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  1. Agree with the posters above that you have to make Bryant beat you with his arm, but more so with his ability to read and throw not just letting him get pre snap match up reads. Any D1 QB can find their match-up vs man pre snap and throw a good enough ball to get yards. We need to fool him and make him make post snap reads from the pocket. Our O needs to continue to grow and not let two game films out there let the D know what to expect. I'd also like us to use Joyner more this game, both in space and as a QB at times. Lastly, would love to see Feaster get going in the pass game. From everything that was written about him, he is the type of RB who can make plays like a WR. Need to see that ability and the YAC he can create. I think USC should win this game by 7 but the spread has us losing by 10, so what does Vegas know that we don't?
  2. We were trending for him but definitely think the O success and the ball getting to more guys in the last two games sealed the deal. It is a lot easier to commit when you know that you're going to play with the QB for at least 2 years.
  3. I like getting athletic 4 star guys, even if they are raw. I think we will see more O recruits looking at us, if this O can continue to look potent with Hilinski at QB. Guys want to play where they think they can excel and be seen.
  4. Robinson football is known for its physical OL and plays some of the best teams in Virginia, so you know you’re not getting inflated film. They play Westfield who won 3 out of the last 4 6A titles. Hopefully this kid grows into a big time player in college for USC.
  5. Be careful, you never know.
  6. I wish the best for Jake and hate that it went this way but it may end up being the best for all parties. I think Jake goes as a grad transfer somewhere or may just go straight for the draft, which both are better for him than staying around USC at this point. I think for USC it is better, because creates easy way to get Hilinski and Joyner on the field and further prepared for next year than having sat behind Jake this year. Lastly, it is better for the long term QB succession plan. If Hilinski is as good as many think, he'd like play the next three years and go pro. That sets up Doty to redshirts one year, then get spot duty the following year and takes over the position as a redshirt sophomore and hopefully be an elite QB for 2 years before going pro. I think many would take that QB situation for the next 5-6 years. Now knowing our luck, it won't happen anything like what I just laid out LOL.
  7. Going to take the D giving up less than 25 and the O making a lot of plays and using both QBs. We can't let them control the LOS if we want to have a chance. We need to be able to run the ball and get chunk plays with the run as well as consistent 3-4 yard runs. I think Hilinski has to play well, but we have to make him not carry the O but just facilitate getting the ball out to playmakers. The way we started Saturday is exactly how we should have started every game no matter the QB. We need to get the ball in space and have some new wrinkles. Going to be a tall order Saturday, just hope we make it competitive into the fourth and let the chips fall where they may.
  8. I started coming over a couple months ago. What happened to CT this time?
  9. Think AJ is going to do great on kickoffs. An outside the box punt returner I’d like to see, but will never happen, is to put Joyner there. He’d be like Ace 2.0 doing that.
  10. I heard he was high academic and would be a big lean to ND on one report.
  11. Think Tank comes here after Milton commits to UGA. At least that’s what some recruiting podcast are saying.
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