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  1. Mommy, why doesn't he question it when Liberals repeat it over and over and over again?
  2. I know, they control everything in the whole world.
  3. Well of course it's different when a Lib does it. LOL
  4. Funny how you never call out Ace for his 80 a day "the Russians" template?
  5. The Russians will have to approve it. They control everything.
  6. It likely doesn't matter what they change the name to. Some Liberal somewhere will probably be offended by whatever it ends up being.
  7. It's simple...the Russians control all of those agencies.
  8. Washington Wimps Washington Weasels Washington Limpwrists
  9. The Russian told me not to read it. Don't forget to check under your bed tonight. OMG they're everywhere! Save us quid pro Joe...save us!
  10. I know man, they're everywhere and they control everything. Look out, they're behind you now!
  11. Hey wait, doesn't the Left absolutely detest silver spoon babies? Oh wait, never mind. He's a Democrat, no problem.

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