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  1. I’m not talking about hand holding. I’m talking about a fundamental reset of higher education and the idea that to get a good job you have to go to college.
  2. So again nothing of substance to defend Trump. Just attacking the process.
  3. I'm not sure what the solution is for all the people who have crippling student debt currently. I think it's a critical issue that needs to be dealt with. But I do not have a good solution. But I do have a plan going forward. Of course getting there is easier said than done. We need to follow the european model to higher education. Once you get to about 6-7 grade, you either go for the college / masters / Phd track or the vocational track. College track kids go on to become scientist, engineers, layers, doctors, etc. The other 70% go on to an apprenticeship program to train as any number of craft skills (electrician, plumber, baker, chef, mason, carpenter, machinist, etc.) They get hands on training from their master, combined with classroom education for fundamental business skills. And most importantly, they w0n't go into massive debt getting a degree in something they most likely will never use.,
  4. Memes aside.... If he didn't do anything, why hide the recordings and why not let his closest aides testify to prove his doing nothing. Let' hear Bolton, Mulvaney, Guillinai, Pompeo, Pence testify that nothing wrong was done and everything was perfect and by the book. Seems like if they came forward testify truthfully , this thing could be put to rest rather quickly. Face the facts - If everything was perfect. All his cabinet and staff would march in front of congress and senate to testify their case and make dems look like a bunch of fools.
  5. Maybe they’ll use it on Trump the next time he visits to go hand out paper towels.
  6. Real classy. But since you went there....
  7. Again. Attacking the process instead of defending Trump.
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