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  1. Tucking in his shirt my ass. And MAGA's are talking about creepy Joe!
  2. I bet you would let him tuck in your shirt
  3. Where did I blame America? Yes it's a worldwide issue that needs a worldwide solution. But the biggest power in the world needs to lead on the issue, not take our ball and go home.
  4. Yeah - let's future generations deal with it.
  5. Just got back from early Voting. Voted for Bye-Don!
  6. Seems like a small price to pay compared to the consequences of our planet going to shit.
  7. The current state of the pandemic in five graphs Some eight months into the pandemic, we rounded up some key takeaways in graphical form. https://www.popsci.com/story/health/covid-in-graphs-october-2020/
  8. Just think if MAGAs spent as much time on fighting Covid-19, vs trying to sling spaghetti on the wall with Hunter Biden.
  9. Trump was absolutely horrible with handling the pandemic. Trumps has yet to say anything substantial about what he would do in his second term.
  10. Iowa Never Locked Down. Its Economy Is Struggling Anyway. https://www.msn.com/en-us/news/us/iowa-never-locked-down-its-economy-is-struggling-anyway/ar-BB1aj4fk?li=BBnb7Kz As far as the law is concerned, there is no reason that Amedeo Rossi can’t reopen his martini bar in downtown Des Moines, or resume shows at his concert venue two doors down. Yet Mr. Rossi’s businesses remain dark, and one has closed for good. There are no restrictions keeping Denver Foote from carrying on with her work at the salon where she styles hair. But Ms. Foote is picking up only two shifts a week, and is often sent home early because there are so few customers. No lockdown stood in the way of the city’s Oktoberfest, but the celebration was canceled. “We could have done it, absolutely,” said Mindy Toyne, whose company has produced the event for 17 years. “We just couldn’t fathom a way that we could produce a festival that was safe.” President Trump and many supporters blame restrictions on business activity, often imposed by Democratic governors and mayors, for prolonging the economic crisis initially caused by the virus. But the experience of states like Iowa shows the economy is far from back to normal even in Republican-led states that have imposed few business restrictions.
  11. Over 71,000 daily cases. Worst day since the peak in the summer.

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