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  1. Oh that was quick. Sounds like it was pretty cut and dry for the jury. Whichever way they go with it.
  2. Russia has been fighting Ukraine since Obama was in office. including the 4 years of the Trump Administration. There does seem to be a recent build-up. If you had read the article I had linked, you would read that the sanctions were in part due to the Ukraine situation.
  3. I like soldiers that weren't captured.
  4. LOL ok - The article you posted didn't even mention anything about Biden. /fail
  5. Oh the irony! The woman who called for executing Pelosi.
  6. https://www.cbsnews.com/news/russia-sanctions-us-biden-plans/ Biden announces sweeping new sanctions against Russia
  7. Just the one that posts with a Nazi screen name...
  8. Thanks - I don't generally don't bring it up, because for us it was a way to have a family, And don't really like to toot my horn about it. But Blitzie called me out and implying the people that don't serve in the military somehow do less for this country.
  9. Yeah not a good look to call for violence.
  10. There are many different ways to serve your country. And it's not limited to military service. I would say giving kids a stable home, out of poverty, with a chance to succeed in life without relying on government assistance would certainly count for something. no?
  11. Adopted 2 special needs infants and have raised them so far to ages of 12 and 10.
  12. Serving in the military does not give you a free pass. Plenty of current and ex-military stormed the Capitol on insurrection day.
  13. LOL - From the the guy names Blitzkreig...

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