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  1. Looks like we are going to be playing on a wet field and even in the rain if the forecast is correct. This may help us with our run attack and disturb their passing attack.
  2. Judas Priest Soundgarden Pat Benatar Thin Lizzy Doobie Bros. If some of these were already in like they should be, I would have had Nine Inch Nails in there instead. I say this every year but I really don't understand why some of these are considered since they aren't Rock.
  3. Never have understood why this can't be coordinated a bit better.
  4. We finally looked like a football team last night! Not perfect but much, much better than the previous weeks. GO COCKS!!
  5. The sound system is atrocious and an embarrassment! I thought the ribbon boards were suppose to have been updated a year or two ago. I hate to say this but since I had a major run- in with a couple of dumbasses in the fairgrounds after the game, maybe some better security there might be beneficial. I would really hate to go to jail at my age but I will say that if I have anything close to this happen again, I proudly will! I expect shit like this at other team's places but not ours and especially not from supposedly fellow Gamecocks! I will be on alert the remainder of this season!!!!
  6. No damn way he gets a pay hike! His strength has always been defense so why the hell is ours so bad? Missed tackles all day and our corners were playing so far off their receivers that it would have been impossible for Bama not to make the reception and then after the catch, all abilities to make a tackle were forgotten or maybe never there to begin with. The offense looked much better and could get to the point of excellent if we blocked consistently. Hillinski looks to be the real deal and if he gets a little time, could carve up most defenses. I like Muschamp but he needs to start getting things in order or we will need to move on. There is no reason for our defense to be this bad! I
  7. Urich looked good in the spring, is tall and is super fast. Where the hell has he been? Load up with some big receivers and make Bama play man and maybe someone gets free for some big gains. Ryan needs a little time, just hope our line can give him some so that he isn't running for his life all day. Get Bama backing up for passes and the running game might come to life too. Here is to having all the planets align!
  8. USC was the one who got screwed by Belk. He came in fat and unmotivated and seems to still be that way now. You have to take responsibility for your actions or lack there of and stop blaming others because of them. Unfortunately, many of this age group choose to play the blame game instead. Good riddance.
  9. I don't have enough faith in either LOS for us so I don't expect a win but I do hope that we can keep it from being a blow out. I hate to feel this way but I haven't seen anything to make me feel/think otherwise. I will be hoping and praying though...……. GO COCKS!!!!
  10. I hope we block better for Ryan and hope that this might be the shot in the arm we need!!!
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