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  1. It is good to have a place to vent. There were some positives, but I was disappointed at times and disgusted at others. Hill - who know what we have there. I don't have a problem starting this kid over Hilinski and saw some nice accuracy on the hard passes. Touch passes didn't have much touch, reminding me of Bentley on a couple of wild throws. Next to zero as a running threat and not as much pocket presence as you'd expect from a player of his experience, but then you have to remember he has spent more time rehabbing than starting games. Hope he develops those skills and calms down as the season progresses/drags on. The O line in front of him seems basically awful at pass blocking. Shi = stud. But we need more options. Shi needs to calm down and show some poise - more leadership and less histrionics. RB by committee - fresh legs are great and we have good talent but no real leader - are we still auditioning these guys? Muku, where are you? Need you in the game to keep Cam Smith off the field. Defense was completely lost at times. This is getting old. Eric Douglas, nice job except pass blocking. Burch is going to be fun to watch.
  2. I'm more pessimistic about our football program than I have been since the Brad Scott days. To say there's a talent deficit with our rival is a huge understatement. The difference is stark - offense, defense and coaching staff. We have a long, long way to go to close that gap. Hilinski has regressed and gives me no hope at all and it looks like we are stuck with a dud of a coach due to our dud of an AD.
  3. I started worrying when we failed twice to convert on fourth-and-one plays vs Vandy. Our Oline got manhandled again last night. Didn't help that our play calling and game planning was atrocious.
  4. Just back from that miserable football game. I can't remember a game where it was so obvious that we were completely out-coached. Athleticism on defense could not overcome outright incompetence on offense, particularly with the play-calling. Yes, we had injuries, yes App State doesn't suck. I know all that. But I also know that we seem incapable of making in-game adjustments. It seems to me we develop a game plan, we nail that sucker to the wall and we cling to it as the walls come crashing down around us. Bryan McClendon is obviously in way over his head. He's a problem, and just as obviously, Muschamp is a problem. When asked about specifics, all he ever says is the coaches have to get together as a staff and evaluate the film. They don't seem capable of doing a damn thing on the fly. SOS would draw up ball plays in the dirt, but Will needs a week to figure out we can't run it up the gut 30 times in a row. Bad coaching was exposed in this game. I hate that our coach threw the receivers under the bus when it was clear who that bus should really be running over.
  5. I expect wins over UT, Vandy and App State. Best chance for a bowl is UF or TAMU and I'm not feeling it against either - wait til next year. If we beat one or both, I'll enjoy my crow casserole immensely.
  6. Wonnum was a terror and took over that game. Was a pleasure to watch. Charlton was kicking these soaring majestic punts into the stratosphere. If only our coverage would get their asses down to the goal line, stats would have been even better. Congrats guys, well deserved!
  7. Have been so disappointed with this team, but I'm feeling it. We are due. Fighting Gamecocks 34, Hillbillies 21. Headed down to the fairgrounds soon to get the party started.
  8. I'm another refugee who needed a place to interact/vent. Very glad to have this site as a landing place.
  9. Recruiting forum was the best thing about Cockytalk. I always liked the format and the information. Hope it works out with C2.
  10. I was very worried when we hired Muschamp because I thought if he couldn't get it done at UF with that wealth of talent in their recruiting base, how the hell could he do it at SC. But, I liked his energy and the emphasis on recruiting, something his predecessor lacked. Now, a few years in, I think Muschamp's coordinators are letting him down. They're strong recruiters and who can connect with athletes and parents, but I don't think their coaching is up to par. Our players are just not well prepared. In fact, we seem completely inept in some situations. Since Muschamp arrived on campus, our defensive backfield in particular has looked lost a lot of the time, which is one of the great ironies of his tenure. Fundamentals are just not there on defense. They seemed to emphasize stripping the ball and getting turnovers, but it's not really happening. Maybe tackling should be a greater focus. Blocking is suspect on offense and play-calling during the game is bewildering. I sound like the typical internet coach, I realize. My gut tells me Muschamp is here at least two more seasons regardless, but it wouldn't shock me if TRob got himself a head coaching job somewhere after this season. That replacement hire could be the key to Muschamp's fate here.
  11. Going in to the season, this is the ONE game I wanted more than any of them. Not only am I just sick and tired of losing to them, but I see UK as a benchmark, a game that often indicates upper or lower tier in the east. Unfortunately, I see us below the dividing line right now. We have talent but we have been totally unable to convert it to wins. I have been so discouraged by both our offensive and defensive play and lack of consistency that I am just not optimistic. Usually I am not that way and I really want to be wrong, but I can't unsee what I've seen.
  12. He has had a tough year. Despite his four-star ranking and amazing offer list, he has looked to me a bit undersized for the SEC. He's too short to challenge tall receivers and bigger guys have been running right over him. He has some quicks however and didn't seem as lost as some of our DB's. Hope he finds a good fit for his skills and I wish him well. Unfortunately this is not going to help our struggling defensive backfield. Ready for Mukuamu to find his stride.

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