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  1. Good point. When in the past 40 years has any of our head Coaches left for another power 5 school? Never. We have had 3 coaches that could have left. Joe Mo, Holtz and SOS. One died, the other 2 retired while coaching here. Every other coach we have had in that period has sucked and no other program would have given them a job as a HC. Sad but true. Jury is still out on Beamer.
  2. I doubt he leaves. Could be wrong. But I doubt it.
  3. Just a WAG. I figured it's not Slat Lake. So I just went with the next city in Utah I thought of.
  4. I'm not a country music guy. So I will have to pass on this one.
  5. I have no idea. What's the definition of a city vs. a town.
  6. ^ This - Before the season, I think most folks thought 4-6 wins is the best we could do. And that's right where we will end up. Not sure what people expected. For beamer to walk in and turn this around instantly. He doesn't even have a full recruiting class in yet.
  7. That's like 2 peaks a day. insane.
  8. Wow - yeah never would have gotten that one. I was thinking of Delaney and Bonnie. Interesting. h
  9. It's a lot of factors combined. But the result is less fans in the stands. On the field performance, cost of tickets & parking, TV availability, covid - I am sure there are more.
  10. Was it Bonnie and something?
  11. Well you have me stumped. I know Clapton has been in a bunch of different groups through the years. But can't think of this one.
  12. I was opposite. First time I saw it, thought it was lame, but it has grown on me.
  13. Sometimes I wonder why people are fans and so negative. go be a bandwagon fan and pull for Bama or UGA, or whoever is on top any give year.
  14. Our old coach lead us to a 2 win season. Which is why he was canned. New coach has barely anything to work with. It takes time.
  15. Colin Powel was vaxxed but dies of covid. But he had cancer and other issues as well.
  16. Yeah - I remember several times in the early 2000's getting tickets to SEC games for like 20-25 bucks (face value)
  17. Yeah that does not add up. Would like to see this study and learn more.
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