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  1. Sorry that we’ve figure out your game. I guess you’ll just have to stick to name calling.
  2. And goal post moving attempt starts. It is the Va governor conversation again.
  3. So the 2015 riots were due to Trump’s DOJ in 2017? Sure thing.
  4. Trump’s DOJ did not drop the case on Floyd. You’re just doing more lies abs hand truths like you did in Va. thread.
  5. So Trump says he will send national guard to stop unrest and that’s wrong or heavy handed. However, he is being accused of abdicating because he isn’t doing something like sending the national guard. Seems like a catch 22 or just bias review points of posters. Which could it be? Did you claim in 2015 when Baltimore was being burned down and destroy that Obama abdicated his responsibility? This shit started we’ll before trump and the fact you’re trying to pin it all in him shows intellectual dishonesty. This is fanned more by antifa and anarchistic groups trying to manipulate people into doing their dirty work.
  6. https://www.medrxiv.org/content/10.1101/2020.04.14.20062463v1.full.pdf This apparently is the study that’s changed the infection mortality rate. It was conducted by Stanford research so I’ll be interested to see how it’s Trump changing the numbers.
  7. Way too many died because we had stupid leaders shoving Covid patients into nursing homes. What idiots thought it made sense to put sick patients with the population most likely to die from that illness. It’s like shoving flu patients in a chemotherapy ward. Almost 1/2 the Covid deaths are from nursing homes. How were leaders this dumb? That’s a state governor issue not a president issue. Just like governors have been slipping in immunity for hospital and nursing home executives into recent financial bills.
  8. NY would likely be better if Cuomo stopped working. That guy has screwed up with almost every 50/50 choice he has made. The f’ing idiot didn’t even stop and have the subway cars sanatized early on in this thing. Doesn’t take a genius to realize, let’s clean the hell out of mass transit and schools ASAP. Cuomo is a joke and the fact you think he isn’t speaks volumes.
  9. Over this stupidity. Many places have videos showing the damage is being started by anarchist and antifa types and then it just begins to spiral out of control. Makes zero sense to destroy your neighbors business and livelihoods when being upset about something in Minnesota.
  10. Since 2010 there is estimated 500k bump stock sold in the USA. One article below suggested 17 million assault weapons in the US. There are 5-10 million AR like guns in the USA. I don't think you know what the words most, majority or a lot mean. 1/10 or 1/20 people do not make up any of those words you have used. This also ignores the fact that a bump stock doesn't remove the need to pull the trigger multiple times, which you erroneously said. Simply put, you are wrong. However, you are great at long winded response, with name calling and goal post moving. https://www.newstimes.com/opinion/article/Assault-weapons-in-the-US-could-number-17-million-14375522.php
  11. This is 100% true. The relief bills have been more pork and wish lists than actual help to the American people. What was so hard about taking the March-June mortgages, rents, credit card, loans, etc and making them optional to pay and if not paid, they will just add 3-4 months onto the end of the term. That would have allowed the stimulus money to actually be used to help communities or buy groceries rather than being used to pay monthly bills.
  12. Suicide, depression, anxiety and alcoholism have all risen. They say that the numbers are rising more with those under 40 not because of fear of Covid but due to loss of jobs.
  13. This is the argument that is ignored by those wanting to remain in shelter until there’s a vaccine or no Covid.
  14. Herd immunity doesn’t mean lots dying. It’s actually the opposite, if done correctly. The idea, which many advocates from the start, was to shelter those most at risk and hope to build immunity so that they’d not be as likely to be exposed to it due to herd immunity. We decided to shelter everyone as we learned more and attempted to lessen the burden on hospitals. Now we should be able to progressively reopen up and let herd immunity take effect, while those in high risk can stay sheltered and hospitals know how to better help sick people and won’t be as overrun.
  15. Can’t make this stupidity up.

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