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  1. 2020. I thought he was in the class of 2021. How many scholarships do we have to give next year? Just 2 that we know about? (Henry and Kotsar)
  2. One thing about Frank and recruiting in-state is that he tends to "slow play" guys too often. I don't know if it is an evaluation issue, assistants not doing their homework or just bad luck, but a new example on the horizon is AC Flora's Patrick Iriel. Last spring Frank told him to keep working on his game and he'd be watching. Now it appears that Patrick is getting attention from big programs like Cincinnati and Georgia Tech because of his summer league play. By the time Frank notices those other schools will already have a relationship. I continue to believe that a hometown hero for a school like SC helps generate interest in the program. By missing on these in-state guys Frank misses the opportunity capitalize on the interest that generates. It doesn't mean that guys like AJ Lawson and in-state guys like Hannibal (and Woods next year) won't have that effect. Hannibal, in particular, might be a Ja Morant type player. But when you miss on 4 of 5 local guys it hurts the program in more ways than the number of wins. It also makes it hard to land the next one and the one after that.
  3. What about Patrick Iriel at AC Flora in Columbia? He is having a big summer and getting some attention. Earlier, I read that Frank was slow playing him. Can we really afford to lose another local guy?
  4. Thanks. Long time poster on Palmetto State Rivals (AllSportsTalk before that) and Cockytalk.
  5. Good post and I agree except that you make it sound a little too much like we've only got 3 players back and 10 new guys. It's not quite that bad. (only 7 new guys) That's also why I think Frank will use the early OOC games for teaching - somewhat like last year but this time with much more upside. Skip the injuries and we win 18-20 games.
  6. Last I heard Sorrells was probably not going to qualify to play football this season.
  7. I have a vague sense of apprehension about this one. Not sure why, but it seems like a setup for a bad start to the season. No one thinks UNC is worth a hoot and we've got a lot of experience on offense. Plus, everyone seems to think that our defense, which played banged up most of last season, has all but healed up and should be top drawer. I think we will win, but I also think it won't be pretty and the outcome will be in doubt until the end. 28-27, but UNC outgains us by 100 yards. I'm like Sheldon Cooper. I'm still not comfortable ...
  8. Anything less than 18 wins and I'm disappointed.
  9. Moss and Minaya are not that far removed from playing with Lawson, Bryant and Kotsar. Those 5 guys are the key to getting off to a good start - although Bolden should start over Moss and Henry along with Frink should play right away. With Couisnard, Leveque, McCreary and Hannibal we've easily got 10 and maybe 11-12 guys who can play. If Trey Anderson turns out to be a hidden gem we might have 13 scholarship players who can play. There's really no dead weight on this team. My expectation for next year is that we win every game we should win and a few we should not win. (No Stony Brook, Wofford or Wyoming losses.)
  10. There will be a lot of new faces this fall, but more talent than we've had in a long time on the same team. It will be fun to watch them mature. The OOC schedule this year will probably be used by Frank for some "teaching moments" for the new guys. But we have a core of experience players who know what to do. I'd be disappointed if we enter conference play at .500 again. Really, the new guys are at guard and center. But Bolden has practiced with the team as have Couisnard and Moss so they should catch on quickly. Leveque, Henry and McCreary will have a steep learning curve. My hope is that Kotsar has figured some things out and will re-dedicate himself. He quit playing at the end of last year.

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