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  1. I enjoy everything about game day but if it comes to watching it in the parking lot, I'll just sit my butt at home and watch it from there. Something has to give at some point. GO COCKS!!!!!!
  2. I think that it is expected that Lloyd and Burch are going to be factors right off the bat but when I saw Huntley play last year, I was really impressed with him and hope he brings that same tenacity with him to USC.
  3. The WHO estimates anywhere between 250,000 and 500,00 people die from the flu each year. How many have died from CV thus far?
  4. Don't really care what you do about your unwanted baby as long as I don't foot the bill for it. By the way, there are things out there to prevent unwanted pregnancies other than abortion . You guys just keep beating the drum of Coronavirus as if it is the zombie apocalypse. It isn't! Like I said earlier, this same reaction took place with swine, bird and ebola and you might remember how those played out. Knee jerk reactions fix nothing and only cause panic.
  5. By the way some people are acting, you would think this shit was the plague. It is a virus. The flu is a virus and it kills more people and has been around forever. I am sure that in the years to come that there will be new ones and the same people will be acting the same way. There is not going to be any instant cure and will eventually be like the bird flu or the swine flu that happened several years ago. This is not what some of you want it to be but I am sure you will continue to play Chicken Little until something else comes along to scream and panic about. Go worry about Chicago and other places like that where more people die every weekend than have from this virus or San Fran where people are shooting up and shitting in the streets spreading who knows what. Remember, most of you crying over this virus are for open borders and if that was the case, how are you checking all of those people?
  6. I am pretty certain that most dumbasses vote and are liberal.
  7. I just knew for sure that Steyer's dancing was going to put him over the top!!
  8. After seeing how well that has turned out, they very well might flip that again.
  9. You actually think that it would appeal to Independents? I think it would probably scare the hell out of them too.
  10. Since we are all going to die in the next 10-12 years due to climate change anyway, who gives a shit?! All of this is just like Chicken Little. We went through something similar several years ago with a different outbreak of the flu and everyone was going batshit crazy over it too and it didn't amount to anything. Not saying we shouldn't be concerned but to run around like fire ants do when their mound is kicked is pretty damned stupid.
  11. I am old enough to remember "The Streets Of San Francisco" being a cop show. Now the same title just paints a picture of a turd or two and used syringes in the street.

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