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  1. Is Lane Kiffin really the front runner to go to LSU? Didn;t he learn from jumping ship in the middle of the night already?
  2. Absolutely. Zeb has the experience and the teams seems to play better with him. Doty is the future and maybe just needs more time to heal his foot, learn the offense, and get experience. I know he played some last year, but different staff and a team that had given up. He has maybe 5-6 starts at this point? - he might as well be a freshman. At this point our goal should be to get to 6 wins and make a bowl game. From what we saw yesterday, Zeb is our best chance. Maybe things will change again if Doty's foot heals, or a light comes on with the playbook, etc.
  3. Some games he called were absolute genius. When SOS was on, he was on. And others were real head scratchers. The game against Arky comes to mind where he swapped QB's every play.
  4. Also coaches salaries are just unreal. Yet somehow paying players 'would ruin college football. lol
  5. Good News: The team never gave up even after being down 28-0 after the 1st Quarter Bad news: we were down 28-0 after the 1st Quarter.
  6. Same with Shane Beamer's Dad the first 6 years he was at VT Coaching Record Year School G W L T Pct SRS SOS AP Pre AP High AP Post Bowl Notes 1987 Virginia Tech 11 2 9 0 .182 -2.12 6.16 1988 Virginia Tech 11 3 8 0 .273 -1.34 5.39 1989 Virginia Tech 11 6 4 1 .591 6.36 2.91 1990 Virginia Tech 11 6 5 0 .545 7.20 5.10 1991 Virginia Tech 11 5 6 0 .455 3.94 1.30 1992 Virginia Tech 11 2 8 1 .227 -1.93 1.70 1993 Virginia Tech 12 9 3 0 .750 10.54 -0.04 22 22 Independence Bowl-W
  7. Merck has submitted their oral anti-viral covid pill to the FDA for EUA. This could be huge for treatment that would allow folks to pop a few pills at home after getting covid, and hopefully keep them out of the hospital.
  8. Think it's way too soon to talk about firing coaches. At this point, get through the season and then evaluate. Canning anyone now is pointless. No way to institute a new offense mid season. If anything the OL coach needs a good looking at, but after the season.
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