than all Republicans. But the last Democratic President did better than the current Republican President.
  3. You just do not get it. Read the damn Mueller report. Even the Senate committee - run by Republicans - agreed there was massive interference by the Russians. And they are going to do it again. So you - like Trump - believe Comrade Putin and not our intelligence services? I would really like to see your answer.
  4. Tacitly dude. Or else why do you worship a guy that is far from a Conservative? Do I need to point out - again - how Trump is far from being a Conservative? And if you have no response, that is tacit acceptance of what I said.
  5. Congatulations and thank you for your service. What did I do for my country? I worked hard all my life, building a lot of the military and government buildings that people like you used, and paid taxes. If there was a war, I would have enlisted and served, just like my Dad - who got a purple heart at Okinawa in WW II. But if you want to lose the comrade label, stop using Communist propaganda and talking points. And I should point out that your President was elected with massive assistance from a Communist government. If the shoe fits....
  6. What I don't get is how you and the boys greet each other. Is it "comrade"? Or do you just extend your hand out, palm down, and say "Heil Trump"! Help me out with that, will you?
  7. And you have proven that you are not a conservative - and tacitly admitted it. Or is that a "whataboutism", LOL?
  8. Well, I am a fool then. Is he in charge of the stockpile? Do the people that run the stockpile work for him? No, I do not expect him to check each ventilator personally - he would not know what he was looking at anyway. But the accumulated Coronavirus screw-ups are on Trump. This is just one more. How long have we been talking about ventilators? And the ones that are being sent out don't even work - an apparently were not even checked? To his credit, Trump has curtailed his golf since he started to take the virus seriously - his last outing was March 8th. He played as many as 20 times from December 21 to March 8th, which roughly coincides with the start and spread of the virus, but he seems to be moer sensitive to appearances now.
  9. You are all the same, LOL. Sitzkrieg praised my brillianes and you are all asshole buddies, so I assumed that you felt the same way. If you agree with Dr. Fauci, then you should join me - let Nerf know that he is on dangerous ground by saying that we should ignore the expert's opinions.
  10. I get it perfectly and Spur's Addiction verified it. You cannot refute the argument so you steal a Russian propaganda term that means "You got me, I have no answer".
  11. Why do you fall all over yourselves making excuses for this idiot? Now he is the first boss in history that has zero responsibility for his employees' actions? Harry Truman had a sign on his desk that said "The buck stops here", meaning that he took responsibilty for his decisions and his administration. Trump's version would say "The buck stops anywhere but here". It is always "I don't really know the guy" or "You would have to ask Person X about that". He would also have a sign that says " The credit stops here" because he assumes credit for everything good - even if he had nothing to do with it. But you are missing the point. We already know that there is a shortage of ventilators in the stockpile, Would it be hard to check and make sure they worked? What if they went to California and were immediately put to use - and someone died because the ventilator did not work? His administration has been totally incompetent in the handling of the virus and this is just another example.
  12. My my my - from Wikipedia: "The Gateway Pundit is known as a source of viral falsehoods and hoaxes.[4][14][15] It has been described by Newsweek as a fake news website[16] and by CNN as a website "prone to peddling conspiracy theories." And you still do not understand investigations. Say that I wanted to investigate Sitzkrieg for being a total idiot. Even though there would substantial documentation to prove just that, there has to be a crime committed for an investigation. Is it against the law to be a total idiot? No. There could be a hearing in Congress - if you were a government employee. Are you a government employee? God, I hope not, but you could be a total idiot and a government employee - in fact, you would be in good company. There are no charges being pressed against Biden by anyone. If there were, there could be an investigation - by legal authorities, not Congress.The one law that he violayed would be the sexual assault, but that is way outside the statute of limitations. There is no law against being naked in your home. Congress can impeach someone without violating an actual law, but only if the person is a judge or the President. And Biden is not even a government employee. Biden has a reputation for being handsy, and there is one believable account of sexual assault from 23 years ago. But there is nothing warranting an investigation - there is more justification for investigating Trump, who is a government employee, has done worse stuff with women, and has violated the emoluments clause and whole bunches of other stuff.
  13. You need to drop the mic after that one. So not only is their only comeback "whataboutism", which is the same as saying "You nailed us - we got nuttin", but they are using a Russian technique. Ever notice that "Republican" and "Russian" start and end with the same letters? And that Republican states are referred to as Red states? And that MAGA hats are Russian red? And that Repiublicans in Congress constantly trot our Russian intelligence talking points that have been completely discredited by our intelligence services? Well, now we know why.
  14. I have a Biology degree and you acknowleged my brilliance a few hours ago. But I would never be so egotistical as to think that I know more than the experts - which is why I am relying on THEIR opinions. Was Nerf quoting the experts when he posted? Or was it his own opinion, which runs counter to the exert opinions and is, therefore, both incorrect and dangerous? (Spoiler Alert - it was the latter) Are you going to rely on Nerf's opinion, and disregard Dr. Fauci?

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