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  1. I don’t want Drinkwitz. He has not done anything yet to prove he is worth hiring. 9 games Into first HC job after inheriting 10 win program isn’t proving anything. I think we likely get new OC and maybe another new guy or two on O staff next year. Our D is actually played well most this season but our O sucking has made it look worse than it is. Do we go after Chad Morris? I like Clawson if I had my pick off reasonable possibilities. I just don’t know who we can attract at this point. We need to find a way to stand out in the East and I’d like to see that be a dynamic O with Boom or whoever is next.
  2. I just think we need an overhaul on O. Our D will be what it is. However, we need a big time OC to come in and give us an identity but also some life. Likely that So Cal will fire their HC, so wouldn’t mind us bringing in gram Harold to take a great passing QB and build an air raid around him. I’m just over the pathetic and inconsistent O we have had for four years.
  3. Playing top 25 ranked teams weekly and balling out. Sure makes the ranking system look dumb dropping him down back in the summer.
  4. Biggest issue I had was the pass inside the 5 after running all the way down the 5. Think a TD to make its 24-17 would have changed the game.
  5. Florida run O has been bad this year. They are averaging 140 on the ground and that’s inflated due to 1-2 games vs miserable D’s.
  6. If it rains as bad as some think it will, I could see him being the X factor on O. If it’s raining so much that all you can effectively do is run the ball, then having a running QB in the game could give us an edge.
  7. I understand there is a significant difference, however that doesn't mean what I said isn't true. Go watch games and pay attention how many holding calls are used on possible PI plays when the ball is uncatchable. It is something I have seen as a coach and as a fan.
  8. They called it holding so the uncatchable ball didn’t matter. You’ll see this often in NFL and college when refs throw a flag and realize PI can’t be called but don’t want to pick up the flag for whatever reason. The replay shows it should be PI or nothing.
  9. I think this game comes down to our O vs their D. Assuming no major turnovers or special teams scores, our O needs to score points to win this game. I’m not sure we can do that with poor weather or injured Hilinski. However, if we can score 30+ I think we win without a doubt. If we score 21-30, it’s close and if we score 20 or less than we lose by 7-10. We need our run game to take hold of this game which in turn will open up big play action opportunities to our WRs. I think we can win Saturday but I’d take the points for us not the money line, same way I felt about the UGA game.
  10. So dumb we had to apologize. Get the f**k over it uga You lost.
  11. He inherited a talented roster and without an injury to Eason, he’d never have made the playoffs. Kirby gets way too much credit for beating bad teams and one good season.
  12. Can’t equate our O to LSU, so won’t hold that against you in my assessment of their D.
  13. But I think their DC is an idiot and if you look at his track record, his defenses regress over time under him. I could be wrong but just my opinion of Grantham. I also think with a week of prep based on playing Joyner, we should be able to take advantage of their D. Their D gave up chunks to a terrible Miami O, so we should be able to gain yards on them.
  14. Agree about going for it vs FG attempt but don’t think you can make too much out of the O. I think a week to prepare and Joyner full time at QB we will be better. Also, not sure we will see this good a D the rest of the year.
  15. Against it because it will cause higher healthcare cost when they get their Utopian universe healthcare system passed.
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