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  1. Remind us when was the last time that there was complete peace in the Middle East?
  2. You're the one making stupid statements and getting called out on it. Don't be mad with me for using your own words against you. lol
  3. I said no such thing, stop lying. And stop lying about this "illegal order" non-sense. And putting the crew in harm's way is not a violation of the UCMJ in and of itself.
  4. So then there's currently peace in the Middle East. Thanks for the confirmation.
  5. I'll ask again. Why did the Mayor and Governor of NY and NYC fail so utterly in their preparation for this emergency? And Trump didn't crash the economy, the corona virus did. Get an adult to explain it to you.
  6. What does that have to do with the utter failure of the Mayor and Governor to be prepared for this pandemic?
  7. Is there currently a war raging in the Mid-East?
  8. So you have no answer either other than to call names. Very Christian of you. I expected nothing less though. The Mayor and Governor of NY and NYC have failed their citizens miserably and all you can do is whine about Trump and call people names. You are such a juvenile.
  9. And what exactly does that have to do with NY and NYC failing to be prepared at any level? NYC in particular is the number 1 target of terrorists and needing medical supplies of this kind shouldn't be any surprise to the Mayor or Governor.
  10. Apparently the Democrats who run both NY and NYC didn't care as it has become clear that they were woefully unprepared.
  11. Yes, your example of him ordering his men killed was a silly example. You said an "illegal order was given." What was the order and who gave it?

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