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  1. He did. Kind of makes me wonder how these guys just 'skip' a year of school and still graduate HS.
  2. We are supposed to find out tomorrow with the school board. They have always said they will follow CDC guidelines, but are getting pressure from anti-mask / anti-vax parents to not require masks. I agree from a public health standpoint this makes zero sense. There have already been 2 outbreaks recently in schools for kids that in the year round program.
  3. Agree about the rest of the world. But here in the US, this surge was preventable. If we had 80-90 %vax rate, instead of 55% or whatever we are now.
  4. Never hear of National Chicken Day. but I guess there is a day for everything. Not sure about the Chicken milkshake.
  5. We are back at level of cases we had in late October at the start of the winter surge. And it looks to be a steeper curve. This is not looking good.
  6. The same and more. There was no vaccine for the spanish flu. Had there been a vaccine, would 40% of the population have refused to take it?
  7. LOL - you and me both. They have certainly churned through some coaches since the ran of Fulmer.
  8. Agreed. We are in the 4th wave. And the frustrating one is that this one was 100% preventable. Godspeed to you and all the healthcare workers
  9. Yep - sucks for us with kids under 12. Me my wife and daughter have all been vaxxed since early June. But with this new wafe and a 10 year old, we still feel like we can't do anything, especially with this delta wave coming up. People refusing to get vaxxed affects a lot more people then just themselves.
  10. The Lord has taken him downtown, looking for some tush.
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