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  1. I like Doty, but he had a rough year. Did not look great. But I am willing to chalk it up not being fully healthy. Having said that, if Shane can bring in a QB out of the portal (Rattler or anyone else) I am all for it.
  2. Coaches salaries are way out of line IMO. Across the board. But it is what it is. As long as schools are willing to pay up...
  3. He will have a much easier time to win at USC west then at OK in the SEC. With the right coach, he can easily out-recruit Cali there against UCAL, Cal, Stanford etc. The PAC10 has been down since Pete Carroll left, and the guy that had Oregon rolling.
  4. Has he been spotted shopping forh houses on the local lake?
  5. Yep. Riley to LSU was also a Done Deal™. Everyone always claims to have the inside scoop. Very few do.
  6. Yeah that is a stretch. You can blame tanner for a lot of things around coaches hiring, firing etc. Not sure how to blame him for this.
  7. I hope you are right. And also that the vaxxes hold up against it.
  8. Good grief. My son is getting his second shot today. Just getting the family fully vaxxed, and now this Omicron.
  9. I was not expecting t get shutout out home. that was pathetic.
  10. Fried up a turkey yesterday. Due to Covid, we kept it small with just us and the Father-in-law. We have a on of leftovers.
  11. This may be the biggest crowd the taters have faced the past 2 years. Last year with Covid, and this season I know the dawgs played in DV.
  12. Maybe they are raging against the anti-vaxxer machine.
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