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  1. it is gonna be obama .. only reason i am goin to vote is for local elections
  2. looks like it might actually be scary...but after a few let downs recently im not goin in expecting it to live up to its previews...but should be a fun movie to watch around halloween
  3. shaw will be known for being all heart...he doesnt have to be the most athletic QB in the conference because he is one of the smartest
  4. had me nervous in the first half...but the boys came out ready to roll in the second it was nice to see lattimore get a big work load...I was impressed with the way we didn't give up
  5. I can't wait for this...such a huge game! go cocks
  6. after that fumble at the end of the first half I started feeling like that is what we needed and expected us to come out hot in the 2nd half after that..if kentucky scores a TD there totally different ball game
  7. he is sick...his speed is amazing He always has a chance to break the big one
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