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  1. Another beautiful day here, got in 17 miles today.
  2. Mangus would be a good choice.
  3. I agree, something seems to be going on. What that something is I have no idea but there's just too many incidents out there to completely dismiss it.
  4. From the article: "In a memo released Tuesday, Deputy Defense Secretary Kathleen Hicks announced the creation of a group to lead government efforts to "detect, identify and attribute objects of interests," which are formally known as unidentified aerial phenomena but commonly called UFOs." https://www.military.com/daily-news/2021/11/24/pentagon-announces-new-group-counter-ufo-threat.html According to some things I've read that recent incident in the Pacific Ocean near San Diego has gotten some serious attention from the military/government.
  5. IIRC Wofford beat us by 20 points last year. The team is playing hard and seems to be having fun out there. Keyshawn will be back for Sunday's game.
  6. Yeah that was a fun game. I nearly lost it when Kenny McKinley (RIP) scored that late TD and flung the ball into the stands incurring the dreaded unsportsmanlike penalty to get that Houston high powered offense 15 yards closer to the EZ. All's well that ends well though.
  7. Good for Oklahoma saying no. Someone has got to push back against this madness.
  8. Meh...I have no sympathy for them. I agree it could have gone either way. We've had our share of calls go against us over the years. Auburn had several wounds that were self inflicted. That decision to go for the first down late in the first half was one of the dumbest coaching decisions I've ever witnessed. Also if the call had not been overturned they still had to go the length of the field in 2:21 and would have had to score a TD since they missed that 25 yard FG earlier.
  9. Yep...an amazing accomplishment for year 1. Kudos to the staff and team.
  10. Something is better than nothing.
  11. I agree, last night was really encouraging. I heard some of the pre game analysis on 107.5 yesterday and they were really talking up UAB. Vegas obviously agreed with them as UAB was favored.
  12. Good win last night, terrible last 3-4 minutes minus some clutch free throws.
  13. My ESPN+ subscription won't let me watch the game for some reason nor is my GC app working. WTH?
  14. Oh God...the absolute worst thing that could happen to us. The dreaded second string, unexperienced QB coming off of the bench and being thrust into the starting role on the road. He will end up looking like a Heisman candidate and likely will win SEC offensive player of the week. I've seen this movie way too many times.
  15. Good points by all but let's also remember when using the "dabo" comparison that his path to success is a thousand times easier than playing an SEC schedule.
  16. Sounds like a lot better effort than Friday. Didn't get to see any of it due to a family function. We'll see where it goes from here.
  17. I thought we should have gone after him as well but Goody2shoes Tanner would never make such a hire.
  18. What scares me is that I feel myself getting apathetic about it all. I used to live and die for the next GC game. I used to read everything about the current season/game, used to pore over recruiting information, used to listen to all of the local radio shows/coaches shows, used to give money to the GC club, buy season tickets to several sports and attend as many games as I could. Watching most of our football games and men's basketball games are now akin to getting a root canal. I don't want to feel this way but decades and decades of getting kicked in the nuts is taking it's toll.
  19. I decided not to post after the game last night because I was too ticked off. Same old same old from a Frank Martin team. Bad 2 point shooting, terrible 3 point shooting, bad decision making, out of control shooting, out of control drives to the basket, break downs on defense, no flow to the "offense. Did I mention terrible 3 point shooting? Assuming that this continues all year Frank has to be let go. This is year 10.
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