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  1. Hilton Head High School made it to the lower state semi-finals last year and lost only two of there top eleven players. Very deep pitching with top three having college offers and a four junior expecting one any day now since he starting topping out in the high 80's. The rising junior class is coming off a 23 -2 record last years so the overall depth for the varsity will be good.
  2. I know it is extra work but for all Carolina games, please do it both ways. Most will bet our games in all sports anyhow and not only is it interesting to see who bets which way, it will allow everyone to be able to bet on our games the way they prefer. (Giving or receiving points).
  3. Will need to be plus 2 or more on turnovers to have a chance. Look forward to a fast offense and down field plays.
  4. Glad to see CoverTwo post (I am a fan). Looking forward to this years season.. will be exciting!!
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