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  1. You can re-negotiate a contract - happens all the time in the sports world. Boom has something to bargain with - lots of guaranteed cash, and he will still be in great shape even if he gives up a few mill. We have something too - the chance to continue his career as a head coach. He still gets millions in buyout if he fails, but has the chance to get tens of millions more over time, plus the ability to say that he was successful in his chosen profession. If he has pride and confidence in his ability, he will renegotiate in a heartbeat. Plus, if he refuses to renegotiate the contract, it shows that he is just money-hungry and takes no responsibility for his shortcomings - he will NEVER get another head coaching job. If he believes in himself, his assistants and players, he will renegotiate the contract. He will still get most of the money (maybe all and even more, if the record improves), we get recruiting and coaching continuity (except for some changes on the Offensive staff), and we retain a man that has run a clean program and done things the right way. I used injuries to justify our poor Defense at the end of last year. This year, we have better depth and fewer injuries. And this is Boom's 4th year - we should have the depth now to overcome injuries unless they are caastrophic, and ours are not.
  2. Kinda moot since Boom is getting abother year. No on Drinkwitz - this is his first year at App State and they were good before he got there - they won the Sun Belt each of the last three years, so maybe we should go after Satterfield, the previous coach. We do not know if Drinkwitz can sustain a program or if he is just winning with the previous coach's team. Plus Drinkwitz is an offensive guy, and they only got one TD against us. He did have good Offenses at NC State though.
  3. There will be more than 20K Clemson fans at the game - they get a higher percentage of tix than most visiting teams, same thing for us when we play up there. Muschamp will be around for another year. The App State game was demoralizing, but they were only two point dogs. We sucked versus UNC, Mizzou, and UT, but beat UGA and ended a losing streak against UK, and play the toughest schedule in the nation. And the way the season has gone, we will beat TAMU and Clemson, LOL - this seems to be an "opposites" year. What will happen is something similar to what supposedly happened with Dabo. Boom will get an ultimatum to make changes on Offense. His contract will get re-structured - lowered buy-out (it drops some anyway if he comes back) but more in incentives. Boom will agree to the re-structuring because he wants another year - this is his last shot at being a major college head coach and he has to succeed. And Ray needs to tell him to get his mojo back - he looks like a whipped puppy on the sidelines, which does not give confidence to his players. Show some life and fire. Ray is not in any danger. Outside of football, the athletic program is in good shape - I watched the two basketball teams kick ass yesterday, along with winning the SEC Women's Soccer title.
  4. This was the first time that I got to see the guys play. Thoughts: Bolden, Couisnard and McCreary are all really solid players. Long and active on both ends of the court. Along with Lawson, Kotsar, Minaya and Bryant (when he returns), the rotation is deep. Frink can be really effective inside now that he is in good shape. Kinda of like Wes Unseld from back in the day, maybe a little shorter but also quicker. I was very surprised by Leveque. He is stronger and less of a project than I thought. I think that he may have already passed Henry, based on the playing rotation against Wyoming. Hannibal is pretty raw but does have a lot of physical talent and potential. I think that he will be a totally different player by the end of the year. They reinforced what I thought preseason - this is a Top 25/NCAA tournament/Top 4 SEC team. We have depth, athleticism, length, quickness, along with enough experience and team leaders. You can tell that Frank knows it too.
  5. Aiken, I followed Dak fairly close here in the Lowcountry, and I do not remember him even playing Safety. Not saying that he never played the position, but I ner heard anyone mention it or talk about his wondrous talent for the position. If you play full-time as a QB at the highest level in High School - and a DT QB that runs a lot - it does not make sense to play him both ways. Which is why the talk about him not being offered as a QB by other schools is pretty crazy. His skillset may never translate into what Boom and BMac are doing with the Offense, but if you altered the Offense to fit his abilities, he would be very good. And what does that have to do with Boom's tenure? If he signs a talented QB that never gets on the field because the Offensive scheme is inflexible, that is not using the talent that he has recruited. I Like Ryan also, and he may be the best option that we have, but Dak is very talented also. If I was the OC, I would give him some series and let him do more than run QB keepers,
  6. Dak may never play significant minutes, but it it not due to his talent or lack thereof. It is the scheme. If he was at a place like Houston or Auburn, he would be a DT nightmare to defend (if healthy, which he has not been for most of this year). But Boom and BMac are committed to more of a traditional dropback passing game and that favors guys like Bentley and Hilinski, To be successful, you have to design an Offense around Dak and cut him loose. If Hilinski were to go down and we had to adjust the Offense to Dak, we would see a really talented QB. Which is why there were so many schools that wanted him - as a QB.
  7. Amos became a starter last year and had over 900 yards. I could not find his stats for this year, but I suspect that he has shown out and gotten our attention. He committed to Western Kentucky back in July, so we should be able to turn him. He has good size and catches the ball well. We will only have three backs next year unless we find another recruit, so we need this guy (or someone like him. Fenwick go most of the carries against Vandy (and did well) - and he was like the 5th team RB heading into the season.
  8. He does not have a source. Joyner put up sick numbers in HS, passing and running, and his team was very successful. He could have gone to most of the FBS teams to play QB - but he had an offer from the in-state school, so they would be wasting their time.
  9. IF, Joyner had 11 offers, including 6 ACC schools and 4 SEC Schools, plus Oregon. Considering that he has never played another position and would be a total reach, your constant "no other school offered him as a QB" is both wrong and irritating. You need a new schtick. We have not seen what Joyner can do yet - it is unfortunate that he had the hamstring injury that has hobbled him. But he already beat out the older Urich and will get a chance to play more ver the next few games,
  10. If she has an ankle injury that would have held her up at the start of the season, this is not that bad. For the team, I mean - I know Destiny would love to play. I don't see us having a serious depth issue, barring injury - at least not at Guard/Wing. We have a quality two deep, so Dawn's bigger problem is finding enough minutes to keep her talented players happy.
  11. Hough is Doty's main target and a real sleeper. He played for Gray Collegiate before moving to MB in 2018 and then did not play football last year - he was focused on basketball. So he is way under the radar - not only did he not play last year, he did not attend the camps where you get the attention of the recruiting services. He has good height and, like most basketball players, he has jumping ability, good hands, and knows how to position himself to get the 50-50 balls. Plus he would already have chemistry with Doty.
  12. We were lucky that Vandy was down to their 3rd string QB - hard to say how much of our D success was due to that and how much was our D's play. They got their TD while Riley Neal was still in the game, but we maintained the drive with two 3rd down penalties, both on Izzy, or else they do not score. OTOH, we were without our best deep threat, our primary RB was our 5th teamer, we were going with our 3rd team RT, and our best pass-catching TE was hurt early. Good but not great play by our O and D.
  13. Edwards will leave with the school receiving records, Shi Smith is a legit deep threat, and OrTre Smith would be a star by now if he had not missed last year. And if you go by recruiting rankings (all were 4* players along with Josh Vann), this is one of our most talented position groups. The problem is accuracy, amplified by protection issues that force Hilinski to throw early. For the concern about the low YPA and YPC, that is almost entirely due to not going downfield, and inaccurate throws when we do try the passes. We throw a LOT of WR screens that are good for just a few yards even when they work. I would like to see some roll-outs and max protect to give Ryan a chance, plus give Dak (if healthy) a few series - he can burn teams that go all out with the pressure.
  14. Nice month. Frank has match-ups with former colleagues with the Wyoming and WVU games, plus the "who should be South Carolina's coach" match-up with Wichita State
  15. We have plenty of depth this year. Frink and McCreary, even Couisnard, Anderson and Minaya can fill in his minutes.
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