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  1. Think Tank comes here after Milton commits to UGA. At least that’s what some recruiting podcast are saying.
  2. Think this is a good thing. Gives us a guy and maybe some help recruiting IMG kids in the future.
  3. What make no sense to me, is that I keep seeing guys like Barton Simmons talking about how good their D is. I just don’t get where that is coming from. Only thing that scares me about this game is the fact it follows Bama.
  4. Exactly. You stop the run and their O will sputter under Kelly.
  5. Tanner’s rationale makes sense for this year with the short notice and facility changes that’d it take but I hope this changes in 2020. Think it’d be good revenue and likely lessen the sneaking in of hard alcohol.
  6. I was and still am skeptical of the BMac hire but hope he kills it and makes me look dumb this year. I believe he said this spring that they tried not to complete overhaul the O last year but to keep portions of the verbiage and concepts. However, this spring they were supposed to have completely installed the rest of the O BMac wanted to run. In the same interview I think they discussed how it caused him issues because was trying to run stuff but had to figure out how to blend two different verbiage or concepts together and it caused issues at times. I’m not sure about the method of install and doing a two year install. Every coach tries to figure out how to blend what they know with what their players know but I think we may have been better off just ripping the bandaid off last spring and installing a new offense like most new OCs do. I feel like we wasted a year of getting to understand and run the system in games. With all that said, I hope to see all the development pay and we get to see a dynamic offense this year. I know we have the talent, I think it’s the run game that’s the key to the offense exploding. If the we can start making Ds have to respect the run, it will open up big plays to Shi, Vann and Edwards.
  7. Sucks he didn’t pick USC but if UNC implodes and we go out and win 8-9 games this year, he could have a change of heart. I just hope we get Tonka, Tank, Tisdol and. Burch. If we get those 4 then there should be zero complaints from anyone about our recruiting.
  8. I agree. I think the OC is doing a good job over there but Bryant isn’t near the QB lock was and it will show. As long as we don’t turnover the ball a bunch or give up big special teams plays, we should win by 10+ points.
  9. Florida isn’t back. Their QB is trash and played a skeleton Michigan team in a bowl game. If USC doesn’t implode than the narrative is completely different. Also, seems like everyone is ignoring all the turmoil and transfer issues going on in Gainesville. I think 7-5 or 8-4 is a reasonable expectation for this year.
  10. Apparently there are two more Spurs Up commitments as well. That makes 5 in the last 24-36 hours.
  11. Looks like Huntley was the third spurs up from last night. Big pick up for USC https://t.co/3OOKojPorL
  12. Don’t think it will create anymore issues than there already are. I’d wager 40% of people in the stadium are already sneaking mini bottles in with them or other forms of liquor. I think it’d be better to have people drinking a beer than liquor in the stands. Also some may not go as hard in the tailgate since they know they can buy in the stadium. If people want to get trashed, they’ll do it no matter what.
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