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  1. Wait, construction is booming? I thought Trump killed it? Or has quid pro Joe fixed in 8 hours?
  2. https://upennstatesman.org/2018/11/06/a-fifty-year-history-of-democrats-crying-hitler/ https://www.realclearpolitics.com/articles/2016/11/24/democrats_and_the_nazi_card_132428.html
  3. More. But anyone that was an adult back then knows it was true. Were you even born then? https://www.heraldtribune.com/opinion/20161130/elder-democrats-and-nazi-card
  4. Sure, it's all a big lie. I imagined all of that stuff. You're just precious. https://www.washingtontimes.com/news/2004/jan/5/20040105-114507-1007r/
  5. https://www.nationalreview.com/corner/a-50-year-history-of-the-worst-comparison/ You should try that new fangled feature on computers called a search engine sometimes. From the article: "As Larry Elder has recounted, liberals have compared everyone from Barry Goldwater to George W. Bush* to Nazis. It’s a history that dates back at least 55 years. And as Steven Hayward has recounted, even Ronald Reagan met with the calumny:" *Underlining and bold letters was my doing.
  6. How about stuff like being able to keep your H/C plan and Doctor? And saving on average $2500 a family?
  7. And we only treated comrade 0bama that way because of the way y'all treated George W. Bush. Surely you remember him being called a Nazi, a racist, a war monger, and a war criminal among others.
  8. Was has Biden done in 50 years in politics? Made his self and Hunter quite rich.
  9. I'll show him the same respect you showed Trump starting before the election.
  10. Yep 50 years of doing nothing. He's the poster boy for why we need term limits.
  11. Why? He's got all of the answers and control of Congress.
  12. Boy you hate to start labeling games "must win" but we're getting close. At some point we have to actually start winning games or we're going to miss the tourney once again. The same pattern is starting to emerge. Lose too many games early in the season, spend the rest of the season trying to recover from the early losses and then falling just short on making the tourney.
  13. Can't you do one that is actually running?
  14. Makes a statement gets criticized, doesn't make a statement gets criticized. Sounds about right coming from the Left.
  15. So I'm not to respond when posters continually lie about what I did or didn't post?
  16. Didn't you call me a racist a couple of hours ago?
  17. Stop lying about me and I won't have to respond.
  18. You're lying again, I have never said any such thing. For a group of people that bray so much about lying you Libs sure do lie a lot.
  19. Thank you. For example I challenge anyone here to provide one single solitary post where I have said or insinuated (and I quote) "you have been condoning an act of treason against the United States" or (again I quote) "And you are (with a total fail) trying to say it is okay because of BLM protests" . Again I have never said or insinuated any such thing.

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